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Ponty's Discussions

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Favorite Medieval Weaponry?

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The Elder Scrolls: D20 - A Roleplaying Game

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Favorite TES boss?

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Ponty's Page

Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my humble page here on the Skyrim blog. I spend most of my time in the Character Building group, so why not check out some of my builds? I've made over 20 builds, most of which have videos and/or sample builds.

The Paladin - A tough weapon and shield fighter that uses magic to augment his combat prowess (Level 20/40/60 builds, video)

The Last Dragonborn - A Blades-themed well-rounded warrior making use of potions, poisons, and Shouts, including the powerful Awaken mode (Level 30/60 builds, video)

The Stalker - A stealthy ranged specialist complemented by alchemy and dual wielding (Level 25 and 50 builds, video)

The Commander - A 2-handed warrior that uses Illusion magic to control the battlefield (Level 20/40 builds, video)

The Arcane Bladesman - An interesting battlemage build, uses bound weapons and mage armor for maximum mobility (Level 20/40/50 builds, video)

The Arcane Marksman - An archer/mage hybrid, the Arcane Marksman uses a bound bow combined with a variety of other spells to defeat opponents (level 20/40/50 builds, video)

The Arcane Assassin - A stealthy mage that uses a variety of spells and the Bound Dagger to dispatch enemies (Level 20/40/60 builds, video)

The Champion - A heavily armored dual-wield fighter that uses potions instead of magic (Level 25 build, video)

The Priest - An alternative battlemage build that uses shields (Level 25 build, video)

The Witch - A stealthy mage which specialises in causing misdirection before striking (Level 25 build, video)

The Histmaster - An Argonian build that focuses on maximizing the power of the Histskin ability (Video)

The Seeker - A hybrid build that uses daggers, shields, spells and light armor (Level 25 build, video)

The Bard - A jack-of-all trades that focuses mainly of Illusion, staves and a nimble fighting style (Level 25 build, video)

The Mabrigash - A powerful battlemage with deep roots in Morrowind lore that makes use of the Aspect of Terror/Fire Damage bug (Level 30 build, video)

The Horseman- A mounted combat based build, using two-handed weapons and horse archery among other skills (Level 25 build, video)

The Skystrider - A nimble spellsword build, utilizing dual-wielding, frost magic, shouts and the Silent Roll perk to outmanuever and defeat foes (level 30 build, video)

The Burglar - A passive non-combat pure thief that is a master of larceny, making quite a sum of gold in a very short time (level 30 build, video)

The Bloodletter - A battlemage focusing on using Absorb Health enchantments with Equilibrium for an infinite magicka pool (level 30 build, video)

The Veteran - A powerful pure warrior that is capable of using any and all equipment he finds (level 30 build, video)

The Shaper - An interesting pure mage/werewolf hybrid that is a master of both melee and magic combat (level 30 build, video)

The Soulknife - A master enchanter and cunning duelist, the Soulknife focuses on using an array of enchanted daggers in combat (level 35 build, video)

The Nightguard- A heavy melee/stealth/Vampire Lord hybrid, the Nightguard is able to overcome any situation (level 20/40/60 builds, video)

The Nightingale Swordsman - a stealthy melee build, relying on skill and finesse over brute strength (level 20/40/50 builds, video)

The Aspect Knight - a heavy battlemage utilizing various 'aspects' as well as plenty of Dragonborn content (level 20/40/60 builds, video)

The Tinkerer - A crossbowman, scholar and master of items both magical and mundane (level 20/40 builds video)

The Prodigy - A hybrid Nightblade of sorts, relying heavily on silent shouts through the Quiet Casting perk (level 20/40/60 builds, video)

Let me know what you think!

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"So I know that weapon swing speed is governed by the weight/class of the weapon in your left hand, and I believe Elemental Fury also effects your left handed weapon. Which would do more DPS, Dagger + Sword, or Sword + Sword? (Assuming they are all…"
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"Lol, wow, no I don't think there is an effect that damages smithing. All the little things that never got patched always amazes me...."
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"Instead of fortifying the Smithing skill, it only repairs damage to the skill.  So if your Smithing skill is somehow being reduced by a debuff, it will prevent up to 5 points. I don't think there is even a vanilla effect that damages…"
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"While they're at it, can they fix the enchant on Notched Pickaxe, too?  And Atronach Stone absorbing summons?"
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"Yeah, it does look like the Random Daedric Weapon recipe only generates Warhammers and War Axes. The Unbound Dremora should be able to spawn with a Daedric Greatsword though. Interestingly, the random weapon they're generated to hold is tagged…"
Teccam replied to Ponty's discussion Questions/Requests Discussion in the group Tips and Tricks
"Yeah, it wouldn have been one of the easiest things to fix too. Literally all you do is jump into the Creation Kit, navigate to the Light Damage "Magic Effect", and swap the associated item #1 from WeaponSpeedMult to Health. Literally less…"

Profile Information

Which Elder Scrolls games have you played?
Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO
How did you find TheSkyrimBlog?
Been here since the old site back in 2011.

