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PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4
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Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim
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Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas
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I looked with my special eyes.

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Night on the Border, or: The Crystallurgist

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 5:00am 7 Comments

It was a frosty night, as winter nights go in Falkreath Hold — which is to say, it was pretty godsdamn cold. But cold was expected. Cold could be dealt with.

Corin stood on the great stone wall overlooking the border between Skyrim and Cyrodiil. He’d been posted here for four months now. Not at all what he’d had in mind when he’d…


---------------- vorfelan rhinata morie ----------------

My Builds

Welcome to my page, and thanks for stopping by!

The thunder god went for a ride

Astride his faithful filly.

"I'm Thor!" he cried.

The horse replied,

"You forgot your thaddle, thilly!"

I've made an even dozen builds so far, and had a lot of fun with each of them. Check them out by clicking the links below: 

The Bloodclaw

My newest creation, a collaborative effort between myself, Tae-Rai, and SkallyV, and my first Argonian build for the blog. This was our entry for the third Character Building contest. One part stealthy assassin, one part blood-frenzied berserker, and one part hyperthyroid lycanthrope, this was a blast to write and even more fun to play. If you're looking for a streamlined and versatile playthrough with no magic, check this one out!

The Undying

This was my second build on the blog. Unfortunately, it was broken and substandard. However, in July 2015, I finally pushed out a long-overdue revamp, and now this Vampiric Nightblade is one hell of an ass-kicker. He is capable of resisting 100% of magical damage and 97% of physical damage, and he also has a wide array of offensive tactics at his disposal. This is one of my new favorites, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Sapiarch

The Sapiarch is my newest build, and instantly vies for my all-time favorite! My first time collaborating on a build, Kaiser and I spent nearly a year working on this one (on and off) and that work totally paid off! This Altmer Witchhunter boasts several unique tricks and tactics, including infinite Stamina, a new means of achieving 100% Spell Absorption, and some extensive application of James's remarkable findings relating to "afterburn" Taper Damage.

The Crystallurgist

The Crystallurgist is a fast-paced Altmer Battlemage whose claim to fame is a unique skill: Crystallurgy, a blend of magic and artifice. She uses Alchemy, in conjunction with a select core of effects and equipment to simulate this "new skill". Through her Crystallurgy, she is able to gain optimal control over her spells, summons, and weaponry. This character can tank with the best of them, or dish massive DPS with Fire and Frost!

The Montalion

The Montalions are vampires from the area around the Bjoulsae River. They are powerful fighters indeed, known for their unique ability to teleport in battle. This Orc Spellsword uses Slow Time to simulate that teleporting ability. This build uses several never-before-seen mechanics to create a powerhouse of the most awesome proportions, including the ability to buff damage by 12.5x normal! One of my favorites. Massively overhauled in March 2015.

The Regulator

Inspired by James's awesome threads in the Tips & Tricks group, the Regulator is a Khajiit Monk/Ranger. It is the first build on the site to make unarmed combat viable without aid of looping or stacking exploits. Instead, he employs a touch of Alchemy in tandem with Marked for Death. Add in the Bound Bow for its speed, power, and range, and you're looking at one of the most streamlined, fast-paced, and all-around enjoyable playthroughs out there!


The Crimson Scar

The Crimson Scar is a classic vampiric Assassin with several extraordinary twists wrapped up in a solid lore foundation. The second build to use 100% Fortify Shouts, this Imperial vampire can out-Shout any dragon. She can go toe to toe with any enemy in melee combat. Or she can drop her opponents from the shadows. Don't let the assassin archetype fool you into thinking that this is "just another two-dimensional rogue".

The Sword-Singer

This build simulates the path of a Yokudan Sword-singer as he strives to become an Ansei, one of the most powerful sword fighters in the history of Mundus! The Sword-Singer is a Redguard Warrior whose unparalleled skill with blades -- culminating in the legendary Shehai -- makes combat a breeze! More lore-based and roleplaying-based than my other builds, and less exploitative in nature, but no less of a joy to play!


The Loup-Garou

The Loup-Garou is a vicious werewolf, an elite predator. All enemies are but simple prey to this deadly behemoth. A Nord Spellsword, he uses Alteration, Destruction, and passive Magic Resistance to optimize both beast and human forms. In human form, the Loup-Garou combines elements of melee and magic with a primarily stealth-based approach. My very first build on the blog, and still one of my favorites nearly two years later!


The Revakriid

The Revakriid is a master hunter of dragons and dragon priests. This Breton Juggernaut was the very first build on the blog to attain 100% Fortify Shouts. With this trait, the shout meter will never drain, blessing the Revakriid with the ability to chain together some nasty shout combos -- or just to use single Shouts without worrying about cooldowns for repeated uses. Gameplay is streamlined and fast-paced, and wrapped up in a truly gorgeous armor combo!


The Progenitor

The Progenitor is a lycanthropic Nord Barbarian, based on the proto-Nords who emigrated to Skyrim from Atmora many eras ago. This light-armored, greatsword-wielding skirmisher is also proficient in Frost magic and Enchanting. His perks, gear, and enchantments were carefully chosen to maximize his damage output with both magic and melee, in both human and beast form. A simple and straightforward build, but a total blast to play!

The Stormchaser

Inspired by a fusion of Yokudan lore and the power of storms -- (I've been re-reading The Way of Kings) -- this Redguard Spellsword packs a major whollop. Combat revolves around stunning and staggering mechanics, supplemented with Shock magic. At his peak, this guy is capable of stunning just about everything in just about any way. Gameplay is heavily based around agility, with a focus on light gear and deft movement.

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