So before I get into the build, I want to clarify what my image here was. When I was re-reading Paul England's Atmoran Totems, I had the idea to create a similar styled series that focused instead on the 13 guardian signs, it was only a recent idea (as of the 27th of August), but it is an idea that's kind of stuck with me for awhile now.

To start thing off I wanted to go with the most unique sign of them all...The Serpent Stone, unlike the other 12, isn't associated with any month or guardian stone, and is almost completely separate from the others. Because of these factors, the Serpent has the possibility for being the most interesting build from a Lore perspective, so I decided to focus on it first.

Rules of the Series:

  1. No more than 5 skills can be used - A rather simple rule with a simple reasoning behind it, I don't want to overload these builds with 10 different skills that are all complicated to level up. They're going to be smaller builds that focus on very specific skill sets to get the job done.
  2. No glitches - This is going to be a bit harder to keep up, but if I was going to abuse the game then builds like the Serpent and Shadow would be insanely easy (with Unlimited Stones) and I could easily overload the Lady stone build to be overpowered as hell. Instead these builds are going to be as pure as possible.
  3. Not Dragonborn - None of these builds are going to be the DB (well, they'll be made by the DB). There isn't really a reason (at the moment) but it is the general idea that these are more your common adventurer given power by the constellations to do good, not Akatosh/Kyne/Talos. 


The Serpent wanders about in the sky and has no Season, though its motions are predictable to a degree. No characteristics are common to all who are born under the sign of the Serpent. Those born under this sign are the most blessed and the most cursed

The Basics:

Race: Argonian - bonuses to Alteration, Sneak, Pickpocket and Restoration 

Stone: The Serpent Stone

Stats: 1 Magicka, 1 Stamina, 0 Health

Skills: Sneak, Alteration, Alchemy, Pickpocket and Restoration

Powers: Serpent Stone Daily Power, Sailor's Respite, Histskin, Mora's Agony and Shadowcloak of Invisibility

Combat Idea:

The basis of the Serpent is that it's unpredictable, you never know when it's going to appear before you (or strike you down). Because of this, the Serpent focuses on using Stealth based gameplay to take enemies down silently (if not quickly). He doesn't specialize in sneak attacks or even killing enemies, but instead slowly wearing them down with a combination of potions, debilitating spells and if necessary, powerful Sun based spells. 

The primary focus of this character is to get up close, load an opponent up with debilitating poisons through a combination of Stealth and Pickpocket, and then rely on Poison Runes to take care of the rest of their health. It isn't the most powerful arsenal a character can have, but it will take creativity, wit and strategy to pull off well. The character does suffer a major weakness when confronted with foes that are immune to Poisons, most notably Dwarven Centurions and Undead, but we do have Sun Spells for the second type of enemy, and running away (with Shadowcloak of Nocturnal and high Sneak) for the former. 


Head: Shrouded Hood - 25% Sneak Bonus is excellent

Body: Either Black Robes or Shrouded Robes - Both are good but Black Robes adds a better boost, depends on the appearance.

Hands: Shrouded Handwraps

Feet: Shrouded Shoes


Alchemy: Alchemist 5/5, Physician, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison, Green Thumb and Snakeblood

Alteration: Novice - Expert Alteration, Stability and Dual Casting

Restoration: Novice - Adept Restoration, Dual Casting and Regeneration (Note: Might change Dual Casting for Respite)

Sneak: Stealth 5/5, Muffled Movement, Light Foot and Silent Roll

Pickpocket: Lightfingers 5/5, Night Thief, Poisoned, Cutpurse, Extra Pockets and Misdirection

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Ooh cool, a new series. I like the dragonborn thing, they are just adventurers. With dwemer automatons, you could bring a follower and support them using heal other and healing hands.

The only dwemer dungeon I think you need to go in, is irkgnthand- which is possible to sneak through killing not a single enemy, except for Mercer. But an adventurer would want to explore them, so a follower maybe with heavy armor and a muffle enchantment.

Hmm, that's something I didn't think of. I might just drop the Shadowcloak then, I don't know if it's worth it when I can make Invisibility Potions fairly easily, and having to go through  a Dwemer Ruin just might not be worth it.

As for followers, well I was kind of thinking that since the Serpent is the lone constellation, that for this build at least I wouldn't be taking one. 

Well then yeah, not going through Dwemer ruins would work-though adventurers seem to, imo. Maybe conjuration? doesn't seem to fit it though.

Making the builds based off the standing stones is a excellent idea! I can't wait to see what you do with all of them.

Well more the constellations than the Standing Stones (not a big difference other than with lore, the constellations have elements that make them more interesting). Anyway, thanks for the interest Valric, I certainly hope it'll be interesting 

As said in Masons Salamander, a necklace of poison immunity can be bought from radiant raiment-I assume at higher levels. 

Interesting, but I'm not sure if it'll be useful, we'll already be hitting 50% with Snakeblood (which I feel compelled to take for the thematic nature of the perk) and poisons aren't really that big of a threat in the game. But hey, I don't really have anything else so I might just drop Snakeblood for something more useful 

Oh im so dumb. I must be thinking of a different wip build that asked for it. 

I was thinking that you'd actually play without alchemy or alteration so the serpent power becomes practical and not just thematical. But yeah, it's not easy to apply it well to a build considering it's not as good as the other standing stones. Pickpocket definitely creates a good synergy because you get a 100% pickpocket chance on paralyzed enemies

Well I was thinking about it, but the Serpent Stone is really quite useless without combining it with the Infinite Standing Stone glitch, it just doesn't have enough power to really do all that much. But I thought in the end that being able to use it kind of infinitely, but only occasionally do you get the ranged form (well, I suppose Poison Rune + Paralysis will be pretty close) so it is still useful in a pinch. 

No,what I mean is that the power becomes even more useless ifyou already have access to poison and paralysis through other means

We're gonna see a lot of incoming WiPs from you, aren't we? 


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