Race: Elderly Nord Male

Stone: Atronach/Lady/Ritual

Skills: None!! Shouting??

Shouts: All. Obviously.

Weapons: None!

Armor: Ragged Trousers and Amulet of Talos

Essential Quests: main quest line, Dragonborn quest line, 


You thought the Dragonborn was some Khajiit that was almost executed for crossing the border? Ha! What a fool. The Dragonborn is the leader of the Greybeards. He calls himself Whitebeard. Meditating on the Throat of the World with his ally Paarthurnax. He has already mastered all the words of power. He has been waiting for the return of Alduin since he discovered his abilities with his dragon blood. So he studied with Paarthurnax in wait for the World Eater to return. And finally, the time has come.

Only then was it revealed that he must acquire one last thuum to defeat Alduin and fulfill his destiny. He needed to acquire an Elder Scroll to do so, however. So he set out on his task. With no weapons or armor. Only his voice to clear the way.


You rarely raise a fist. You do not use weapons or armor. You wear only a ragged pair of trousers and your collection of Talos amulets. Your torch lights the way and you shout through the world to fulfill your destiny.

This is another level one build. This one, however, requires a werewolf exploit. Find 4 or 5 Amulets of Talos, get a follower from Riverwood, become a werewolf through the Companions, and use the dialogue glitch to equip all 5 amulets, achieving 100% shout reduction.

You can use whatever shout you want. Throughout my gameplay I discovered which ones were most beneficial to use. I hotkeyed Whirlwind Sprint for traveling, Fire Breath for damage, Dragonrend for dragon battles, Unrelenting Force for fun, Dragon Aspect for looks plus it can help you achieve 100% shout reduction once every 24 hours, and Storm Call because it's clearly the best. I didn't like summoning with this character but if you want to there are some great options in Call of Valor, Call Dragon, Summon Durnehvir, and Soul Tear.


Dragon Battle

The most important thing here is to not pick the breath shout that they are resistant to. If the Dragon is breathing fire, hit them with frost. If they breath frost, hit them with fire breath.

Dragon Aspect + Storm Call + Dragonrend + Fire/Frost Breath (depending on their weakness)

Outdoor Non-Dragon Battle

Spamming fire breath will surely dispatch any foe but don't let the build become boring! Summon a storm and take on the aspect of the dragon! You should also pepper in some other shouts that fit the situation, from calling in allies to disarming high level enemies.

Dragon Aspect + Storm Call + Fire Breath

Indoor Battle

This character is at its most boring when battling indoors. You could just spam fire breath like before, but I urge you to use other shouts. Just don't expect to be summoning dragons or storms in dungeons.

Dragon Aspect + Fire Breath

Necromancer God!

If shouting isn't spicy enough for you, invoke the power of the best standing stone in the game! Raise as many dead as you can group up and then buff their attack speed with the Battle Fury shout from Dragonborn DLC!

Ritual Stone + Battle Fury

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