This is my first build and I wasn't sure what else to add. I was hoping some of you guys would be able to help me. I haven't seen a build like this and wanted to create something new but also slightly lore-friendly. The character is kind of like a blade, except the fact that they don't kill paarthunax or any other dragons that don't kill humans... so basically just paarthunax.


“My great great great great great grandfather was a high priest to Akatosh, he was a Dragonguard. I know you probably don’t know what that is, but long ago everyone knew who they were. They were a group of priests who Akatosh himself granted the power to control time. They were sent through time to stop great evils from destroying the world. They protected the people of Tamriel from just about everything. The Dragonguards were always near the highest seat of power at the time period they were in. They could be a bard in the emperor’s castle, an advisor to arch mage Shalidor, or even a servant to the high king. They would make sure they were safe at all times no matter how much they despised their jobs, for it was Akatosh himself who ordered them. Anyways, my ancestor was sent through time to the point just before Mehrunes Dagon entered this world from his realm in Oblivion. He summoned the almighty Akatosh and cast the soul of Akatosh into Martin Septim’s body to banish Mehrunes Dagon from this world. In doing so he lost a large amount of blood because to summon a god requires a large sacrifice, but Akatosh gave him a choice. He could become a god and live forever, or he could live for just one more day in any strand of time he wished. He denied the offer to become a god and instead chose to return to his original stand of time. That very day he met the women of his dreams, my great great great great great grandmother. He died later that night, but Akatosh blessed the woman with a child. He declared that every 9th child descended from the woman would be granted the powers that a Dragonguard had. However as time passed the family had less and less children until finally Akatosh got angry with the family and took away his gift. But when I was born with dragon blood flowing through my veins he was delighted. He gave me the power to control time along with my power to use the thuum. He told me to protect the dragons that help mankind, and to slaughter any who seek to harm it. He has also told me to worship the god Talos, but not more than I worship him.”

Race: Redguard, Imperial, Wood Elf

 All of these are great choices for this build because of their powers, and the skills they use.

Stone: The Lord

This stone is great for the Dragonguards as it protects from magical attacks as well as physical attacks. This is great for fighting dragons in the air and on the ground.

Magicka/Health/Stamina: 0:3:2

The Dragonguards do not use any magic because the dragons are resistant to whatever type of magic they use. The Dragonguards like to be prepared for any type of dragon.


Bend Will, Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury, and Slow Time are the main shouts you use. Whirlwind Sprint, Call of Valor, Dragonrend, Battle Fury, and Cyclone are the minor shouts you use.

This Character is capable of 100% shout cooldown, but to do this he must use dragon aspect so it is only available once a day.


Mora’s boon, Seeker of might, secret servant, all maker stones all of them, companions insight

Major Skills

One-handed: The Dragonguard uses dual dragonbone swords. He does not enchant them because he can simply use the power of his thuum to imbue them with more speed. When he is not using the dual swords he uses a dragon priest dagger. All skills are taken here except for the war axe and mace specific skills.

Archery: The Dragonguard is a master of the bow he uses the Dragonbone bow. All skills are taken here.

Heavy Armor: The Dragonguard has mastered heavy armor so that it no longer slows him down when he is wearing it, he has also learned to make the armor absorb most of the impact from falls he takes. All skills on the left side of the tree are taken and well fitted.

Minor Skills

Speech: The Dragonguard has learned to make people do whatever he wishes.  

Smithing: The Dragonguard prefers to use weapons and armor crafted from the dragons he kills.

Block: The Dragonguard has learned to effectively bash someone to death with his bow.

Sneak: The Dragonguard can disappear in the blink of an eye to reposition himself whenever it is necessary.  

Alchemy: The Dragonguard can make brews that help him while he is in combat, whether that is by increasing his damage or by paralyzing an enemy.

You will need quiet casting so level your illusion until you have it then stop, this build is not a battlemage.


Vorstag should be your first choice for a follower since he uses most of the skills you do. Farkas is another good follower, so is Aela. You should also always have a wardog. I prefer the dawnguard ones because they look badass.


The Dragonguard uses two blades that he crafted from the carcass of the first dragon he killed. He also uses a dagger that he took from a dragon priest’s dead hand. If a target is far away he uses a bow made from dragon bones. He does not enchant any of these items.


The Dragonguard wears the mask of the legendary priest konahriik and wears the jagged crown atop it (save before you put it on and put on konahriik first, took me 6 tries to get them to stack and see both). He also wears Dragonplate armor, boots, and gauntlets also an amulet of Talos.

Quests: in order

Main Quest: You seek to only allow the dragons who help humanity live so you must destroy any other dragons who seek to harm mankind.

Civil War Imperial: Ulfric Stormcloak abuses the power of the voice, he used it to kill the high king of Skyrim, a man who has mastered the thuum and abuses it as such does not deserve to live.

