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Character Building

Rank: Legendary

A glitch-free fast and agile spellsword with a background in Altmer lore and easily obtainable equipment.

Rank: Mythic

Also glitch-free, stealthy support vampire with a lore background found in Immortal Blood.

Elder Scrolls Lore

The complete account of origins and the development of the science of Alchemy through the history of Tamriel.

An overview of Bosmeri priests, their powers and their connection to the Valenwood.

Story Corner

The account of adventures of Scrag - half-goblin, half-Orc former servant of an evil mage, who tricked death and now explores the land of Skyrim.

Tips & Tricks

The list of potions and poisons that are possible to craft with ingredients added by Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn DLCs.

A complete collection of all known information on ward spells, including things not mentioned elsewhere on the Internet.

Different unique character build ideas and Skyrim tricks available for public use.

Role Playing

The mechanics of applying poisons in combat and how they fit with the character's role play as well as some rules on how to safely harvest ingredients.

Brief dossier of my build character - Elnarya Direnni

Profile Information

Which Elder Scrolls games have you played?
Which Elder Scrolls spin-offs have you played?
Which Fallout games have you played?
Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas
How did you find TamrielVault?
Through the lore group and character builds

Vazgen's Blog

Member Spotlight: Todd

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It comes as a great surprise to me that…


Wizard's Servant - Chapter 1-4 - A New Dawn

Posted on September 17, 2013 at 6:30pm 15 Comments

Masser and Secunda were already high up in the sky when the caravan reached the weathered stone walls of Helgen. The soft glow of the moons reflected from the metal bits of guards’ armor…


Wizard's Servant - Chapter 1-3 - A New Dawn

Posted on August 23, 2013 at 3:05pm 13 Comments

Scrag was running raising small clouds of fine grey ash which was covering the ground of a dark forest with dead withered trees sticking up like eerie scarecrows. Dense fog covered everything a few feet away and he had no idea about how much…


Wizard's Servant - Chapter 1-2 - A New Dawn

Posted on August 13, 2013 at 2:00pm 11 Comments

Sun rays were finding their way through the dense green foliage of the pine forest right in Scrag's eyes as he was lying on his back in a carriage, slightly rocking along a paved road to Falkreath. He tried to shift but an excruciating pain made…


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At 10:48am on May 23, 2016, Malign said…

Thanks for the Page guide Vazgen

At 7:51am on January 30, 2016, Overhate 2.0 said…

Nah, my choice in Star Wars games is always dual lightsabers, if possible. A bad habit left over from Jedi Academy :P

At 7:48am on January 30, 2016, Overhate 2.0 said…

Check my toon from SWTOR, then :P

At 4:33am on January 26, 2016, Alice said…

A delayed reply from me, but thank you for the birthday wish! :)

At 5:44pm on November 2, 2015, Teccam said…

Happy birthday, bud. 

At 7:06am on October 11, 2015, Blackblood said…

Could you plz tell me how you got your background to be that way, not scrolling along with the page? 

At 4:42am on August 25, 2015, Phil said…

If you get time could you pop over to the Dagon dossier? We're getting deep into ancient Bosmer lore in an effort to discover the influence (if any) of the Ayleids in Wood Elf culture. I know my Ayleids but am struggling with the Bosmer stuff.

At 5:47pm on August 1, 2015, Edana said…
That's awesome!! Glad to hear it!
At 5:37pm on August 1, 2015, Edana said…
Like seeing your flurry of activity here. Did you miss us this week? :)

Hope the first week at the new job went well!
At 4:46am on July 25, 2015, Lady Lilia said…

Thank you for the Happy Birthday comment!! 


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