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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (part 7) Chilling thoughts


The liquid had went right down her throat and coldness went right through her body. It also tasted vile. Danifae didn't know what was in it but she shivered under the furs covering her bed. The potion was causing some sort of…


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (part 6) A frosty reception


Crouching in the undergrowth near Fort Amol, Danifae cast 'Laas' once again. It revealed a young mage outside the fort, apparently picking up ingredients, one inside the courtyard and one on the battlements. It was going to take a coordinated attack to take all three down without raising the…


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (part 5) Memories


The three companions crouched in the undergrowth, across the river from the prison. They had spread out to better watch for anyone patrolling the area. Danifae used her Aura Whisper shout to check if anyone living was around. She had found this shout very useful…


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 3) Archery lessons


Danifae looked through the sight on the crossbow and fired into the tree trunk. She was starting to like this weapon very much. When the four companions had approached Fort Dawnguard and saw Durak using one, Danifae had shown a…


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The Return of the Dragonborn, Chapter Four: A Ghost in Whiterun

The Return of the Dragonborn

Chapter Four: A Ghost in Whiterun

Nine days after the bandit incident…


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The Storm Wolf - CH. 3 - Setting Sail

CH 3 – Setting Sail

     Discipline is at the core of every Legionary. No one likes to get brought before the lash or beaten the shit out of by their Centurion. Whether drunk or sober, sick or healthy, a legionary never failed to report for muster before a march. So, long before the first cock crowed, Valdyr woke. His companion, a dark haired beauty that smelled of lavender and needed little coaxing or courting to share his room lazily rolled over while the soldier began to dress in…


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The Storm Wolf, CH. 2 - Back From the Dead

CH 2. – Back from the Dead


     Valdyr made his way through the foyer and out into the training yard. He had expected some old man to follow in tow that he could brush off. Looking about, he saw no one resembling a physician, at least not the old saw bones he had encountered out in the field. He thought perhaps he had gotten lucky enough to have missed his caretaker. Maybe he could make the scouting run without any undue interference.  But then plans never survive the first…


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The Storm Wolf, CH. 1 as recorded by Vulkhammar

CH. 1: Freedom

Author’s Note: As a caution, some material may not be suited for younger audiences or sensitive people. Violence, adult situations, foul language, gallows humor, can and will ensue.

                Legionary life wasn’t too bad. You got paid, food and shelter were provided, plenty of time to drink, whore, and above all, fight. No, not too bad a life at all in normal circumstances. That is, until you bed one of the visiting Legate’s daughters. Then things get bad,…


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 2) Rats

Previous Chapter

Danifae sat in the back of the carriage with her three companions, Zora, Larkspur and Lydia and thought about what had happened over the past few days.

She had been glad to have helped Zora reconcile with her sister and the two of them had become even…


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Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 1) Friendship

Previous Chapter

Danifae sat upstairs in her room in Breezehome and thought back over what had happened over the…


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5 Fables Book One - The Untold

OPENING NARRATION - A much older Spurius looks back on his experiences


Narrator: Spurius Toifel

Since I was big enough to lift my father books, I dreamed of one day authoring my own...a life spent in the…


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Skyrim RP series...Caerwyn Moonshade...the beginning (part 4) Danifae

Previous Chapter

The forest was deep and dark and Caerwyn hoped that was to her advantage.

She tried to move as quietly as she could through the undergrowth, using all the woodlore she had…


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Skyrim RP series...Caerwyn Moonshade...the beginning (part 3) Banditry

Previous Chapter

As the river was too deep to cross here, Caerwyn had a choice to make.

She could head up the hill to her left where the fort was and try to sneak past or head over the bridge and follow the road toward a place called Whiterun. The signpost did say a town called Whiterun was over the bridge…


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Caerwyn Moonshade RP series...the beginning (part 2) In a dark place

Previous Chapter

The shocks seemed to go on forever.

Caerwyn was down on her knees outside her cell, shivering and grunting through the panel gag as the shocks went through her. She knew they were inevitable, as they hadn't started for quite a while and she had been able to grab a…


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Caerwyn Moonshade...the beginning (part 1) A storm is coming

There was the face...the face that haunted Caerwyn's dreams and her fitful sleep. She saw her parents looking down on her with concern, then the face...Ancano...peering down at her and sneering. Then there were her parents hugging each other and crying out for her, tears running down their faces as she was taken from their home, restrained and thrown in the back of the carriage. The bumpy ride which seemed to last for eternity, then being taken into the prison cell, still restrained...…


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C.o.t.D: Chapter 14 (Arc 2 Prologue) - The Storm Before The Coming

Chapter 14: The Storm Before The Coming

13th Last Seed, 4E 201

“No sign of the Legion.” Ralof declared as he stood on a tree overlooking the road.

“How much longer is our…


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The Veils of Jhunal - Chapter 5: Recurring events

Chapter 5…


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C.o.t.D: Chapter 13 (Arc 1 Epilogue) - Echoes of the Past

Chapter 13: Echoes of the Past


16th Second Seed, 2E 258…


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C.o.t.D: Chapter 12 - Spoiled Meat

Chapter 12: Spoiled Meat

“I’m sorry but I must attend to my duties as a priest of Arkay now that the Hall has been cleared.”

Brother Verulus was intent to stay and perform his duties. No doubt after citizens flocked the Hall of the Dead, paying…


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Terror, My Brother - Prologue


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