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  • Skyrim Character Building

    4885 members Latest Activity: 45 minutes ago

    This is a group for creative people to come together and share Skyrim characters that they have created. All are welcome here, power players and…

  • The Workshop

    128 members Latest Activity: 1 minute ago

    This is a group for posting work in progress (WiP) content in order to receive feedback and advice before posting it in the appropriate…

  • Role Playing

    1166 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    A group to discuss role playing in Skyrim - with tips, ideas and suggestions for hardcore adventures in the land of Skyrim

    Hosted by…

  • Live Roleplaying: Skyrim

    62 members Latest Activity: 10 hours ago

    Hello, and welcome to the Live Roleplaying Group! For more information on the group itself and how to join us, read the links below or ask…

  • The Art Group

    595 members Latest Activity: 19 hours ago

    Dedicated to housing all forms of Elder Scrolls art. The group strives to catalog the best and brightest pieces both created by our talented…

  • Tips and Tricks

    675 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    If you came for in-depth guides, skill power-leveling tactics, in-game tips, exploits, and glitches, then look no further.


  • The Elder Council

    33 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago

    A private group for Site Hosts

  • The Modder's Conclave

    253 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    A place for all TES Modders to get together and discuss new and existing mods as well as the development and creation of mods. 


  • General Gaming Discussions

    254 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    A group to talk about every game other than Skyrim. Reviews, news, tips and general gaming chat happens here. 


  • The Citadel

    63 members Latest Activity: 22 hours ago

    A group dedicated to the Mass Effect franchise, including lore discussions, builds, news and more!

  • Fallout Character Building

    154 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago

    Welcome to the Vault, TheSkyrimBlog's one-stop-shop for all Fallout Builds from any of the series' titles! 

    Host: …

  • ESO Character Building

    128 members Latest Activity: Feb 22

    This group is made for creative ESO players who wish to share new and unique ways to play The Elder Scrolls: Online. Be you a "power-player", or a…

  • The Story Corner

    713 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    Here is quiet corner for the writers and word-smiths of Skyrim. Discuss your blogs, ask questions about writing characters, plots, and other…

  • Elder Scrolls Lore

    1016 members Latest Activity: 5 hours ago

    This plane of Oblivion is managed by three beings, Matt…

  • Live Roleplaying: Fallout

    56 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Hello all, and welcome to the Live Roleplaying: Fallout Group! Here we roleplay in various…

  • The Bonfire

    76 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    The Bonfire is a group dedicated to the Dark Souls series!

    Please share any builds, guides, news, artwork, questions, or any other Dark…

  • TES Classics Character Building

    107 members Latest Activity: 15 hours ago

    Houses builds from previous Elder Scrolls games. Also dispenses nostalgia.

  • The Consulate

    6 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    The Consulate is an Administrator-only group.

  • ESO Guilds

    324 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Looking to join or create guilds with fellow Blog Members? You've come to the right place!

    Hosted by…

  • TheSkyrimBlog Supporters

    12 members Latest Activity: Feb 21

    TheSkyrimBlog Supporters is a paid access group for people who would like to see the Blog grow and become more advanced. 

    Members will…



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