Where do I post stuff?

Welcome to The Tamriel Vault

This is large, active and varied site with many sections, and we appreciate that it can be confusing at first. This guide has been written to help people figure where to post various kinds of content. Stick to these rules and you won't have anyone on your back asking you to re-post content!

Here's a summary of what kinds of content go where...

STATUS If you want to make a quick comment, an aside, an observation or ask a quick question then you need to post a status. Head to the main page and locate the 'Latest Activity' Feed. Simply type your new status in the box and hit 'Share'. Status updates aren't for discussion, if you want to kick off a discussion then you need...

FORUMS  These are for asking a question or starting a discussion. Once you arrive in the forums you will see various sections that are self-explanatory. Find the one that most fits your intended topic and go there to add your post. Tip: 'Off topic' posts go in 'General Chat' forum!

BLOGS  are for when you want to start writing a character story or a piece of fan fiction. Don't just post random questions or comments as a blog, that's what statuses and forums are for. Check out the Blog Section for the type of content that goes there.

GROUPS. For content that is specific to a topic area that is covered by one of our Groups, then you are advised to go to that group and click 'join'. You can join as many groups as you like. Once you have joined a group you can post a question or discussion in the discussion area for that group. Use this for topics such as lore or role-play - or groups dedicated to other games such as Classic Elder Scrolls or Elder Scrolls Online

Finally, we have our flagship Character Building Group, the most active and biggest group on this site, and the reason why many people come to this site in the first place. If you want to post a Character Build, that is where you need to be.

But make sure your build is up to scratch first, as we have high standards. If you have a work-in-progress build, then don't despair. Head to The Workshop, where you post your in-progress build, and get help and ideas on how to finish it!

As we say, it can be confusing at first. If you are unsure whether to post in one section or the other, feel free to ask any of the Site Hosts, we will be glad to help you out! 

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