Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to read. Name's Alexianna by the way, or just call me Lexia. Either works. As promised, I will now begin in higher detail about how I ended up in Skyrim, and my journies thus far. So let's begin, shall we.

My story starts in Bruma, in Cyrodil, you know that small Nordic little village just over the border to Skyrim. If not, allow me to explain. Bruma is a small walled town, coated with a thick blanket of snow most of the year. Maybe has a month at most where there is none. Three districts, the west district where you'll find your markets, stores, inn, and smith. The east district is almost entirely a residential area with a single small pub close to the east gate into and out of town. Then you have the count's palacewhich sits just beyond the west district. Well the day I decided to leave the "Cozy little Hamlet" of Bruma started pretty normal, for the most part anyways. Woke up, ate breakfast, and made my way out into the market. Preparing for a day of work, if you could call in that. Being a serving girl at any inn or tavern can be a pain in the ass, and the pay, five septims a day. Yeah. Well in any case, little did I know that day would end differently, and me on the run for my life, because about mid-day I was on break, and I try myself with the flute during my free time, so I was sitting at one of the tables, practicing when this elderly male walks in, had the looks of a mage, wearing blue robes. Yet oddly he wore steels gauntlets and boots, a mace on hip, and an amulet of the divine god Stendarr. I shrugged it off, as it isn't that unusual to see such sites living so close to the border. I did notice he was giving me a rather hateful glare as he walked through the door. Again I shrugged it off, typical nordic attitude. Well, after he had spoken to the inn keep for a bit he approaches me, giving me a look over like he's studying me. My first instinct was to give him a wallop over the head, but you know I couldn't exactly attack a customer, after all I worked at the shit hole. Job's a job. Next thing I know the bastard grasps his mace, yelling out about me being a daedra. Yeah, great, another dick head who hates something for even existing. Not all daedra are evil, and I'm only half, and all I wanted was to live in peace without ridicule, not my fault my mother was raped by a daedra and I was the outcome. But the bastard had to go and attack me, and I as I shouldn't have retaliated with soul devouring spell. Letting my temper get the better of me, because I killed the old bastard when I only intended to scare oblivion out of him. Well, needless to say, this is when it spread through town of what I was, hard to believe that after so many years of being a good citizens and you slip up even once in self defense, then everyone suddenly despises the fact you exist, you're an abomination. I ended up chased out of town, never in my life did I think I would have to leave my quiet life behind. But the chase didn't end at the gates, and being so close to the border to Skyrim, pretty clear I would lose the guard at the border, after all. Skyrim was out of imperial jurisdiction all together, or so I thought. Any how, not long after crossing I run into a small group of soldiers, bluish armor, seemed to be a uniform so guessed they were some military force and decided to travel with them for a while. Unfortunately, not long after we ended up ambushed by imperial legionairs. Wonderful, right? Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Wait, it gets better because after killing a off a few of them they still managed to over power us and we're thrown onto a cart and hauled off to this small town called Helgen to be executed. Today is just not my day, what's next?, Dragons? I thought. Oh how right I would find out I was, because about the time I am about to get an imperial hair cut from the "barber" a dragon attacks out of nowhere. Black as night, eyes as red as rubies. Damn thing burned Helgen to the ground by the time it took me to make it to the keep, luckily I encountered no resistance due to the dragon being a huge distraction, evidently one of the members of the group I had met after crossing had done the same and managed to undo his binds. I met him at the door and we both went in. I think he went by Ralof, but either way good people because he cut my binds, and helped with the escape. After a few legionairs, spiders and a bear we made it out in one piece.

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Comment by Alexianna Rubi Bloodheart on October 7, 2016 at 6:04pm
Ralof and I made our way to another small village called Riverwood, after escaping Helgen. He had suggested I join the stormcloaks during our small trek, after seeing the empire's true colors, I just may. All I wanted was to live in peace, and I doubt I'll get it as long as the empire is involved, Oblivion with it. Anyway, after getting to Riverwood, Ralof introduced me to his sister and her husband. Gerdur I think her name was, anyway she suggested I report to the jarl of Whiterun after spending the night. Talos knows I needed the relaxation after all that happened. I mean, attacked by some random ass, chased out of town, then out of Cyrodil, ambushed by legionairs, hauled off to be executed, then a damn dragon. I was always told dragons were just legend, killed off centuries ago. Evidently wrong. Unsure whether to be greatful, or fearful at this point. But I followed Ralof, his sister and her husband to their house so I knew where it was and spent the rest of the day exploring the town a little. Small little shop called "The Riverwood Trader was to be my first stop, but got stopped by some Bosmer asking if I was going in, a little obvious when I've got my hand on the door lever. Really, is he an idiot? Well, he asked if I would deliver a letter to some woman in their. Like haven't had enough? So I asked him why he wanted me to do it and he tells me pretty much it's to make some guy look bad so he can be with her. How low can an elf be? Just ugh, I already have a distaste for elves, but that one didn't take just the sweetroll, he took the platter. So I say fine, because it's pretty clear the jack ass isn't going to take no for an answer. Upon entering the shop keep and who I assume is the Camilla woman the elf mentioned are arguing about her going after some thief. Wonderful, more bullshit, does it never end? Well I approached her, asking if she was, evidently my assumption being correct. I gave her the letterm but told her honestly who it was from. People who make someone look bad just to have their own way seriously sickens me. Besides, I had no reason to lie, afterwards I decided to talk to the shop keep and find out exactly what was going on. Call me weak, but after a day like I had, Talos knows I need allies. So I struck up conversation, asking what happened that had stirred up such a heated argument. According to him, some golden ornament had been stolen, shaped like a dragon's claw. Understandable I guess, I'd be pretty pissed myself. So I offered my assistance in tracking it down. Next stop was the smith, to see if he had any gear. I had little money, but even a butter knife of an iron dagger would be better than using my hands. I had a feeling I would need to be armed at all times in Skyrim, because the way my luck was going, it wasn'looking like I was going to get a moments peace. After that I decided it would be a good idea to head to Gerdur's and just relax for the evening. Didn't look like I was going to get much more done til the next day anyways.

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