Note: I have deleted the Dibella's Seductress build. She will be instead released at an unknown time. I have it saved to Word, and it will be back. But I have a rule where I can have no more than two builds on the go at once, so this is here to replace it.

Orange text are notes.

For this build, I wanted to create something inspired by the Monster Hunter game, except not just focusing on monsters. This character is a silent, mysterious killer of all things evil. It is a Witchhunter of a sort, using Light-Armor, Conjuration, Destruction, Archery, and a few other skills to complete his arsenal. So, without further ado, Warlord presents... 

Need to replace image. Screenshot maybe?

The world will end unless I do something...

The Dragons have returned. Alduin, their king, will be my target. I will eliminate him. But how? I cannot kill Dragons, at least not permanantly. Only the Dragonborn can do that...

But I shall find a way. The dragons, their priests, all manner of dark creatures and evil sorcerers... their last sights shall be of their own blood.

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Anyone willing to take screenshots?


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