Despite having been out for only four months or so Fallout 4 has already amassed quite a large number of mods, even for a Bethesda game. Already it has over twice as many mods as Morrowind does on Nexus even though it hasn't been out for anywhere near as long.

While a number of "Best Fallout 4 Mods" lists have already been posted elsewhere on the internet I thought it'd be nice if we could all share with each other any Fallout 4 mods worth downloading and potentially get a list of our own going. As of today I've also started modding Fallout 4 so I'll recommend some mods myself as I go along.

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Sadly, I do not have PC Fallout, some I've seen are by KottabosGames, and Brodual

I've been a really big fan of settlement building, and so most of my mods are going to be settlement building based. 

Snappable Junk Fences this one allows for the easy snapping of junk fences. Junk fences were some of my aesthetically favorite pieces, but putting them together was always a hastle. This mod makes them much more useful tbh.

Settlement Supplies Expanded adds a ton of objects to the game for building, and none of them are "cheat mode", as they all require an accurate amount of supplies

Homemaker also adds tons of things, like BoS objects and Institute objects. Probably one of my top three mods overall.

Quieter Settlements makes it so generators and the such don't make such a damn racket

Alternate Settlements adds tons of walls, wallpapers, posters, signs, etc. 

Well there has been this one mod i have been watching...

Its called FROST it is the spiritual successor to the popular New Vegas mod DUST. Takes place during a Nucular winter shortly after the Great War .

Ohhhh, I might get that when I can get a good enough laptop

Here are a few I've downloaded or been tracking for when I get back into FO4:

  • Remove Interior Fog - See the screenshots.
  • Lowered Weapons - Makes it so your weapon is only point up/forward while actively aiming or in combat.
  • Craftable Ammo - Self-explanatory.
  • Full Dialogue Interface - You probably all already know this one, but in case you don't, it modifies the dialogue interface to be a list format with the complete line spoken by your character, akin to prior Fallout titles. Essential mod, IMO.
  • True Storms - New weather visual effects, including fogs, rains, snows, etc. as well as sounds.
  • Armorsmith Extended - Read the description, this does a lot of good stuff.
  • Take Cover - Adds third person cover fire mechanics, including vaulting over low objects.
  • Crossbows of the Commonwealth - Take a wild guess.
  • Snapable Junk Fences - Makes it so fences snap together more tightly to reduce gaps and make it easier to place them on slopes and such.
  • After the Fallout Texture Overhaul - Makes the flora (trees, plants, grass, groundcovers) greener/healthier. Possibly not lore friendly in the strictest sense, but not unrealistic either. Think The Last of Us.... Not for weak computers.
  • Who Are You - Lets you give roles and appropriate gear to settlers, and supports renaming them to match. Uses .bat files for now, but hopefully will be able to ditch that requirement once F4SE is out of alpha....
  • Legendary Modification - Get a sweet legendary mod on a rolling pin? No worries, you can now remove the mod and put it on that sweet sword instead. This should have been in the vanilla game, IMO.
  • KeyNuker and KeyRing - Remove all those pesky keys and put them on a ring that only takes up one inventory slot. This also should have been in the vanilla game.
  • Longer Power Lines - Self-explanatory.
  • Working Food Planters - For a more organized settlement.

Craftable Ammo and Working Food Planters use FSnip, might wanna be careful with those.


xSnip is a modding framework, like xEdit. It can be adapted to any Bethesda game on the Gamebryo Engine or its derivatives. You've probably heard of TES5Edit, that's just a version of xEdit specifically for Skyrim modding.

xSnip is a different modding framework, but it's known to cause issues with save corruption, so xEdit is generally agreed to be the superior version. Hence why you might not have heard of TESVSnip (though it was quite commonly used in the early days of Skyrim modding).

So Albino is correct to warn people of these mods. And he also mentioned to me that there are alternatives to Craftable Ammo that are made in FO4Edit, rather than FOSnip. So I'd encourage people to look into those.

That said, using one or two xSnip mods is probably okay. But still, if you have two mods that are otherwise identical, and one was made in xSnip and the other in xEdit, always take the xEdit one.

And he also mentioned to me that there are alternatives to Craftable Ammo that are made in FO4Edit, rather than FOSnip. So I'd encourage people to look into those.

Right, I forgot to link that in my response.  Here is what's essentially an FO4Edit version of the same mod. There are also some other mods that add craftable ammo alongside craftable weapons, armor, etc.

This is completely relevant to the topic at hand, if you ignore the "Fallout 4" and "Mod" bits. 

So this is a rather belated post, but for those of you who haven't heard yet, the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (the Fallout 4 version of the Unofficial Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Oblivion Patches) has arrived. In other belated news, the Beantown Interiors Project (the Fallout 4 version of the DC/NV Interiors Project) has also been released; I'd be using it myself if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't seem to play nice with Spring Cleaning.


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