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The tradition of Imperial Battlemages as advisors of the Emperor is one of many traditions the Imperials adopted from the Nords, but has since then been forgotten by the Nords themselves. The court mages of Skyrim practice magic from the safety of their desks, and most Nords care little for magic, even scorning it and its users. You however, know the Nords used to respect the clever craft of magic, and magic wasn't used from the comfort of Jarl's palaces.

I present the Nordic Battlemage. Combining axe and spell with armor allows this build to make good use of the Nord racial bonuses, even if they're lacking any magical aptitude. The Nordic Battlemage (NB for short) practices magic on the frontier of society: in dungeons, forts and crypts full of danger. You are not a hedge mage though, you buy your spells at the College of Winterhold, and you aid Jarls better than their court mages do.

Race: Nord 

Standing Stone: Mage

Attributes: 1:1:0

Major skills: Two Handed, Conjuration, Destruction

Minor skills: Enchanting, Restoration, Light Armor


The only reason Enchanting is part of this build is because it's hard to find the right light armor with the enchantments you're looking for. The use of enchanting has to be limited and balanced out by not pairing it with alchemy or smithing, and barely perking it. All armor has to be light.

Helmet: Novice Hood -> Apprentice Hood -> Adept Hood/self enchanted Light Armor helmet -> Morokei

Cuirass: Best one available enchanted with Fortify Destruction

Bracers: Best one available enchanted with Fortify Magicka

Boots: Best one available enchanted with Fortify Two Handed

Ring: Fortify Conjuration

Amulet: Jyrik's part of the Gauldur Amulet -> full Gauldur Amulet

Weapon: Best Two-Handed weapon available (preferably battle-axe) with an enchantment of choice, Bound Battleaxe

Level 10 Perk Spread:

Restoration: Novice, Regeneration

Destruction: Novice, Apprentice

Conjuration: Novice, Apprentice, Mystic Binding

Light Armor: Agile Defender 1

Two Handed: Barbarian 1

The Nordic Battlemage examines the Frost Atronach he just summoned with a tome made at the Atronach Forge. Most Mages take much longer to learn this spell.

Special Moves

Name pending

Frost Rune+Bound Battleaxe - Look down at the ground and cast both of these spells at the same time for incoming melee enemies. Stay on the rune, and if you can get an axe hit as soon as an enemy approaches your rune, they'll be damaged by both, dealing a lot of damage.

This is still very much work in progress, and I'm looking for any kind of advice. Even if it's about formatting or grammar. I will be adding more images in the future. Questions are also welcome

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Looks good!

Thanks, got any criticisms? (besides it being barebones ofcourse, try and judge what I have so far)

This seems like a great build for using Cloak spells. It's almost the opposite of Henson's Cabalist, using runes for up close AoE damage in conjunction with summons. I like it a lot, though I lament that Light Armor is necessary over Flesh spells. Alteration would be a heavy investment just to keep the whole Mage robe aesthetic that I love so much.

By level 10, I can't really think of critiques.

As you level, you might want to look at some of the more unique enchanted two handed weapons, like the Dawnguard Rune Hammer and the Bloodskal Blade. Both of them work in conjunction with Become Ethereal to allow for spamming their enchantment effects without losing your Ethereal state (unless the actual weapon connects with a foe when power attacking). That'll give you a little additional magic-y combat toy to play with that is still in the concept's realm.

Frost cloak will definitely be part of the build. I was considering alteration but it really is too many magic skills to handle for a Nord.

I update the perk spread as I go, I'm currently level 18 so I can soon change it to 20. I prefer listing the perk spread I actually use instead of a theoretical one, as you can't always be sure you'll have the right level for each skill.

This build will actually not be a Dragonborn, but I could add a note about implementing shouts in the build.

Only if you think it won't bloat your format. Mostly I just wanted to share. :p

It's too bad there aren't a whole lot of battleaxes with unique enchants. The only one I can think of is the Axe of Fiery Souls, and that can be disenchanted and learned elsewhere. :/

Out of curiosity, why Two Handed over One Handed? I get the theme of wanting to be as Nord a spellcaster as possible, but having a free hand to cast Ice Storm or Close Wounds is hard to turn away. Are you planning something with enchantments, or is your plan to unload your whole magicka bar and crush your remaining enemies with axe and cloak? 

Yeah, I wanted to make use of the Nord racial bonuses and wanted to try a spellsword/battlemage using a two-hander. It works by having a destruction spell of choice in one hand and summon bound battleaxe in the other. You start holding down bound battleaxe, and it'll already 'reserve' the magicka for when you're actually releasing it. While you hold it down, you use the rest of your magicka for destruction spells, and you will always be able to cast the battleaxe once you're done launching ice storms.

I think I'll add a part about modifying the build, with different destruction element choices and becoming Dragonborn.

So this character is meant to be a spellsword except using a two hander? With frost magic that would be very viable and fall into reasonable for a Nord to have learned.

The hard part will be making the character feel mage-like. I really would go shouts here, if only to be able to add more to his arsenal of the clever craft. Nothing quite says badass Nord mage as calling down a lightning storm and creating ice storm while cleaving through masses of enemies. That plus some shouts would really help pull off insane combos. For example, you could drop a frost rune behind someone and Elemental Fury right as you swap back to two hander to be able to sonic charge their ass into the rune. With deep freeze it will almost always paralyze them and let you mow them over into pieces while you look for your next victim.

At the same time, a lot can be done without shouts, and sometimes Shouts can take a build and turn it into godmode. With Restoration, Destruction, and Conjuration perked this is already going to be a pretty beastly character.


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