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The Tale of the Woodsman and the Frost Spirit

A wise man once said that surely, life is but a vision, a dream

Best interpreted through tales, stories and parables

As it was within the eloquent Poetic Edda…


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Those Consumed by Order

The frozen earth beside Magda's head exploded as the mace planted itself where she had been only a moment before. Shards of ice and stray sparks of shock magic bit at her cheek, and she kept rolling down the hill, squeezing her eyes closed. A grunt of strain from above told her that her assailant was struggling to pull the mace free. She rolled once more and got to one knee, looking up. Just a few feet away a figure in…


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A Chance Meeting

     The snow was swirling around me, with enough force to stop me from going at a fast pace while also making it harder to see more than a few metres ahead. I held my hand in front of me, trying to stop most of the blowing snow from getting into my eyes. It was hard enough to see as it was, and my steps were plunging heavily through the snow already on the ground. And the cold… it was so cold, to the point where the sole reason I kept going was the promise of warm fire and maybe some hot…


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An unruly thing, taste is. Taste is often associated with desire, and this can be considered even the definition of it. Thing is, as with desire, taste can be frowned upon. My taste --- my desire --- is something that is frowned upon by society and law. My taste is something an outsider of my brain would consider insanity. But if I think that my taste is simply a desire one could easily comply to, who is right?

I paced back and forth in the Imperial cell. I thought these thoughts with…


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Never Trust a Khajiit

Never Trust a Khajiit

“Ji’Dar, I’m pretty sure this contract was made for you,” said Astrid.

“And why is that?” asked Ji’Dar.

“Well let’s just say the next contract is a bit of a cat lover.”

“I’m no cat, I’m a Khajiit!” Ji’Dar said furiously.

“Yes I know, I meant wild cats. More particularly, sabre cats. The contract, an old Nord named Ulfgar Craven, loves sabre cats. Rumor has it that Ulfgar has always wanted a Sabre Cat as a…


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Yes, I was quite an inexperienced lad. I never took the training, and I left Skyrim the first moment I was old enough and just barely qualified. I wanted to help out around there; there was always something to for an adventurer like myself. But I just couldn’t indulge myself into that life. The thought of Pact soldiers risking their lives in the chaotic, Daedra-filled warfield that Cyrodiil now was, it drove me insane. I had to go with them at the first moment I could; make a…


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Campfire Collision

It all began on a clear sunny evening in the serene forests near Riverwood. All the woodland creatures were scampering out to play. Birds flew to and fro, chirping as they dominate the air. Deer, the soft and burly beasts they are, grazed on the grass below them while they are serenaded by the roaring rapids of the nearby river. From a distance, the clangs and clamor of civilization resonated from the quaint settlement…


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Things Best Forgotten

As children my friends and I used to dream of the glory we would win when we were old enough to go to war. We each grudgingly took our turn as the enemy of the great Dominion, only to be turned upon should we actually manage to win our childish game; for how could the great Aldmeri Dominion ever lose to the inferior races of man?

We were fools. No that’s too harsh; we were ignorant, ignorant of the world around us, ignorant of the realities of war.

By the time of the “Great”…


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