Workshop Rules

The Workshop is a group for members to post their work in progress (WiP) content, either as a place to save it to work on later, or to open it up to community feedback before it is posted in full.


WiPs that have been left alone for over two weeks will be deleted. Simply leaving a comment on your WiP once every two weeks is enough to keep it from being deleted. This ensures that WiPs in the Workshop are still being worked on and not abandoned. If, however, you need to leave your WiP alone for more than two weeks, let the hosts know. You can also put your content "on hold" for an extra month of protection (six weeks in total). To leave your content on hold, simply add "(On Hold)" to the end of the title. For example, "WiP Character Build: The Destroyer (On Hold)"

Furthermore, in order to keep the group tidy, we ask that you change the title of your WiP to "Delete" and leave a comment on it asking for it to be deleted once it's finished or if you decide to stop working on it. This makes it easier for the hosts to manage the group. To change the title of your discussion, you open it up, click "Options" at the top of the page, and click "Edit Discussion" in the drop-down menu.

Once you've finished your WiP and posted it in the relevant group, please inform us via the Workshop Success Corner, which will give you a chance to have your work featured in the group, on the front page and in the forums. It can be a real boon to your work and give it more attention, but without letting us know that you've finished your work it is unlikely to get a Workshop Success Story.

Title Conventions

To give people an idea of what you are working on please title your work appropriately for where it will be posted when it is finished. Furthermore, note that you can make certain tweaks to these titles accordingly in order to better reflect the nature of your WiP, such as "WiP Event Build: The Destroyer", "WiP Roleplay Profile: Ironbeard Fistrock", or "WiP ESO Tip: Become Super Overpowered". The hosts may adjust the title of your WiP as necessary to better reflect the type of project it is.

TES Groups

Skyrim Character Building – WiP Character Build: [project name here]

Elder Scrolls Online – WiP ESO: [project name here]

TES Lore – WiP Lore: [project name here]

TES Roleplaying – WiP Roleplay: [project name here]

Skyrim Tips and Tricks – WiP Tip: [project name here]

TES Classics – WiP [game name here]: [project name here]

Fallout Groups

Fallout Character Building – WiP [FO3, FNV, or FO4] Build: [project name here]

Fallout Hub – WiP Fallout: [project name here]

Miscellaneous Groups

The Gateway – WiP Gateway: [project name here]

The RPG Group – WiP [game name here]: [project name here]

Modder's Conclave – WiP Modding: [project name here]

The Story Corner – WiP Story: [project name here]

Art Group – WiP Art: [project name here]


To those posting a WiP: The people who comment on your work are trying to help you. They were in the same position as you once, and likely made all of the mistakes you are going to make. When they make a suggestion on how you can improve your work, they are likely speaking from a place of experience. You don't need to make changes if you don't want to or don't think it is for the best, but for your own benefit, you should approach all constructive criticism offered with an open mind.

To those commenting on a WiP: Those who post a WiP here are looking for feedback and advice. They understand that their work is not yet ready to be posted as a full discussion. You must also understand that their work is important to them, just as your own work is important to you, and that harsh criticism will likely provoke a negative response. Please try to keep all criticism constructive, helpful and friendly.

In General: Insulting comments will not be allowed under any circumstances. If your comment is constructive then post it, but leave any and all insults out of it. If we (The Workshop Hosts) see it happen once your comment will simply be deleted, but if it becomes a reoccurring problem then we will ban you from the group. Simply put, we like to keep things nice and relaxed in this group, so keep insulting comments and language out of it and there won't be any problems.

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