Hi guys! I'm Dastru, and I've been lurking on your website for quiet a while, trying out builds, messing about with ideas, and only recently decided to to join in on the fun.

I've noticed that not alot of people have touched on the Daedric Prince Namira, and over the years I've worked tirelessly to bring a character to do with Namira to life. As a result, I've come up with skills that would fit into Namira's Vessel.


Major Skills:





Minor Skills

One handed


Heavy Armour - See Below

Block - When I get the ability to edit I will refrain from the full 5 points into Shield Wall, and instead place it into Juggernaut.

Gear: The gear I was thinking of was to use ebony gauntlets and boots, combined with the Hooded Black Robes which you can find in during the quest where you have to retrieve the 3 books. However, I know that the Shadowscale uses the same attire, and I don't want to be infringing on to someone elses idea, especially with such an awesome build which I enjoyed playing.

The goal for the build is to use the Ring of Namira as a core mechanic and  combine it with restoration to offer maximum sustainability, especially at the higher difficulties. You sneak in, feed on the poultry which you slaughtered, and rip your way through the bandit hideout. Alechmy will the a bolster to your damage, as your focus will be on on adding poision to your weapons, "purifying" the meat before you feed on it. I added Illusion into the build as Eola (Namira's Coven Leader) manages to tangle with the Priest of Arkay's mind, which resulted in the focus on the Calm and Pacify spells, simply for roleplay reasons. Alteration once again is used for roleplay reason, especially with the combination of 3 spells: Paralysis, Detect Life, Detect Dead. If you are hunting for prey, you have to know where it is right? Since you're playing as a follower of Namira, it's only right to Paralyse you're victim, and feed on them while they're still alive. Fresh meat is always the healthiest option. Finally, Restoration is an added mechanic in order to provide sustainability in prolonged fights, especially with bosses.

Anyways, I'm throwing this out there as I'm looking for suggestions on:

How I can improve the build/ and what I should keep the same

GEAR! I need suggestions on the best gear to fit this character, as I have come to a conundrum. I do like the Hooded Black Robes with the Ebony Gauntlets and Boots, but once again I do not want to infringe on someone elses ideas.

Last but not least - Roleplay. Suggestions on how Namira's Hunger became who he/she is, and how it will effect their decisions in the world of Skyrim.

Thanks alot!

P.S. I love the Shadowscale build.

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Hey, I really like the concept you got going on here. I've seen people used the Ring of Namira before, but never based around the Daedric Prince! 

I'm fairly new here too, but I think I can help somewhat. What really helped me get started is visiting the different parts of the site. I reached out to the Role Play Help Thread, the Ask Your Lore Questions Here Thread, and the Character Building Help Thread. 

Also what really helped me out was Noodles Template. You do not have to follow this template, but I think it gives a good idea of things you might want to include in your build and how you want to organize it. Heres a Example of the template as well that helped me get pass some confusing parts.

Thanks! Imma take a look now! :)

It sometimes takes a little while for people to respond, but when they do they're extremely helpful and informative. If you need any help afterwards post another comment here and I will do my best to work though it with you!

I am going up retire to bed for the day, but tomorrow I will try to help as much as I can!

Sleep well and awesome!


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