The Tale of Carrina - Chapter I: The Coronation


Let me begin the Tale of Carrina.

Carrina is a Breton Necromancer, decended from Calilla Lollia,one of Mannimarco's chief lieutenants. Due to this fact, she is naturally skilled at Necromancy, and her powerover it is colossal. Now, on with the story.

"All hail the Queen of Worms! Hail her mighty power! Hail! Hail!" chanted the Necromancers. They were deep inside Illinata's Deep, and it was the corrination day of the newly crowned Queen, Carinna. The Necromancer's that resided there had a strict political system. Only the most powerful Necromancer in the Fort was granted the title of King or Queen of Worms.

Carrina's assisstant, Halaskar, a powerful Altmer necromancer, approached her, and placed a crown of moulded bones upon her long, auburn hair. She was wearing a flowing black gown, suitable attire for a Queen. The Necromancers,of which there was about thirty, cheered. Carrina smiled, but it was forced.

Those filthy peasants are all beneath me, she thought. I wonder how much longer they will remain loyal when I tear out their spines. They will be better served in death, anyway. They will be stronger as zombies.

And with that, she leaped of the throne they had made her (which looked like a six year old had crafted it) and charged at a young woman near her. She grabbed the woman and forced her to the ground. She grabbed the woman by the neck, and sent a surge of power through her hand, and into the woman''s head. Her head exploded, showering the crowd in bits of brain. The crowd cheered.

"All of you are beneath me! I am a goddess, you dull beasts! Skyrim shall be mine!" screamed Carrina. She launched a bolt of  lightning into the crowd, which struck one man, and bounced to another, and then to another. As they died, a great surge of turqoise energy erupted from her body. The dead Necromancers rose, and joined in in the slaughter. So the Ritual Stone has granted me some useful powers after all, thought Carrina.

Several Necromancers began to bolt for the door. Halaskar created a huge ward, blocking the doorway. "You run from your Queen, you ungrateful wrteches?"

"But she's killing us!" shouted an old man, attempting to break the ward.

"This is warming up," said Halaskar. "Either stay and be loyal, or stay and be destroyed."

"I choose run!" replied the old man, his voice quavering.

Halaskar's hand moved as fast as sound: a shard of ice flew across the room, impaling the old man in the face. He screamed, and fell to the floor, dead.

In the next few minutes, Carrina had finished off the rest of the Necromancers. Halaskar turned to her, and kneeled.

"Now, my lady. You have not finished your work. Take my life."

Carrina raised her hand, hesitated, and then lowered it.

"No, Halaskar. I cannot. You are my loyal friend. I cannot lose you."

Halaskar stood. "Very well, milady. What now?"

"Now we take over Skyrim," replied Carrina swiftly. "I think Morthal would be a good place to start. Small, weak... an easy target."

"Very well, my Queen," replied Halaskar. "We will begin tommorrow."

And with that, they set to work creating their army of undead. Soon, Morthal fall. And Skyrim shall be Carrina's.

So, whaddya think? Tell me if I broke any rules! Any feedback would be great.

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Comment by Edornas Oakenlock on August 26, 2016 at 11:13pm
True true but I've never seen one on here, maybe I haven't been looking hard enough
Comment by William McNee on August 26, 2016 at 4:31pm

Great start. Evil character is a nice change...

Comment by Edornas Oakenlock on August 26, 2016 at 3:42pm
Wow that's a great start to a necromancers story, I haven't really read a story with a villain being the main character, good job

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