Welcome to The Tamriel Vault!

You have arrived at the liveliest, friendliest and most creative Skyrim/Fallout site on the Web. We have thousands of members, and many thousands of content items. Of course, this site wasn't always the huge behemoth you see today- if you are interested in a bit of history and background then read this.

So what is this place?

The first thing you need to realise is that this is a social network site. It is more akin to something like Facebook, than a traditional forum or blog site. As such it relies on 'member content' rather than editors or writers.

Many people get a bit confused when they first come here - so this welcome area has been created to give you the information you need. Whether you are thinking about signing up or have recently created your account, read everything here carefully - it will really help you navigate the site!

What can I do here?

The way to get the best out of this site is by contributing. Here are a few things you can do

Don't forget that, just like Facebook, you can update your status! These show up in the front page Activity Stream. If you want to make a quick comment or ask a question, then just type into the box below where it says 'Latest Activity' on the front page.

Everything you do on the site is collected together on your own personal profile page. Access this by clicking on 'My Page' on the top menu bar. Your profile page can be customised - simply click on the 'Customise my page' link in the left sidebar of your page to get start. Check out some of the other member pages to see what is possible!

Of course many people come here because they are attracted by the many fine Character Builds on this site. They are located in the Character Build Group.

Are there any rules here?

Now, as you can imagine, with such a huge and diverse site, we need to keep a grip on what gets posted and where. We don't have loads and loads of 'rules' - but we do need a few Site Rules to keep some semblance of sanity around here! Read these rules and follow them - it will really help you here...

Not sure where to post stuff? Then check out this set of guidelines. We also have Site Hosts to manage content and help people find their way around. Be nice to the Site Hosts, they are volunteers who are here to help...

Sounds great. How do I join up?

If you are not yet a member you will need to create an account before you can do anything on the site - start creating your account in the box at the top right of the page. Bear in mind that all accounts are manually approved. That's to weed out spammers! So there might be a delay in validating your account - but soon enough you'll be able to post!

What's the first thing I do once signed up?

Head to the 'Introduce Yourself' thread, and say 'hi'. We love to meet new members, and stopping off on the welcome thread is a great way to get started on the site. 

Once again WELCOME - and we hope you will enjoy your time on The Tamriel Vault. 

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