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Nature of the Thu'um

Nature of the Thu'um


"Dovahkiin have you ever wondered what the Thu'um  is?"

As I sat on the rocks atop the greatest mountain in all of the North, I pondered the words of the Ancient Dragon in front of me. The Thu'um quite obviously was the tongue of the Dov that…


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Twisting Shadows

Warning/Disclaimer: This short story deals with some issues that might be sensitive, mainly depression, death and mentioned suicide. If these topics are ones that upset you or are a bit to personal I would recommend really thinking about whether my mediocre writing is worth reading 

Twisting Shadows…


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Chapter 3: Recruiting went bad...

After the past events,

Baal Darkforges named Darkforges for his pals, he and his crew were on Dragonbridge taking some free time, feasting and drinking, while the night passes Darkforges convinced his crew to support the Civil War by the side of The Empire, he talk to them about great richness and a wealthy life If they let behind his vagabonds and lazy lives and come with him to a better cause. Everyone agreed, on the…


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Mammoth Cheese

C: "Try it, just a mouthful."

T: "It smells like rancid meat."

C: "I'm sure the taste is not all bad."

T: "Well I'm sure it tastes like feet!"

C: "Don't be so picky!"

T: "Don't be so bland."

C: "I have excellent taste!"

T: "You'd eat dry sand!"

C: "Look, it's a small taste, just try it."

T: "I'm not eating cheese made by giants!"

C: "It's natural and tasty, and good for you… Continue

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A Swordsman's Lesson

F: "Ok, so first thing you need to remember, is which side you've got your sword holstered to, alright?"

D: "Yeah, alright it's on my left side, now what?"

F: "Secondly, if you're left-handed, your sword should be on your right side, because that's how we unsheathe swords, from one side, to the other."

D: "Ok, and since I'm right-handed it should be on my left side like it is now, so I'm doing good!"

F: "Step 3, don't get cocky!"

D: "Right...sorry."

F: "Fourthly,… Continue

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A Refutation of The "Madmen" of the Reach

A Refutation of The "Madmen" of the Reach

by Francis Rowland, Imperial Scholar

No doubt the essay by my colleague Arrianus Arius, The Madmen of the Reach: A Cultural Treatise on the Forsworn, has been read by many now and accepted as the standard on Forsworn culture, held up as a defense of their actions. My goal here is to…


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Pink Sloads

“Do you wonder if he can hear what we’re thinking?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you keep thinking and find out?”

“Well now I don’t know what to think about.”

“Think about anything. Think about pink Sloads.”…


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Questions of a Dying Man

    A curse is only such when it is unwanted. But I ask - who might see this as a gift? I often find myself wondering under what supernatural circumstances I reside in. Is it I that give shelter to this animal, or has the animal grown wise and caged me instead? Gift or curse, I did not want it. Yet I have it. And so I must choose my fate and the fate of the being who has made my body its home. Is it not a part of me? Am I killing an…


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A Terror of Woodland Roads

They lurk out there; in the plains and the forests. Always watching, waiting. Looking for small alone child or stray livestock. We hear their howls at night, see their reflective eyes and hulking shadows. No one ever sees them. Only the corpses.

Well, we’ve had enough of it. The women and children are scared, even the Jarl terrified to come out here and do anything for us. Our mightiest warriors have gathered, and now we march into the woods.

It was nighttime when we did this…


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The Protectors of the Night - Part 4

Brandr, Borug, Raccan, and Daris were once again walking through snow, returning from slaying werewolves. However, this time, as a group they decided to not skin the carcasses. It seemed too much like the Silver Hand, they all agreed, and they definitely didn’t want to be associated with them. Not that the Silver Hand were around anymore. They wanted it to be clear that the Protectors of the Night were only about putting down ferals, who had lost their mind…


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The Creature of Dive Rock

The Creature of Dive Rock

A Sequel to Ruthless Academics

Almenar slept peacefully in a rented room along the Gold Road, clutching his bag of coins. Meanwhile, far to the North and days ago, his brother Tandano had already…


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Memoirs of Mundus- The Sugar Pilgrimage

Far back in the mists of time, when Azurah had but recently shared her secrets with the Khajiit, there lived a prophet, a true cat blessed by Jone and Jode to be able to scry into the foggy future that had yet to come. This prophet- whose name has been lost- foretold of a day when Hermorah of the tides would cease to guide the holy moon sugar to the groves of the Tenmar Forest, disillusioned by Khajiit that did not follow the path of the moons. The prophet saw this, and shuddered. For how…


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The Man

Smiling, the Man approached the lone guard on the bridge.

“Halt!” The guard shouted, hoping his voice didn’t sound quite as frightened as it did to him.

The guard then shivered, seeing a detached lopsided grin plaster itself over the Man’s features after he spoke.

“Do you need something?” The Man’s voice was cold, sarcastic, cruel, mocking.

“You know very…


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The Protectors of the Night - Part 3

“My balls are so cold, I can’t feel anything,” Raccan griped loudly.…


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The Protectors of the Night - Part 2

Well, it took about five months for me to get my shit together and start writing again, but I'm glad I did. Thanks to everybody who liked or…


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The Wood King: Part Four

Contains ugly language

Dawn found the young slave damp with dew beside Mallariel’s tent, staring…


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Eyes Like the Summer Skies

Warning: Contains foul language and adult themes. 

28th of Evening Star, 4E 198, Bruma, Cyrodiil

Damn, it was brutally cold,…


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The First Lesson in Necromancy

Dusk covered the cave entrance, sealed away the crypt from view. All too near the highway, the cave was sufficient for its temporary role, and Hralmahn could not, honestly, have been more pleased. He always got a bit too nervous before these types of things, and so he resorted to his usual tics. Shifting about the ingredients on his desk--a heart of unknown origin, a nightshade flower, and a quill--he waited…


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Çhains oƒ £mbrace

§ Chains of £mbrace §


ƒrom pride to remorse, sudden is not this journey



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The Political Game of the 4th Era Telvanni Isles

The Political Game of 4th Era Telvanni Isles: An Account

from Temdryn Calydos



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