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An Adventuring Orc - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was the wee hours of the morning. The birds were just starting to wake up, and their incessant chirping filled the chilly air. Crunch A heavy foot trod through the pine needles, hesitated, then plodded on forward. Minutes later, a large, burly figure stepped into view. He was an orc, clad in iron plate mail with a large battleaxe slung across his shoulder. Setting the piece of beef that he had been gnawing all morning into…


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The travels of Yuri Woodcutter part 17

It's Middas morning and the full cohort is back in digs asking me to help them out with various scams and japes. Sticking with the task at hand I go and speak to Savos, which leads to my being tasked to research the mystery glowing orb of power in the university library. Before I get there Faralda grabs me and has a quiet word about resident slime ball Ancano. I get a couple of lessons out of Faralda before she scoots off, and bump myself up to level 14, with a more powerful skew on my… Continue

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Excerpt from a blood soaked journal

“Only those that have experienced the unchecked power of the shadows can truly understand the glory of the light”

I have recently come to believe that this statement is the truest thing that I have ever heard. My life up until now is a testament to this fact and yet it started out much like that of the many who have come before me and will come after my time has long past.

My parents were farmers, as were their parents before them; and I was no different. I was raised to know…


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Ingoknin Chapter 13 – The Helgen Homestead Incident

He stayed up half the night getting those reports done he was exhausted.  Falling into a clean bed was a feast for the soul; he slept until the next afternoon.  Refreshed and comfortable that his reports were concealed (as the Imperial courier wouldn't arrive until tomorrow morning) he could now let down his guard and enjoy himself.



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Skysteel Chapter 2.12 - The Iron King 2


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Marudil: Blood And Arrows Ch. 1

The carriage came to a bumpy stop at the Falkreath gate. Marudil gave his thanks to the driver with 50 septims, before hopping off the carriage and taking in the scene around him. The scents and sights of Falkreath's lush wilderness thrilled his senses; it reminded him of the all-too-familiar…


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Prologue - A Letter Home

Faowynn and Eleanor of Elden Root, Imperial City, Market District


4E 201, 14th of Last Seed



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Inheritance – Explanations

As he emerged from the shadows he felt a light tap on his left shoulder.

“By the eight, I didn’t even make it two feet into this damned city.”

These words were all that escaped his mouth before he stopped himself and turned to find both Runa and Sofie staring at him with expressions of combined fury and worry.

“What do you think you were doing, helping him steal those horses from right under Katla’s nose, just to go on some harebrained adventure?” Runa berated, having…


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Dragon of the East - The Complete First Arc

Your writing is exceptional… Simply captivating.”…


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Tales of Blackwood: Eternal Entertainment

DISCLAIMER: Do not read this if you are faint of heart. This entry in the Tales of the Blackwood’s has blood, gore, and torture. Reason for this is because.... well, it is written about one of the most sadistic characters ever to set foot in the Blackwood’s Crossing/Live Roleplaying Group, Galos Saren.

The Ancient sat in the Serpent's Den, drinking from a bottle of Laced Temptress. He enjoyed that particular brew of the Leader's experimentations. It is as smooth…


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Tales of Blackwood: The Call

Tales of Blackwood: The Call

Note: This is an almost direct sequel to Soneca's blog, 'Forgiveness of a Saint'. I recommend reading that before continuing with this for extra…


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Tales of Blackwood: Forgiveness of a Saint

“You approached me the other day, asking for forgiveness” Said the Saint, with a kind, benevolent smile in her face. “Do you still seek it?”


The Serpent didn’t respond at first. She thought the Saint had already forgiven her, that she was now aejude, friend in her tongue.


“What do you mean woman? I thought you already had uttered words of kindness towards me, do you still don’t trust me?” Hissed the tsaesci.


“I have, but the gods have other…


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Tales of Blackwood: Illumination

The Prisoner awoke, immediately feeling a familiar coldness that surrounded his being. As he pulled his stiffening body upward and out of his bed, he felt an all to familiar pang of pain…


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Marudil: Blood And Arrows Prologue

"Marudil..." The woman's voice called from the depths of his dreams, "Do you hear my voice...?"

"You..." His voice replied, "I remember you..."

"Please... old friend,…


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Of Blood and Fire: Chapter 7: Heljarchen: Part 1: The Pale Hall.

Cold and bitter wind came down from Atmora, signaling that winter was drawing near. Storms rode the wind southward, and they poured out their waters onto the land. The Pale was blanketed with sheets of rain that danced in the wind, as if each drop was participating in a greater celebration. The storm clouds rested on the peaks of the mountains briefly until they too rolled away like the waters they poured into the mountain streams.


This time of year, only the evergreen trees…


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Inheritance – Florentius, Arkay and Solitude

“Hmm are you sure this will work?” They were standing in what seemed to be part forge and part mage study, at the far end of the room he could see a barricade of some sort but like everything else in the room it was unable to keep his attention for long. Alarne was not quite sure where he was or who the strange man in front of him was talking to, however for some reason none of this mattered as long as he was given something to do he would be happy; the word didn’t seem right yet he wasn’t…


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Dragon of the East - Arc 1 Epilogue


~ ~ ~

            I leaned over the cool marble of a low set wall, watching dragonflies hover above lily pads in a man-made pond. There was little solace…


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Inheritance - Fort Dawnguard

It had taken longer to find the vampire hunters, who he later learned were called the Dawnguard; then Blaise had originally thought. Not only had they needed to leave the horses at the Riften stables as he had been told that they would not be able to get them into the canyon that housed the ancient fort that the slayers used as their base of operations, but the opening to said canyon had been almost impossible to find.

Night had fallen before Blaise had even come close to locating…


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Tales of Blackwood: One Friend

Tales of Blackwood: One Friend


What is an Ahn Aejude? That is like asking what love means to a mortal.


Just as…


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The travels of Yuri Woodcutter part 16

Having answered the age old question of who would win in a fight between a stealthily poisoned snow sabre cat and 7 Horkers (2 of the walrus like creatures managed to outlive the now skinned and gutted feline), I head on up to the downs for a late afternoon meet and greet with some frosty Nord skeletons, who are surprisingly easy to dispatch, given how difficult everything else is in these harsh lands.

The place is called the Skytemple, which rings a bell I can't quit put my finger… Continue

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