This is simply a discussion where you can ask for any sort of help you need with your WiP content. You may also ask any questions you have about the Workshop or its rules here.

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Does anyone know an easy way to get decent screenshots of a build? (Note: I play on PS3, not PC)

Hey there Balund, if your looking for some screenshots then I know the place for you. Over in the art group there are two request threads for this sort of thing, now please note that taking screenshots can take a while and there is already a waiting list of sorts so it may take some time.

Since it appears that Tae will not be taking anymore requests for a while I'll link you to Morta's instead, but again it will take some time.

Can you post event builds here?

Well considering Albino did it first then sure why not.

Of course! All WiP content is accepted here, no matter what type (so long as it's relevant to the Blog).

OK, so I was planning on overhauling one of my old builds on this site. I was wondering if I could post an "overhaul in progress" here in the workbench.

Wait, so you want to post it in the Workbench (this discussion) instead of giving it its own discussion in the Workshop?

Oh sorry, I meant Workshop

Gotcha. Yeah, you can post build overhauls in the Workshop.

Ok thank you

No problem.

New member and I have some technical questions.

1.) I'm currently expanding on a build I've posted on the Workshop. should take the old one down or just edit discussion the the new version is ready ?

2.) Where do you get those cool headline fonts and effects?

3.) What is your experience with sharing photos ? I'm a little nervous about it and I know that it should be okay as long as we credit the origin of the photo, but still. Has any of you ever had problem ?

thank you and happy easter(almost) 


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