Companions: The Companions are noble warriors even if they have tainted blood. Join this guild and rise to the top. Also cure yourself of the beast blood. (Try to get as many Dragon Seeker quests as you can)

Thieves Guild: Even in a group of thieves one must trust the other. Mercer Frey has murdered a fellow nightingale. He must be killed before he kills any other innocent people. (I know thieves aren’t exactly innocent but this questline is just way to fun to skip)

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: These people kill only for money, they are savages and must be destroyed at all costs.

Dawnguard: Ancient and powerful vampires are coming back to skyrim, they seek to destroy the sun. You must stop them before they accomplish their goal.

Dragonborn: A man gifted with the dragon’s blood has moved through time without being part of the Dragonguard. You must kill him before he disappears into time again.

Ebony Warrior: This Man has mastered the thuum and has completed all tasks there are to complete. He wishes to die an honorable death, you must fight him both to test your own skills and to grant his final wish. Do this on legendary difficulty after you have completed every other quest you need to, that includes helping people of skyrim and getting a house in every hold. I recommend using Dragon Form as this is one of the hardest enemies to kill.

Do all quests that count for helping a holds people. Get a house in every hold. For hearthfires do Armory/Trophy Room/Bedrooms. In every trophy room have a dragon skull.








Sting of Akatosh –Slow + damage health

Deathbell + Riverbetty

Might of Talos – Fortify Marksman + Fortify One-handed

Canis Root + Juniper Berries + Hanging Moss

Draconic Shied - Resist Fire, Resist Shock, Resist Frost

Fly Amanita + Snow Berries + Hawk Beak

Dragon Form- Once a day

This is how you get 100% shout reduction once a day. You get 20% from an amulet of talos + another 20% from the blessing of talos that is double by drinking a 100% fortify restoration potion. This gives you 60% then unequip the amulet of Talos and drink another 100% restoration potion and quickly equip the amulet of talos. That’s 80% now use dragon aspect. 100% shout reduction.

I will only put one special ability here because I think they are too fun to come up with on your own, also because I can’t think of any cool names for them.

Army of The Dragonguard

You must finish the main quest, dragonborn quest, and dawnguard to be able to use this ability.

The Dragonguard calls forth an unbeatable army to aid him in battle.

Call Odahviing and use bend will on him, then summon durnehviir, use soul cairn summon, get one enemy down to low health then use soul tear on him, use call of valor, then use battle fury to boost your army’s stats. Finally use cyclone on your enemies and ride Odahviing.

Required – Dragon Form, Call Odahviing, Bend Will, Summon Durnehviir, Soul Cairn Summon, Soul tear, Call of Valor, Battle Fury, Cyclone.

P.S if you use this on the ebony warrior he will die in about 30 seconds.

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Well met. May I assume that you're new to the Vault? If that's the case, then welcome also.

Before I continue with my critique - I recommend you hit up this page. (Character Building Guides and Resources). Of special note is the fourth link from that page; Character Building Template. Useful stuff, especially if you aren't sure where to begin building. I also recommend you check out some of the other builds on site (the popular ones, that is). See what they've done, how they kind of structure themselves and what goes where. Then try to apply that. (Images help.) At the end of the day, in terms of presentation at least, you probably want your build to look something like that. There are a hundred (a thousand? a hundred thousand? look, the number doesn't matter, it's a lot) different builds, but most people find the same sort of presentation pleasing. That means no walls of text, pretty pictures, whatever.

Additionally, there are Character Building Group Rules (link). Give those a read. I'll note that they require you to have a gameplay section (more on that later) and a perk spread (aka choice of perks taken), both of which you lack. Something to correct.

So. Let's begin checking the build proper. I tend to be rather harsh as a critic, so try not to take anything personally. That said, this is rather lacking (no offense, truly) so we're looking at quite a bit of work to get it up to par.

I'm going to go over only a few major points. I've more to say, but the truth is the rest of it is comparatively minor and I'm a little time-limited (also don't want to throw a novel-length essay in your face) (already doing that. Sorry not sorry).

It's quite important to get a feel of how the build plays from reading the build. Generally this is done by including a Gameplay section. That's the single most important section to have. All you've given us is "sort of like a Blade" which implies the Blade skillset of One-Handed, Archery, Heavy Armor, Block (a very solid selection of skills for any playthrough). And that skillset kind of implies a certain blocky-shieldy playstyle that doesn't mesh all that well with your selection of dual wielding. This means that the character's fighting style is rather undefined. Do you charge ahead? Prioritise mages? Kill the boss first? How do you deal with warlock dungeons? Draugr crypts? When do you use your bow and when do you draw your swords? This is information that ought to be gleaned from reading the build.

Perk spread. I've said this before, but include a perk spread. Consider highlighting key perks.

Builds need to really justify themselves to go past level 50ish. Leveling slows down massively by the time you start hitting even level 40 so if you want to go up to even level 60 you need to have solid justification. 81 is a no-go, no one is going to play a build on the Vault to 81. Even if they do, the build probably presents perks to level 50 only, by that point your reader should be smart enough to select his (or her) own perks... and a lot of the later perks are wasted on auxiliary things that the build doesn't need anyway. The point here is limit your character level. Just because the Swordmaster mentions duelling the Ebony Warrior doesn't mean everyone who plays the Swordmaster plays it to level 81; that's not really a thing.

