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If Obsidian Made another Fallout game....

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mr. Edd Aug 30, 2016. 27 Replies

Where would you want it to be set? What factions would make a (re)apperance? What kinds of weapons would you want in? What sorts of enemies would you like to face? Would you like the dialogue system…Continue

Tags: ¨Obisidian¨

Warframe Hub

Started this discussion. Last reply by Chris Diokno Aug 6, 2016. 7 Replies

Welcome, Tenno, to the Warframe Hub. For those of my fellow players of this fast paced, cyberninja MMORPG-ish game, here is where we can discuss really anything about this game. After almost a year,…Continue

Tags: ¨Warframe¨


Started this discussion. Last reply by Amornar Aug 24, 2016. 10 Replies

Well, since I have discovered that quite a few people, such as myself, Tom Mr. Edd, ShyGuyWolf, Karver the Lorc (I think), and I believe Boro, are fans of Games Workshop´s long running tabletop…Continue

Tags: and, 40K¨, ¨Fantasy, ¨VulkanLives¨, ¨ChaosSucks¨

Ideals for Games

Started this discussion. Last reply by x Jun 25, 2016. 2 Replies

So, I've had a few ideas for games for quite awhile now. I'll let you guys check them out, and maybe toss me ideas. 1. The Crawling Chaos-Obviously inspired by Nyartholep of the Cthulhu mythos. As he…Continue


Wolves for the Wolf King!

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Saga of the Warchief-Chapter 1: The Trial of Khornan

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 4:43pm 6 Comments

The rest of the clan had come out of their huts to witness Angron leaving for his Trials. The Trials were both a reverent cerenmony to the Undivided, but also a coming of age for a young Uruk. All of them had painted the symbol of the Undivided onto their muscular chests. The red and dark purple paint, created from the blood of slain animals, and wild berries, shone brightly against their dark green, almost obsidian, skin. As the young Uruk passed, the tribe began to beat…


Saga of the Warchief-Prologue

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 1:51am 6 Comments


The smell of burning homes and blood filled the Uruk´s nose, causing him to wrinkle it in slight disgust. His eyes opened, as he stood up. Staggering over to a small pool of rainwater, he gazed upon himself. Gone were the enhanced musculature and height of his skin. Gone were the blackened teeth and blood red irises. He resembled more your atypical Orc than their Uruk brethren.

He glanced around, and his eyes widened. Around him, Orcs were…


Dovazhul: Farewell to an Enslaved Lunar Breton

Posted on April 30, 2016 at 5:15pm 14 Comments

Time and Space have been utterly shattered. When the dreaded Nine Hundred and Eleven Cows of the Tal0sian 0-VR Sol class ship rained iron flames upon Nirn, the land began to die. Cracks in the Dreamsleeve rumbled through the unbidden consciousness of the Aurbis, as the AkaTush reared forth from the birthing soul known as Sithis. The AkaTush farted out destruction and the cosmic inverse of causality, coating the Nirnian continent in a foul, sickly pale odor.



Fallout Equestria: Legends-Prologue

Posted on October 21, 2015 at 4:47pm 2 Comments

A little over two centuries have passed, since a Pipbuck technician by the name of Littlepip left her Stable. It is thanks to her that the Equestrian Wasteland, while not completely healed, has begun to return to some semblance of Pre-War glory. Already, a fair amount of the blasted, irradiated soil has been coated in fresh, if somewhat discolored, grass. Even after all this time, we still thank the sacrifice she, and those of her merry band of friends, took so that the…


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At 5:45pm on August 14, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

hey my fellow M&Ber sent you a message.

At 6:22pm on August 9, 2016, Relycs said…
Hey Dino, check the Artgroup.
At 12:27pm on August 9, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…
What you wanted in the Civil War questline was in as cut content.
At 7:33am on July 28, 2016, Halfdan the Black said…
At 12:15am on July 27, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

I left you a comment on chapter one of your Warhammer inspired tale.


At 1:08am on July 25, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…
You talked about Chaos princes and the Daedric Princes they are equaled to. Malice might me like Malacath.
At 10:51pm on July 21, 2016, Mirric said…

Dude, I've written MLP R34 with Celestia boning a cake, and it has a little over 50 likes. And the midequel with Twilight having a dick is over 100. I have seen much worse

I wanna read that...

At 10:26pm on July 20, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

hey I am working on a character idea on ESO based on a picture of a D&D Dragonborn.

At 1:53pm on July 18, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…

hey bud, so what should I do for the build? I could find some pictures.

At 1:31pm on July 16, 2016, ShyGuyWolf said…
I hope the ones I gave helped you out. I am on my phone about to leave the house, so I couldn't get links.

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