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The Skyrim Singles Board

Started this discussion. Last reply by ShinJin Feb 8, 2016. 43 Replies

So, a recently posted build uses…Continue

Tags: Because even Elenwen needs a little love, ShinJin, Phil, Skyrim Singles Board

Musical Russian Roulette

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sentinel Tesla Aug 7, 2016. 585 Replies

You know that one song on your music device that you like, but would never admit to it to your friends? Well, I want to turn it into a game:While I love threads that ask about the music people listen…Continue

Tags: This is none of your FREAKING BUSINESS, Shin!, ShinJin, Musical Russian Roulette

Freaking Kids!!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by ShinJin Oct 22, 2015. 121 Replies

So I'm waiting in line with my 2 year old daughter, and she's singing and flirting with just about anyone who will look at her, when suddenly she grabs my face with both hands, puts her forehead up…Continue


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My Builds

A Dagi! I thought they were just another Khajiit myth—wrong again. The Paralyze spell that had every last part of me firmly fixed into position was the only thing keeping my eyes from popping right out of my head. This Dagi didn’t look like much... but his magic was strong.

This fast-moving, Heavy Armor, fist-in-your-face adventurer/expatriate/rebel Altmer is looking to free Skyrim from the tyranny of her own people, make a fair bit of gold, find a bit of fair treatment, and ultimately discover the one thing that has eluded her all her life... love.

You. Are. Freaking. YODA—'nuff said ;D (A collaborative Crossworlds 2 build with your favorite mad-hatter and mine, Kael!

The people of Falkreath WILL respect their dead! And they will learn the REAL meaning of peace, because truer words were never spoken: “Falkreath’s warriors ALWAYS return... one way or another.” (a collaborative work with Kael and Kaiser)

Merchants of Nirni, hold fast to your purses! People of Tamriel, bar your doors! She-creatures of Skyrim, rejoice… and lock your hearts! For death is merely a prisonand the prison has not yet been devised that can hold Rajhin, Footpad, Thief God of the Khajiit!

With a bit of Conjuration, a tad of telekinetic warfare, and a ton of sneak-thiefiness, Stones-in-his-eyes hoards gems, sells fine goods (of questionable origin), dabbles in assassination, and just may save Tamriel... Hidden from the world in the pursuit of your duties as an assistant in the Imperial Library, you’ve remained blissfully unaware of the Keepers and their duties… that is, until it is suddenly revealed that the next in the Keeper’s bloodline is you! (a collaborative work with Lozhar)Summoned daedric weapons, formidable zombie allies created from the very corpses of her fallen foes, a presence that fills even the undead with dread, and the ghastly ability to levy a powerful zombie army make Anathema a terrifying force for good—a force that is feared by all evildoers across Skyrim… and most of the good folk as well. (a collaborative work with Lozhar)Running around at 100 Health with no armor or Alteration spells means you’ve got to be hyper-alert to your surroundings, play smart, and constantly be moving in combat if you want to stay alive. I have to say, it’s been an absolute blast to play!Swinging maces and smashing faces—healers cure the pain, but aren’t afraid to bring it! (a collaborative work with Lozhar and Curse Never Dying)This build only perks four skills: Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, and Speech. Yet, ironically, it has been perhaps the most immersive and exciting playthrough I’ve experienced so far. “Wait!” you say, “You only have four skills, three of them crafting, and the last one is Speech… where does that get immersive and exciting?” Season your disbelief a while with an attent ear while I explain. (a collaborative work with Lozhar)Two doomed lovers separated by death and the jealous wizard who won’t grant them peace in the life to come. (a collaborative work with Lozhar)

The idea of a no-armor, Two-handed, katana-wielding character has always appealed to me. Add to this a dab of archery, a pinch of disgrace, a faltering moral compass, a descent into the planes of Oblivion, and nothing to lose… well, that’s just crazy fun.With a play style considerably less straight forward than your typical paladin, this character displays undeviating devotion in upholding and defending the good by quietly stalking and destroying evil.

What happens when the luckiest guy in the universe gets some of his builds showcased by one of the Tamriel Vault's great videographers? He acknowledges his great fortune by slapping that sucker on his home page :D

With new features and showcases coming out weekly, if you haven't checked out HeroicX's channel recently, you've missed a ton of great content!

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Dec 20, 2016
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Alexianna Rubi Bloodheart left a comment for ShinJin
"Thanks, and glad to meet you. Thank you for accepting. You're also welcome, having the help of a talented writer could help in the long run. :3"
Oct 7, 2016
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"Why, thank you for the kind words, Alexianna! I'm always happy to help if I can... just holler ;D"
Oct 7, 2016

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At 8:13pm on October 7, 2016, Alexianna Rubi Bloodheart said…
Thanks, and glad to meet you. Thank you for accepting. You're also welcome, having the help of a talented writer could help in the long run. :3
At 12:02am on August 1, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

it's ok.

At 9:39pm on July 30, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

hey bud, glad your back and well.

At 10:30pm on June 26, 2016, Alastor said…
Update: I'm fighting two guards, a DB assassin, and three thugs with the help of a Sabre Cat (if I can find him!!!)!!!
At 2:17pm on June 19, 2016, Lissette Long-Chapper said…
I didn't want to give anybody ulcers! Only one thing I give...


*hands Shin and Vargr bottles of best sujamma for jobs well done*

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