Last but definitely (to me) most importantly, builds should be cohesive. That means no "I'm a Priest of Arkay and I use Conjuration as a major skill". That's not a thing. In this case the Dragonguard appears to be a generally upstanding, honourable, protect-the-masses type. You've then selected the Thieves' Guild questline which is pretty much a no-go for honourable, upstanding, protect-the-masses sorts. And would an upstanding honourable sort really use a power called "Mora's Boon" of all things...? You can just about justify Seeker of Might, but Daedric Servant, Mora's Boon, etc... it's really not a thing. You also mention using a doggie follower, but I really don't see why you do this beyond 'doggies are cool' (which they are, but the character doesn't need a doggie, does it?). So, what's the point, why is having a doggie important to the character? It isn't really, so that's something you can trim. (Maybe your RP was as a doggie lover, in which case go right ahead, but it's not intrinsically important to the character, anyone can be a doggie lover).

(!@$# dogs)

That... about wraps up what I need to say for now. Criticism aside, I do wish you all the best. Hope you're getting along with Isran; he takes some getting... no, that's not it. Hope you're getting along fine on the Vault, if you have questions it's best not to direct them to me because I've not been around all that long either and don't know these... what? What'd I say? Did I say something wrong? Anyway the point is you can ask anyone, we're all friendly and approachable... and things.

Yup. Soly out.

Thank you very much for the reply. I will be sure to edit this. And yes I am new to the site

Mmhmm. Welcome, then! Just drop a reply here again when you're done with adding changes, and I'll take another gander at it.

Be aware that 1) Workshop threads with low activity will be deleted. Low activity meaning you have to post a comment at least once every two weeks, or it'll be wiped. Also, 2) the site is moving in the near future (I think the projection is 'within a week' though I may be wrong) and all content posted after July 1st will not be moved over to the new site so make sure you back up your work.

Ok Thanks for the tip. Question though, when I make the changes do I make a new discussion or edit this one.

Edit this one.

It is possible to dual wield block, but it requires a bit of a glitch

Ok thank you for answering and for telling me about the dual wield block thing. Had no idea, do you have a link for how to do this it sounds like it would be cool. P.S. I do not have a reliable internet connection most of the time so I cant reply right away a lot.

Well, you block, then, while still blocking, you equip another one handed weapon via the favorites menu

Check out the Advanced Melee Corner in Tips and Tricks. I'm so lazy I can't be bothered to find a link for you but it should be easy enough to find.

Ok thank you. I am almost done editing the build. I'm doing it in word because I don't have internet at my house so it will be uploaded soon. 

Hi there Jack, I noticed you said it was nearly done, but I wanted to leave a reply just in case and offer some advice based off of what I can see at the moment. Solyeuse has touched on most of what I was going to talk about, so instead, I'll focus more on the presentation (and I'll assume you are looking for some pictures so I won't mention that).

First off, I'd recommend centering and increasing the size of your section tittles (things like Major Skills, Minor Skills, Quests). This would just make it easier to navigate your build if I was coming in to play your build and just wanted to jump to a specific section. Here's a bit of a suggestion on how to present your first major section, what most people call "The Build", or "The Basics"


The Basics (Increase size to 16)

Race: Redguard, Imperial or Wood Elf

All of these are great choices for this build because of their powers, and the skills they use. (Go into the reasons why these are great choices, is it because of their starting skills or a Roleplay reason)

Stone: The Lord

This stone is great for the Dragonguards as it protects from magical attacks as well as physical attacks. This is great for fighting dragons in the air and on the ground.

M/H/S: 0 Magicka, 3 Health and 2 Stamina (Just looks a bit neater to me, either way works)

The Dragonguards do not use any magic because the dragons are resistant to whatever type of magic they use. The Dragonguards like to be prepared for any type of dragon.


Bend Will, Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury, and Slow Time are the main shouts you use. Whirlwind Sprint, Call of Valor, Dragonrend, Battle Fury, and Cyclone are the minor shouts you use.

This Character is capable of 100% shout cooldown, but to do this he must use dragon aspect so it is only available once a day. (If your using this many shouts, I'd split it into it's own section, and go into more information about each Shout, talking about how and why you'd use it).

Powers: Mora’s Boon, Seeker of Might, Secret Servant, All-Maker Stones and Companions Insight


It's just a little bit neater and easier for readers to quickly read. There are a couple section that I think you could combine to make it a much neater presented build. For instance, Armour and Weapons could be combined to create Equipment.

Overall I think this is a really good looking build so far, if you've made some significant adjustments since then, update this discussion and I'll make more recommendations based off of that (for instance, I don't know the layout or pictures your going to use, so I can't help out there). Your doing really great for a first time (?) builder, and I can't wait to see what else you add to the build 

Hello, Just an update.I am having trouble upload my finished build here. I am trying to figure it out right now. I am not sure how long it will take. P.S. I am still looking for cool pictures for this build if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.


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