So I had this massive long starting paragraph here, but last night Ning ate what I had so I need to start again. What you need to know is that I think the Moulder needs an update, I'm giving it an update, and I predict (based off of my average speed of releasing WiP's) that I'll be done by 2017, hence the 2017 remake addition.



“I’m leaving behind this detailed set of notes on all my rituals so someone, somewhere might be able to perfect them. These are designed primarily to help with the Moulding process but help with Enchanting in general as well. They both revolve around a combination of Potions, Spells and Alchemical Ingredients and take roughly 3 hours to complete.”

Ritual of the Bound Soul:

Ingredients: Vampire Dust placed slightly to the North of the Enchanting table, Daedra’s Heart located to the West, Bonemeal placed towards the South, one bowl of Fire Salts collected from a Flame Atronach placed on a  Fire Rune and a Black and White Soul Gem (filled with Grand Souls) on the Enchanting Table to the left and right.

Potions: Enchanters Elixir x1, Elixir of the Warrior/True Shot/ Berserker x1 (depending on the weapon to be enchanted) Elixir of Regeneration x1 and an Elixir of Lasting Potency x1.

"The potions are designed (in turn) to increase the power capable behind the enchantment, give more of a connection to the weapon and allow you to regenerate more Magicka and Life Force to pump into the weapon. The Ingredients will all be drained of power after the Ritual and unusable for any potion afterwards. It is recommended that the potion be done at night for the maximum efficiency and power"

Ritual of Self-Binding

Ingredients: Same as the Ritual of the Bound Soul except changing the Fire Salts and Fire Rune for Void Salts and  a Lightning Rune.

Potions: Elixir of Alteration x1, Conjurer's Elixir x1, Elixir of Destruction x1, Elixir of Illusion x1, Elixir of the Healer, Enchanters Elixir x1, Elixir of the Warrior/True Shot/ Berserker x1 (depending on the weapon to be enchanted) Elixir of Regeneration x1 and an Elixir of Lasting Potency x1.

"This one requires more magical power then the first one so drinking potions which increase each of the Magical Skills is a must to insure the proper power is put into the ritual, The Void Salts and Lightning Rune are both more powerful then the Fire variants and allow even more power into the ritual."

Note: “After completing the second ritual I believe that swapping the Salts and Rune draws too much power and using the Frost versions might work better.”

"These are a few Rituals that helped me out in Battle and take less than a minute to prepare. They’re a combination of Magical Spells, Shouts and Powers that give the desired result and make nearly any foe seem easy."

Ritual of the Storm: Secret of Arcana, Storm Thrall x2, Storm Call (3 words) and Thunderbolts.

“Combining the power to essentially have unlimited Magicka with two incredibly strong Thralls Storm Call and Thunderbolt Spells seem nearly unneeded but When you can take out Two Giants and Two Mammoths then you realise how powerful this truly can be.”

Ritual of the Untouchable: Conjure Werebear, Mora’s Grasp (right in front of me), Whirlwind Cloak, Wall of Storms and Unrelenting Force.

“An enemy can’t kill you if he can’t reach you this is designed to be used along with a bow but can work with generic Spells, I recommend using this only if there are no Mages or Archers around as they can still hit you. Unrelenting Force is there simply to allow you to push more enemies away if necessary.” 

The Black Star: This is the main quest that needs to be completed and is the most important for the Roleplay aspect of the build. Do this one around level 15-20 so that you don’t have to wait long to start but can get a bit of power beforehand.

Dawnguard (joining the Dawnguard): This is a crucial part of playing as a Witch-Hunter and also fits morally for The Moulder. Joining the Dawnguard is fairly obvious as it means you can kill more Vampires. Start this at level 10 so you have plenty of time to finish it before The Black Star.

Dragonborn, Raven Rock and Tel Mithyrn Questlines:  These three are all done mainly because in Skyrim the options of helping out Dark Elves is fairly low and this opens up the Chaos Enchantment which becomes fairly important. I would recommend starting this around level 20 only to get the Chaos Enchantment and then coming back for the last eight levels and finishing after losing your magical power (Roleplay wise).

Thank you all for reading this build (and any likes or comments you might've left). I'll extend my thanks to Relycs for some editing on the first image, and Warlord for supplying me with the third image, they definitely made my job a lot easier when I was looking for artwork here. For originally starting the Event I extend my thanks to both Billy Mays (TED) and Tae-Rai.

 If you found this to you liking and would like to read through several similar builds then head to my page located Right Here.


  1. Find new pictures - 50% complete
  2. Create some fancy new banners
  3. Closely ponder the nature of the gameplay, and adjust the perks and skills if necessary. 
  4. Make Perk and Equipment Spreads
  5. Discuss the three major parts of the build (Roleplay, Backstory and Gameplay) and improve on any sections that need improving. 
  6. Thank Golden Fool for something, otherwise he'll make me feel guilty (keeping the joke in here, and I probably missed thanking him somewhere else) 
  7. More stuff I think of.

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"Character Build: The Corner", a fearsome name. Battlecry: "I never round up!"
Change "Ritual of the Untouchable" into "Ritual of the Cornered".

Now you raise some good points, but a Corner must be much more impactful than a single build. A group, or key location within a group is all well and fine, but for just a simple build it would dilute the corner. 

Lol number 8 on your to-do list.

Here's a few images:

Image One (Dunmer Necromancer)

Image Two (Drow Archer)

Hope they help!

Dayum, number one is a bit overused so I might skip it, but I don't think I can deny picking up that second image...It's a really good one, thanks Warlord 

After browsing I'm half tempted to change it to a female character...I actually managed to find some great female Elven characters for once. Ah another build perhaps

I think I'm going fairly strong in terms of Artwork at the moment. That first image is there to stay, partially because I'm just so in love with the original image, but also because it just seems to fit the character quite well (a Conjurer who's got a slight pre-disposition for causing fiery explosions...yeah that fits) and I kind of like my minor edits.

Picture 2 I'm still a little 50/50 on (more lie 45/55), it is rather nice but I don't know if it works quite as well. For now it's definitely saying but it isn't a permanent edition to the build. 

Really? I thought that's blood... Might I suggest making it a bit more orange/yellow? Just to avoid people confusing it with something else :).
Maybe like this: Attachment.

Huh, I didn't see that until you pointed it out, but that is a good point. Would you mind if I used that picture, I can only change the overall tone or colour of the picture, not individual elements. 

Go ahead, that's why I made it :). Btw if you need any edits or stuff like that feel free to message me.

Thanks Relycs, I'll definitely use it and throw a message your way if I ever need some help 

HAHAHA >.> Fuck you Ning...Well I'll uh, re-upload it in the morning I guess, can't be stuffed now. Had everything nice and set up, now I'm going to need to redo what I did. 

Damn it, you got my sorry.


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