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Ponty's Blog

The Seekers - Part 8: Lost, but not Forgotten

Posted on June 1, 2013 at 8:53am 12 Comments

Ariem and Rykon spun around to see an Imperial in his late fifties. He wore grey hair and a beard over his stern but calm face, but his eyes hid secrets that even the oldest of Altmer could not hope to uncover. He wore a padded brown coat, and his hand rested on a sword of the finest steel belted to his waist – and he looked like he knew how to use it. “How did you get here?” he asked. “You have not completed the trials!”

“Please, this is a matter of utmost – “

Ariem was cut…


The Seekers - Part 7: Restored

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 7:26pm 3 Comments

A couple hours of flying later, Serana dropped Rykon and Ariem by a cave mouth just to the east of a river in the northern part of the Reach. The pair stretched a little, their muscles numb from hanging in Serana's grip. Rykon was a bit nauseous but Ariemw as okay. The vampire reverted to her Nord form.

"Well, my friends, here we are. Darkfall Cave."

"Doesn't look like much," Rykon said. "What should we expect inside?"

"Shouldn't be anything you need to kill. But you will need…


The Seekers - Part 6: Light in the Darkness

Posted on March 19, 2013 at 7:03pm 6 Comments

Brilliant white flame filled Rykon's vision as the fireball exploded, the sound drowning out everything bar the dim clatter of shattering glass. Much to Rykon's surprise, he was still very much alive when the explosion dissapated. Over the manical laughter of the Altmer in the courtyard, a familiar voice whispered into Rykon's ear.

"Perhaps later! We need to get out of the city!" a vague outline of Ariem said.

"I- I owe you my life!"

"Save it for later, or we'll both be…


The Seekers - Part 5: In Flames

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 1:26am 4 Comments

Rykon and Ariem stayed in Riften that night, the warm beds and strong drink a welcome reprieve from the conditions the night before up at the Last Vigil. The next day they set off back down the road to Windhelm, deciding to catch a ship to Castle Volkihar, rather than trekking across the entire province. Having passed that way only a couple of days previously, the road was clear of danger, and much to Rykon's disappointment  any form of excitement. The pair reached the stone city in the…


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At 2:15am on March 29, 2015, Jacques Henri Van Rinsveltœ said…

Hey Ponty, I love your builds and I'm about to try The Arcane Bladesman. I just want say thanks for contributing good luck with the hall of fame.

At 2:39am on January 18, 2015, MadHatter said…

Oh ok... I guess I'm just being lost and confused again..lol

At 6:54pm on January 14, 2015, MadHatter said…
I was watching your burglar video and have a question for you. What mod adds all the high ropes and stuff in solitude that your character walked on?
At 6:24pm on November 30, 2014, Yours Truly said…

Same question: your builds are amazing are you going to make more or are you finished with them.

At 10:08am on October 26, 2014, Aurelian The Savage said…
Hey Ponty, are you done making character builds? Your builds were my favorite on the blog.
At 3:35am on July 17, 2014, DBetha said…
Your build is all good man
At 1:45am on June 25, 2014, Bryan Metzger said…
Could I ask you some questions on builds please?
At 2:17pm on June 5, 2014, Caesar Strong-Heart said…

Check your inbox.

At 8:43pm on May 8, 2014, TED said…

Hi, Ponty!  Billy Mays here for an update on your second free friend being shipped!  Since you're on our Super Shipping Express plan, you wait not: 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 days; that's right!  You only have to wait until tomorrow to receive your second free friend in the mail, hand delivered by yours truly!  It's important to me to give away a friend that works.  If you're not satisfied, you can return your free friend and we'll TRIPLE the offer, satisfaction guaranteed!

At 5:12pm on March 15, 2014, Riley Ares said…

I <3 this website, haha at first I thought this would be a short and profound website. I guess I was wrong. :/


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