Hey all, I am here because I have been trying to find mod overhauls to make the game the way I want, but nothing seems to really be working out for me.

[Skyrim Redone]

The first mod I tried was Skyrim Redone. While the mod was decent enough, so many things didn't work, gameplay was imbalanced, many incompatibilities, etc. I eventually just uninstalled because I put about every perk point into health wearing clad heavy armor and at most things would just kill me instantly no matter what I did. Gameplay was just kiting while spamming spells, or just using a crossbow to kill everything in one shot without having archery skills.  The leveled encountered zones also seemed out of place as they were just randomized it seems, so low level areas you go to train on can't be trained on, or the low level quests meant to get you into the game don't work. So I was kinda just walking around doing nothing.

[Perkus Maximus]

I also tried Perkus Maximus. I seemed to dislike this mod more than the last one because most perks seemed to just be passives (though it says that's not what it was aiming to do unless it changed the way you play with the passives). The perks were spread so thin, and required so many levels to get basic mage perks it wasn't enjoyable for me.

Example: Destruction novice level only gives you 15% damage and reduction: the adept only gives you 15% more damage, but only if you cast another spell within 3 seconds. Why would the higher level perk provide less of a bonus than the basic perk anyone can take?

All that aside, I think Perkus Maximus forces you to choose a path, but doesn't give you many paths, and most paths being very minimal increases (not doable if you play on higher difficulties).

These were the only two I have tried, but am looking for something that provides a challenge, but rewarding. I did like Skyre's perks, changes, etc. but I believe the author kinda left the mod and it fell off a bit. I don't want vanilla Skyrim's simplicity or combat. I don't believe mods like Ordinator/SPERG are what I am looking for as they seem to make your character very godly. Maybe what I am looking for is Skyre's perk module with other mods that overhaul combat. Ultimate combat seemed to be good, but I don't want to ones that make damage insane and favor stealth. If anyone could help, much would be appreciated.

TLDR: Looking for a mod/mod combination that adds something similar to Skyrim Redone's perk system, but nothing to make the game too easy, or hardcore. Skilled gameplay and balance is really what I want.

P.S. Both Skyre and Perkus Maximus are good mods, and I don't hate them. They just don't fit the way I want to play the game.

Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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I've yet to try any perk overhaul mods (though I've heard plenty of good things about Ordinator and SPERG, compared to the more mixed reactions I've seen to SkyRe and PerMa), but I do use Ultimate Combat. It's quite good, and it's one of those mods where you can enable/disable just about everything through the MCM, the hardcore combat/stealth options included.

I use it, but it's not really enough for me personally. It doesn't change that ai completely gives up and let's you kill them if you stand on a rock. Also the many various invisible barriers that ai just can't cross if you walk past them. Trying to play with magic characters on these difficulties is near impossible as combat consists of you walking in circles bursting your spells like an automatic assault rifle. Along with fury, fear, and other spells being heavily nerfed lasting for like 10-20 seconds without being able to cast it on the same person again. SPERG and Ordinator are very similar though. They both add a lot more perks and make the game a lot easier because there are so many perks. I just wanted something more rewarding for mages, and non-stealth warriors in general.

I use SPERG and love it. It is compatible with just about everything, the descriptions are straightforward, the passives are the most useful things I've ever seen, destruction has a perk that applies a frost cloak/ enchantment upon entering combat, for example, they changed some perk requirements so you don't have to invest in a skill you'll never use, for instance quiet casting only requires 10 illusion, and there are auto perks that unlock once you reach 25, 50, and 75 in their respective skills, much like Oblivion.

Unfortunately, you can get extremely overpowered at high levels. For instance,. an unimproved iron sword does over 100 damage with all one handed perks, things like Chillrend are just insane.


In my opinion you're better off learning how to use the CK and making your own alterations like I did on my mod instead. The perk system I believed was nerfed based on the difficulty you play on. In certain perspectives, I do like the way the system is set up. But, I've always felt that the reward to getting to a certain area on a skill tree isn't worth the trouble you have to go to on getting to it on several of skills, ones that level slowly especially, as you hit the higher levels, getting that perk point seems to get harder and harder especially, if you play on console. SkyRe, Ordinator and Perkus Maximus are doomsday overhauls that make the game unbalanced and needlessly complex and moreover can be a *itch to install with horrible side effects that can ruin your game forever if you're not careful or have certain mods. Customizing the Perk System is a matter of personal choice in my opinion. Thanks to several of friends and coaching of muses, I was able to sit down in the CK and apply my alterations to several perks and it didn't take as much time as I thought. Over the Christmas Break of 2014. My alterations are based on the difficulty the player plays on to make the perks more balanced and more rewarding to reach that sweet spot in a skill tree.

I do hope you do find what you're looking for and let us know by posting it I will be tracking this discussion. I was in a dilemma like this two years ago around this time so I know exactly how you feel. All "Hope" isn't lost. Good luck!

Requiem. I really like its perk overhaul. You really need to focus on a skill to be any good in it and at the same time, you are no god even if you are a badass. The latest version has less patches than the one I currently run, but they work on patches and the team is very dedicated to eliminating bugs and stuff. 

Cons, some things are just bloody unfair. Invisible Entities, for one, and maybe perhaps Alduin. Oh, and Miraak, he's unfair too. Dragons are pretty OMG, especially your first couple. 

How do you like to play the game?


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