Yes, I'm bloody back already.  This build has been stewing in my brain for several months, but I will use this workshop to arrange my jumbled thoughts into something that resembles a cohesive build. Thank you Workshop for being so awesome. 

This is a build inspired by Henantier the Outsider, the first Elven Harbinger. It's a lore and roleplay-based build that explores the potential of battle axes, greatswords, the Nord hero armor and weapons, and ancient Nordic artifacts as a weary soul who has been trapped in the Dreamsleave for millenia, waiting, hoping, praying to whomever would listen, languishes in a place where he doesn't truly belong in his heart. Bitterly denied the fellowship of Sovnguarde that his Nord Shield-Brothers enjoyed because of his race, he goes on an epic journey, reincarnating as the Dreemsleave dictates into another Altmer. Called to his own spiritual Song of the Return, again leaving his homeland of warm Crystal Seas and fragrant orange blossoms in the breeze to return to Skyrim's harsh wastes, back to that upside down ship in the tundras of Whiterun. The Jorrvaskr that beckons his warrior's heart to steer towards it. He returns, to finally realize his Dreams of Sovngarde. To gaze upon Ysgramor and the Hall of Valor.  And to save his beloved adoptive home from new threats; dragons, his own people would seek to do it harm, and its own turmoil. Through his journey, we will look at what it means to be a Companion and Dragonborn from the Outsider's point of view. 

Crossing the Whale bone bridge fills my dreams in the shimmers of Aetherius. What does it do to you when your Shield-brothers can savour the mead that flows and the songs that ring through Shor's Golden Hall? What does it do to you when they can clasp Ysgramor's hand and you cannot. Am I not just as worthy? What does it mean to have the heart of a Nord, but the body of a Mer. What does it mean to live a life of a Warrior only to be denied a Warrior's final rest? What legacy do you have when you are cursed to the Dreamsleave? Do they sing songs of my valor in the Great Arena? What does it mean to be ... 

The first elven Harbinger. Like Cirroc before him, he was initially subject to ridicule when arriving at Jorrvaskr, for this was the time (near the closing of the first era) when elves were not permitted to be full Companions, and few were even allowed to see the inside of the hall. Henantier was humble in the daylight hours, performing any task asked of him. At night, he trained fiercely in the outside yard, allowing himself only minutes of sleep before resuming his servant duties the next day. So he toiled through several Harbingers, never resting, never complaining, and always keeping his mind and body sharp. Given his long life, he came to be trusted by the new Companions as the one who them learn the ways of honor.

When one such pupil had aged into an old man and become Harbinger himself, Henantier was the one at his deathbed. With all Companions assembled, he named Henantier as his successor, saying "even an elf can be born with the heart of a Nord sometimes." There were some number of Companions who laid down their weapons that day, but those who remained knew the truth of honor, and it is their legacy we continue to bear. - Great Harbingers

Race: Altmer, for roleplaying purposes

Stats: 0:1:1, Magicka, Health, Stamina. 

Standing Stone: Warrior then Lord, Lady, or Steed

His primary damage output, most of the tree is taken with the except of the top tier perk and ranks of limbsplitter. Wuuthrad does not benefit from the limbsplitter perk in the vanilla base game, though it may benefit in a patched game as it finally has a tempering ingredient.

Like any Elf, The Outsider is gifted with archery and it is his mode of ranged attacks besides shouts. Most of the tree is taken with exception of the top tier perk and ranks of steady hand. The Outsider doesn't need his enemies to slow down.

Our first defense skill is block. Two-handed weapons are large and strong enough weapons that The Outsider doesn't need a shield, he can use his weapons. The right side of the tree is exploited as are ranks of Shield wall and Quick Reflexes to bolster his defenses.

The second defense skill is Heavy Armor. As The Outsider will be wearing what is considered to be a matching set, we will be going up ranks of Juggernaut and the right side of the tree. If the steed stone is use, the left side can be ignored. If another stone is chosen and you have leftover perks, the left side of the tree can be taken.

What worthwhile Companion would be unable to maintain his own weapons and armor? Eorland cannot fix everything and The Outsider must be a competent enough smith to repair his gear when he is not in Jorrvaskr. The final defense skill is smithing. The only crafting skill in this build. It is not perked fully, however, as The Outsider only makes use of limited armor sets. Steel smithing through dwarven smithing on the right side and up through advanced armors on the left side. Ending with arcane.

