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It was a relatively warm day in the forests of Falkreath Hold. Skyrim was mostly known for its cold climate, but during the summers it could still reach somewhat warm temperatures. The weather could also be very pleasant when the sun was at the top of the sky and with no clouds covering it. The large pine forest that covered this part of the province was home to many beasts that roamed the lands, including this deer. It was a large stag that were on its own, searching for food. As it looked…


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Tales of Blackwood: Haebang

Rain, thunder and lightning. That was all she saw from the window of her reclusive tower at the equally reclusive keep of her family. As much as she welcomed the solitude of the tower, she despised being confined here by the demons she was supposed to call ‘her parents’. Belyane, or as she was called in the family ‘The Forsaken’, was the last child out of 17 others, as well as the black sheep of the family. They all…


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Sleeping Hounds Never Rest Long

Silence. The first thing that struck Konrad as he walked into the dark cave was the deafening silence. The residents of Ivarstead reported the screams of a young girl coming from this very cave in the dead of night. A local family also reported their youngest child going missing and they assumed the worst. The head of the village approached the most trustworthy warrior she could find without looking far, this being…


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Tales of Blackwood: The Celestial Light

Tales of Blackwood: The Celestial Light

The moon was full. This was the first of the three day period that it would be so. The training, by the gods, was going to be tough. The Wolf’s student, the Skaal, was a stubborn woman.

Both the Wolf and Skaal traveled together,…


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Black Rose

Maven may think that she had complete control over Riften but that didn’t mean she knew what she was getting into by demanding, not asking but demanding her presence in her Manor. She suspected that she had picked this meeting place in the hopes of being safe, for whenever had an assassin been able to kill someone in their own home?

At the thought she let out a small laugh and her mouth curled into a smile. If Maven wanted to believe that she had the upper hand let her, but if for one…


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Apples to Apples

“But what is the difference between the two? They are both Schools of manipulation, they both alter the fabrics of Mundus! So why separate them? That is our resolve, Azroth,” the Archmagister's impatience was swelling, a commonality at this particular conclave of the Council of Mages.

Azroth, a…


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