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----------------------- BUILDS : GALLERY ---------------------

Click an image below to navigate to the Skyrim build you're interested in. If you have questions please post them on the specific build page rather than contacting me directly through private messaging.

The Seraphim

The Seraphim is perhaps my final offering to this site.

Inspired by Sirens, Golden Saints and the Aurorans; this character is a versatile fighter and specialises in wards and elemental spells and shouts.

Free concentration casting, big swords and cool armor complete the package of my favourite warrior angel.

Rise of the Fallen

A build that breaths life into a dying faction and the best thrall management character I'll ever play.

If you're a fan of Dead Thrall then this build is for you.




The Kingslayer

My take on Skyrims roleplay crushing heavy armor set.

The Kingslayer is a vampiric death-knight that combines conjuration mastery with a splash of stealth for a fast and entertaining playthrough.

"There could be no other end"


The Heretic

The Heretic is a gothic warrior with a disregard for the rules.

Modelled on the classic d&d cleric, this character uses a fusion of divine and profane spell craft to destroy his opponents.



The Sorcerer

For me The Sorcerer is what Skyrim is all about.

Lightning! Flames! Overpowered weapons! Demonic creatures springing up from nowhere! Epic battles! This build brings everything to the table and leaves nobody disappointed.



The Volkihar

This build actually pre-dated the Dawnguard DLC, few characters synergise as well as my version of the famous vampires of Skyrim.

Expect a nice role-play experience and a character that is capable of shining a fresh light on Skyrims gameplay mechanics.


The Obsidian Sentinel

The Obsidian Sentinel has maximised every defensive statistic that Skyrim has available. Immunity to magic, disease, poison, maximised block and armor rating! All this combined with a powerful health regeneration set-up make this character unstoppable.

The only build ever created to unleash the true power of the Blizzard master spell.




The Bronze Sentinel

Melee builds are notoriously weak against mages and I decided it was time to create a character that could not only kill enemy sorcerers with ease but would actively hunt them down.

The Bronze Sentinel is a dread-tank, capable of vanquishing dragon priests at low levels and standing solid against the games hardest hitters!


The Arcane Archer

The Arcane Archer embraces my love of sorcery and enchantment to create the ultimate ranged attacker.

Controlling the battlefield with bows of terror, absorbing health from flying dragons, reducing the strongest enemies to a crawl with freezing arrows...

By manipulating leveling through training this build enjoys a very steep experience curve.




The Nemesis

A deadly rogue Thalmor.

Evil spellcasting, vampirism, terror powered flame attacks and a near complete conjuration tree make this character unique.

The Nemesis is customised to be my ultimate guilty pleasure, a pure mage that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in melee.

A build for those who don't mind breaking boundaries.





The Morag Tong

An attempt to re-create my favourite Elder Scrolls faction!

The Morag Tong are the ancient Dunmer assassins of Morrowind, a welcome change from the standard Dark Brotherhood grunt.

Acrobatics, Illusions and even the wonderful Ebony Blade add spice to the original stealth skillset.

Strong role play and unique equipment choices create one of the best looking characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

An Assassin of Assassins!




The Revenant

This build simply embraces the dark side. The Revenant is a corpse-eating necromancer that specialises in deadly draugr weaponry.

This character fully utilises the Targe of the Blooded to mutilate his enemies before devouring and raising whatever remains of their bodies into servitude.

A character that looks just as terrifying as his deeds!






The Mauloch

I love orcs! No other race quite matches their intimidation and power; unfortunately playing as an orc can often leave you feeling out of place, Skyrim doesn't really cater for the pig people.

This build is heavy role play as we leave the cities and towns of Skyrim to the civilised and get dirty in the wild with nasty axes, quadruple damage and deadly poisons!




The Fallen Hero

I believe everyone has played a character like this at some point.

Characters that shift in their alignment during a story have always attracted me, especially if that shift is towards evil...

A noble knight that decends into a tortured blackguard is juicy role playing at its best.

Perks have been selected carefully with this character to reflect his changing personality.


The Salamander

A very strange creature!

The Salamander pushes the block skill to its absolute limit by using elemental cloaks as his main form of damage.

This character is the ultimate turtle build and is effective at dispatching enemies with minimal effort.



The Hold Guard

I decided that someone had to do a build for these characters.

Guards are just funny as hell and this build lets the player wear all nine hold armors as they dominate Skyrim in style!

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