So I got Morrowind, and I've been working on trying to get MGSO to install for 5 hours now. J've installed Morrowind through Steam, in the Steam apps folder, and it runs fine. But I CANNOT get into the data files, and when I used WinRar and put the MGSO files into the Morrowind folder, I can't even get to the folder afterwards. So I try to use the application afterwards by just going to jt through the Start menu, and then it says it can't detect any of the Morrowind or DLC files. So, to be honest, after 5 hours of this I am pi**ed.

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Just to verify, Morrowind runs fine, I just cannot figure out how to get MGSO to install

So even without MGSO being in the data file, you can't open it at all?

I did find this, but I don't know if you're on windows 10 or not. I haven't actually had this problem either, I just stuck with the base graphics when I played Morrowind.


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