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Ingoknin Chapter 11 – My friend, my enemy (Part 2)

Bagrak notices him as she is re-shoeing the black mare.  He looks to be just staring at the stars.  He sees Bagark, and gives a small smile.  Bagrak nods.


Has Nin seen him?  Of all the bad luck!  This trip really couldn’t get any worse.  She scans the area looking for Nin.   Spotting her, she finishes the shoe and goes to her friend.


“Nin, come here.”  Bagrak motions at the edge of the vegetable bins. 


“What is it…


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The Tale of SuDahVin Book 1: Chapter 2

Chapter: Two

Kept In The Dark


         Su never indulged herself in such matters.…


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Ingoknin Chapter 11 – My friend, my enemy (Part One)

Notes:  This is a very long chapter so I am splitting it into three parts

With the Civil War in Skyrim, they were surprised no one was guarding the boarder.  The roads were ghostly quite.  They walked right across, heading northwest.  Dragon’s Bridge was a long way off, and if they were going to get there they needed to make some coin.  They debated going to the Dushnikh Yal stronghold, but it too was far, Falkreath was about a few hours walk to the…


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Ingoknin Chapter 10 – Alliances

My notes:  First I am sorry I was gone so long, just "life" :)  Anyway I have been writing this story even though I wasn't posting - here is another chapter - thanks everyone :)

Chapter 10 – Alliances

Jyta runs over to Lette when she sees her limping towards the clearing.  Verara summons all her reserves and heals Lette’s wound as best she can.  Not much is said, everyone is on high alert.

Idonis looks exhausted, the mage had used frost spells and you could see…


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The Journey so far

     Bitter cold winds swept north over Helgan as the carriage drove us into unknown territory. I'd heard of Skyrim, as a boy living near the edges of the great Alikir desert, of it's cool air and verdant lands. Never, though, had I assumed such hostility would have been bred between the nords, people of the same life fighting, what waste they are as people.

     At length we arrived and were pulled out and led one by one to the chopping block. My fate, however, had been decided long…


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The Tale of SuDahVin Book 1: Chapter 1

Her name was SuVahdin!


Air Maiden



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Hold Haikus

You get to figure out which hold is witch, comment if you see errors. Thanks!

The changing treetops/like great Valenwood forests/ color the wide rift.

In the open tundra/near the trading hub raised high/ giant's steps are heard

The beautiful hills/seeming to roll endlessly/hide the…


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Life and Legacy of Valandil Ar-Feiniel Volume I: The Shipwreck

Tirdas, 1st of Frostfall 4E 201

I can finally see a land that the pirates tell me is Skyrim. Finally! I am getting one step closer to eliminating ALL of the Thalmor scum! Just a few more hours until I can touch dry land again. I wonder if these Thalmor will be more of a…


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Dragon of the East - Arc 1 (FINALE), Chapter 21


            A sulfuric reek blew on the wind. The tower was in shambles, strewn with charred corpses of former watchmen and embers of dying fires. I eased my run and snuck behind a boulder out in the open grass fields, beneath a slow falling darkness. Stars shimmered…


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The travels of Yuri Woodcutter part 12

There's a heavy snowstorm when we arrive in Windhelm, giving the place a strange twilight feel. The city is big, but my first aim is to find an alchemy table to mix up the ingredients I have collected on my way here, and I decide Calixto's curiosity shop is a likely candidate to have one. Clearly at one time Calixto was an adventurer like me, but has decided to retire for some reason, possible because of an acquired injury, and now keeps a house full of mementos. No alchemy table though, so I… Continue

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Rikka Northwing and the Sword Dancer: Ch. 5

Erika gathered her arsenal and sharpened her twin swords. Marudil, too, collected his arrows from Proudspire Manor and tightened his bow. The two of them had agreed to take refuge on Erika's ship, the Crimson Wing, until they could determine how they would go about facing Rikka's promised arrival. After…


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Rikka Northwing and the Sword Dancer: Ch. 4

On this night, the twin moons did not illuminate the skies. Skyrim was plunged into total darkness, and the anonymous Penitus Oculatus agent prepared to turn in for the night. His home was nothing significant: a humble little shack situated in the outskirts of Morthal, largely ignored by the residents. Inside the…


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Darkness Rising

Rewriting took me a while, had to delete the orginal draft due to the fact that I've forgotten the rule that an entry should be at least  500 words ( my memory... duh -_-) Anyway, here's the

story...  Oh, and one more thing, had to change the style of writing. English style looks…


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Journal Volume 1 - Entry 6 - Chapter 5

Hod and Gerdur's

Sundas, 9:40PM, 17th of Last Seed, 4E 201

I lay upon the cold stone floor breathing hard while my heart pumped furiously. I grasped my beating chest with my…


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The Duel

This is a story about another way the Skyrim War of Unification might have ended - an honorable duel between warriors.

Chapter 1

The Skyrim War of Unification has been continuing into a nightmare.  Both the Imperials and Stormcloaks would win small battles here and there, but neither side has done something really decisive.

After two especially bloody stalemates outside Markarth and Winterhold, the Nine decided to step in and end this ridiculous war once and for all,…


Added by Jake Johnson on July 23, 2014 at 10:01am — 2 Comments

Skyrim One-Shot: Jarl Balgruuf and the Black Phantom

The year was 194 of the 4th Era. Night fell upon the sleeping town of Whiterun, and Jarl Balgruuf the Greater found himself tasked with unraveling an ominous string of crime coursing through his beloved city. For the past week, people were reporting…


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Of Blood and Fire: Chapter 6: Shor's Heart.


As the Storm-Widow moved through Auriel's white halls, the feet of the goddess barely touched the ground, for she moved as a vapor though his halls, unheard. She passed through the halls with purpose, until she met someone. 

Auriel stood speaking with Arkay. Martin Septim was nearby with a manner of tablets and notes at Lord Akatosh's beck and call. The keen eyes of…


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The Seventh Path: Akatosh's Demise

Arion appeared next to his elven followers. The vampire, possessed by Molag Bal, was still there. They stood above the ravaged landscape; the rain had cleared, but the skies were still grey. It was an eerie sight: the area below them was no longer covered in snow, melted away by the heat of the spells used during the battle. Large amounts of earth and rock had been moved, and craters had allowed the…


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Journal Volume 1 - Entry 5 - Chapter 4

Hod and Gerdur's

Sundas, 9:20PM. 17th of Last Seed, 4E 201…


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Rikka Northwing and the Sword Dancer: Ch. 3

Belethor's killer was neither identified nor brought to justice by the Whiterun authorities. Some commoners assumed he had been in a scuffle with his trusted employee... while others dared to say that it was Whispering Death that took his life. The case would not be closed for months, but the killer would never…


Added by MarkusMasterThief on July 20, 2014 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

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