Gear: Ancient Nord Armor - Wolf Armor - Ahzidal's armor of Retribution, Ahzidal's boots of water walking, Ironhand gauntlets, Helm of Yngol, Gaulder amulet or Amulet of Talos. 

Weapons: Skyforge steel, Nord hero weapons, Wuuthrad, Gaulder black bow, Bloodskal blade and... the longhammer, possible drainspell weapons.

Shouts: this is a shouty build, though I will not be using any glitches or exploits. More to come. He was a former Harbinger after all. And based on lore there is a connection between Ysgramor's 500 and dragons. While Henantier was Harbinger after the time of Songs of the Return, he still feels that connection.

Quests: Companions, Main quest, Civil War (Stormcloaks), Missing in Action, Unearthed, Lost Legends, any quest that involves Nordic tombs and retrieving special Nordic artifacts (dragon priest masks, weapons, shields). He wants to channel his past. I installed Unique Uniques and some of the weapons will get a different look. I have Immersive Armors and Weapons instead. 

Lycanthropy: Obviously yes, but not sure yet if I want to keep it. I don't see it in the build (I know, sorry Sotek). He is probably quite disappointed that the Companions have gone down that path to be honest. 

1. Playtest the build. I play-tested to about the twenties, then wanted to restart using the Companions enhanced factions mod. So this would be the second playtest officially.

2. Fill in perk spreads.

3. Figure out how to get that metallic effect for the questline logos. Or come up with that stuff myself. I think it can be done and I really like the look it gives to the skills.

4. Finish equipment spread.

5. Finalize the list of shouts (dependant on playtest). I'm playing with Cloaks of Skyrim which gives a cloak that reduces shout cost. With the Blessing of Talos also, I have a 60% shout cooldown time. That's plenty, in my opinion. I may reduce it to 40% and opt for the Gaulder amulet instead.

6. Rewrite a lot of the writeup. I'd like to put more stuff into my own words and write more poetry by Henantier. perhaps begin each section with a poem, verse or quote from Great Harbingers, which is right now serving as space filler for the backstory. I'll figure it out. 

7. Finalize the mod lists.

8. Finalize special powers and order of quests.

9. Read up on differences between a patched vs. a unpatched game. Test to see if Wuuthrad is effected, which I suspect it is and it could effect some perks. I know unofficial patches lets you temper Wuuthrad which theoretically means it is now should be affected by limbsplitter. That and elemental fury make for yikes, some badassery there. 

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This is still being worked on. Barely, but I think about it, so that counts for something. :D

It counts, don't worry :P

Aims a big boot at Lissette to make her fix her windows and get on with these superb builds, these ideas are awesome, you clearly have a natural talent for this, so without being cheeky or rude, get on with it!!!!!!!!!! errrm, Please. B

Oh and I found out what the Oghma Infinium does in Requiem! This can have some interesting consequences for that special build I was telling you about. 

Brilliant I really hope it comes to fruition, good luck

yeah, gonna fire up that old save and count up perks. 

His primary damage output, most of the tree is taken with the except of the top tier perk and ranks of limbsplitter. Wuuthrad does not benefit from the limbsplitter perk in the vanilla base game, though it may benefit in a patched game as it finally has a tempering ingredient.

should be exception 

So this guy uses greatsword and warhammers? Because the warhammer perks aren't really worth it, as most enemies don't have much armor.

lol, thanks for pointing out the typo. Yes. Exception, I'll fix it later, but no, I haven't gone through for typos yet. 

I haven't decided on the other weapon types yet. I've always liked the warhammer perks and used their one-handed equivalent in my Exterminator build to hug effect, but I am very much a builder who economizes her perks. If they're not needed I don't take them, hence why limbsplitter isn't taken. It may be that patches fix limbsplitter and Wuuthrad. I'll test it for sure when I get back to this build which may be a while yet as I really want to finish my narrative playthrough. I do mention the bloodskal blade and the longhammer, but I haven't messed around with this build enough yet. LOL, been playing my Requiem save and having a blast again. Just got my ass handed to me by some weird ass shit in apocrypha. Sallow Regent book has two seekers and a Lurker my arse. Try 4 invisible entities, two lurkers, and a bevy of Seekers, one called a Tormentor, and the dim lights still cause damage. 

Alright DAMMIT, I will work on this NOW. 


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