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(Level One) Blog Build: Whitebeard

Race: Elderly Nord Male

Stone: Atronach/Lady/Ritual

Skills: None!! Shouting??

Shouts: All. Obviously.

Weapons: None!

Armor: Ragged Trousers and Amulet of Talos…


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(Level One) Blog Build: The Alpha Werewolf

Race: Khajiit

Stone: Lady

Skills: None

Weapons: None (Claws)

Armor: Ragged Trousers/Savior's Hide + Ring of Hircine/Ring of the Hunt

Spells/Shouts: None. You are not DragonBorn…


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Cecilia the Bride (Chapter One)

Wh- What? Oh, by the Divines! Why am I on the same carriage as these savages? I am obviously not a damned Stormcloak; they can check my records in Cyrodiil. This would be the kind of irony befitting of the Daedra, traveling to Skyrim to join the Dark Brotherhood and kill and the first thing I do is nearly get wrongfully executed. I can't wait to hear what these Imperials have to say for themselves. Only a few hairs away from these Stormcloak barbarians in my eyes...

(Uses Voice of…


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