(Level One) Blog Build: The Alpha Werewolf

Race: Khajiit

Stone: Lady

Skills: None

Weapons: None (Claws)

Armor: Ragged Trousers/Savior's Hide + Ring of Hircine/Ring of the Hunt

Spells/Shouts: None. You are not DragonBorn

Essential Questline: The Companions

Perk Placement

Complete the entire werewolf tree.


You have been a caravan guard for Ri'saad since he ventured to Skyrim. You enjoyed the change of scenery as you have always been a drunk and a brawler in your hometown in Elsweyr. You never wore clothes unless it was asked of you, in which case you simply put on some ragged trousers or a roughspun tunic to satisfy an innkeeper's demands. The caravan is rather boring but anything was better than the monotony of the tavern in Elsweyr.

The caravan frequently stops by Whiterun, the capital city of Skyrim. For a while you have steered clear because of your reputation with alcohol and inns, but you decide to venture inside after talking about the city with the carriage driver. You keep hearing Companions this and Companions that and all you want to do is get a drink and listen to the local bard, Mikael. While chatting with a nord woman, however, she challenges you to a brawl after talking about how the Companions rejected her. She bet a 100 septims! Against you! What a fool.

After quickly beating the Nord in her place and walking away 100 gold richer, you decide to visit the Companions after hearing about them so much and realizing they are recruiting. Sounds like there's more money and better beds in this organization. The leader is surprisingly inviting and before you even start a decent conversation they are already recruiting you and testing your strength. They laugh at my lack of weapons and armor, but voices are stifled when I beat on a Nord's shield until he is nearly bending knee. They send me to the blacksmith to run some errands, show me to my nice bed, and then I'm off to go beat a dark elf down for gold! What a life!


This is a "level one build". I love level one Skyrim because of how easy bandits are and how difficult dragons are at level one. All without adjusting the difficulty slider, enemies make more sense. This is a simple, no crafting, no weapon, no armor, no leveling werewolf build. It also doubles as a punchcat build when engaging simpler enemy situations.

Your goal is to maximize your werewolf abilities without reaching level two. Your first goal is to attain lycanthropy through the Companions. Once you do, head to Falkreath to start the Ill Met By Moonlight quest. Do the quest to earn the Ring of Hircine. You can also get Savior's Hide and wear it if you want, but I'd avoid wearing it and leveling light armor in doing so.

Your next goal is to collect enough money (250 gold, you should have it by now) to sail to Solstheim and meet the werewolves of Frostmoon Crag. Talk to Majni to buy the Ring of the Hunt, which will run you around ~5000 gold since you have level 15 speech with no perks.

I like to ignore the ring of Hircine and simply play with the Ring of the Hunt and wait 24 hours after each transformation so I'm always able to enter werewolf form. Through all your travels you should be leveling your werewolf tree, aiming to get all perks of course. I like to enter beast form and just travel that way killing many bandits and other creatures once you get the perk that grants werewolf experience from any creature. Also a good time to practice your form, learn to use your howl and other abilities. Learn to power attack enemies and rag doll them to the ground.

The last step is to complete the Companions questline and gather Hircine totems for Aela the Huntress. Once you acquire all three totems, you can customize your werewolf experience through the 5 different rings and 3 different totems available to you. I prefer to use the Totem of Brotherhood because of how unique the ability is.

Once you have mastered your beast form, you are free to do as you choose. I recommend visiting every inn and engaging in all available brawls, asserting your place as the top brawler in Skyrim. Also, do every quest that earns you gold. Fetch an item, kill an NPC, etc. You're a mercenary. The gold will be very much needed to buy all four werewolf rings. You are not Dragonborn. You can not kill Miraak. You can, however, join the Dawnguard.

Feel free to carry health potions, food, and booze on you. Your inventory should only consist of ragged trousers, food, booze, health potions, and gold. You can carry a torch or other collectibles if you feel it fits the roleplay. 


The Alpha Werewolf

Mix any ring and totem with a fully perked werewolf and you have arguably the most powerful character in the game (without glitches/exploits). Rag doll your enemies, howl fear into their hearts, and call forth werewolf spirits to hunt down your prey. Not even a kiting frost mage can stop the high speed onslaught of the alpha werewolf.

Beast Form + Ring of the Hunt + Totem of Brotherhood

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