As the title implies, these are all the mods I personally use for Fallout 4. Feel free to recommend any mods for me to use here or better yet share them in the Fallout 4 Mod Watch Thread.


Programs I use to make modding easier/better. Also includes certain high-priority mods that don’t really fit in anywhere else.

  • Mod Organizer: While this new Fallout 4 compatible version is still only in beta it’s at a point where it’s working well enough for my purposes, at least enough for me to use it over Nexus Mod Manager.
  • FO4Edit: So far all I’ve needed this for is for cleaning the DLC plugins.
  • LOOT: For ensuring that your plugin load order checks out.
  • F4SE: Required for various mods.
  • Subtle ENB: This is the only ENB preset I’ve tried out so far, but I’m liking it. As the name implies, the tweaks that Subtle ENB makes to the game aren’t drastic, as it opts to stay close to the vanilla look. One of the nice things about this is that it means it’s a lot less taxing on your game compared to a lot of other ENBs out there; I haven’t even noticed an FPS drop with it (though the fact that I run a decently beefy rig probably contributes to that as well). I also favor ENBs that integrate themselves nicely into the game rather than making it really obvious that there’s an ENB running, another reason why I like this one.
  • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch: Fixes lots and lots of bugs.
  • Achievements: Re-enables the ability to unlock achievements while playing a modded character (which Bethesda disabled in a patch).
  • Weapon and Armor Keywords: Required for certain weapon and armor mods.

User Interface

Mods that tweak the UI, simple as that.


Basically anything that affects weapons, armor, consumables, and the like goes here.

  • Armorsmith Extended: Basically this overhauls the way the game handles armor and clothing.
  • Legendary Modification: Makes the Legendary effect on weapons and armor a mod. I recommend installing the normal version.
  • Legendary Modification Extended: Extends Legendary Modification's functionality to the DLC and also fixes some bugs present in the original mod.
  • Craftable Armor Size: Basically this takes the Light/Medium/Heavy aspect of armors and makes it into an armor mod.
  • Non-Railroad Armor Weaves: Adds some additional weaves to the game beyond the ballistic weaves you get as a part of the Railroad, so you don’t have to join them just to make your clothing more protective. If you’re looking to powergame, note that the strongest weave this mod adds is slightly weaker than the strongest ballistic weave you can get through the Railroad.
  • Crossbows of the Commonwealth: Because crossbows.
  • Weapon Balance Overhaul: Adjusts the stats of the game’s weapons in order to ensure that every weapon can manage to be fairly useful and weapons are differentiated from one another so that they serve different roles.
  • Weapon Mod Fixes: Fixes a number of issues and inconsistencies with weapon mods.
  • Increased Weapon Mod Distribution: Adds a bunch of the missing vanilla game weapon mods to the mod distribution for NPCs and changes the rate of others.
  • Cut Weapon Mods Restored: Adds a number of weapon mods that were either left behind in the game files as models (working or not) or hidden in parts of the actual game data into the game.
  • Better Mod Descriptions: Tells you exactly what effect your weapon/armor mods have as opposed to the sometime vague descriptions in the vanilla game.
  • Free Weapon Downgrades: Lets you create the standard versions of weapon mods without any components for when you want to take a (non-standard) mod off your weapon.
  • Fusion Core Crafting: Lets you craft fusion cores at a chemistry workbench for 10 Aluminum, 5 Circuitry, 5 Lead, and 20 Nuclear Material if you have rank 3 of Nuclear Physicist. Probably not the easiest way to get fusion cores but it never hurts to have another source if you’re running power armor character.
  • Boss Chests Contain Legendaries: Self-explanatory
  • Companion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armor: In the vanilla game, companions only have infinite ammo for their default weapon, meaning that if you give them a different one to use, they’ll only use it until they run out of ammo for it, even if the weapon you gave them uses the same type of ammo as their default weapon. This mod enables them to use all weapons indefinitely as long as they have at least one round of the relevant ammo type in their inventory (just like settlers), the exceptions being Fat Men and Missile Launchers. This mod also prevents any power armor your companions use from taking damage, as the second part of its name implies.
  • No Power Armor Impact Landing Aggro: Keeps friendly NPCs from turning on you when you land near them in power armor.
  • Simpler Syringer Ammo Ingredients: Lets you create syringer ammo out of the broken down components of the items they require rather than the items themselves. For example, you can create the berserker syringe out of 1 Steel, 1 Dirty Water, 1 Bourbon, 2 Acid, and 2 Plastic instead of 1 Steel, 1 Dirty Water, 1 Bourbon, and 1 Anti-Freeze Bottle.
  • Pipe Reflex Sight Fix: Repositions the screw(s) in the reflex sights of pipe weapons so that they're actually useful for sighting things.
  • Pipe Shotgun: Out of all the ballistic small arms, the shotgun is the only one that lacks a pipe version; this mod fixes that.
  • Unique Uniques - Unique Weapons Redone: Replaces the legendary effects on unique weapons with unique mods that have unique effects and appearances (did I say “unique” enough? :P). Also gives the Silver Submachinegun and Deliverer new unique effects.
  • Unequip Pip-Boy: Gives you the ability to equip and unequip the Pip-Boy. This is a purely cosmetic thing; even with the Pip-Boy unequipped you can still use it.
  • Portable Junk Recycler: Adds an item into the game that lets you break down junk into its base components without having to go to a settlement.


I’m not super crazy about settlement building, but that didn’t stop me from downloading a few mods that affect it.

  • Homemaker: Adds a lot more objects for you to make and play around with in settlements.
  • Spring Cleaning: Lets you scrap a lot more preexisting objects in settlements than you could in vanilla.
  • Scrapable Corpses: Complementing Spring Cleaning nicely, this lets you scrap dead bodies, ash piles, and the like.
  • Place Everywhere: Lets you place settlement objects pretty much wherever you want. Also makes almost all “yellow” objects movable.
  • Quieter Settlements: Reduces the noise of things like turrets and generators in settlements.
  • Snapable Junk Fences: Adds additional snap nodes for junk fences.
  • Stackable Concrete Foundations: Makes the concrete foundations snap vertically to each other and adds a version without the wooden floor on top.
  • No More Random Turret Mk's: Eliminates the randomization of the workshop turrets' ranks. Also eliminates the level and/or settlement restrictions too, depending on which option you choose.
  • Manufacturing Extended: Expands upon the manufacturing functionality of the Contraptions DLC.
  • Upwards Conveyor Belt: For whatever reason in the Contraptions DLC you can build a ramp that goes down but not up. This mod fixes that.


This section covers all the mods that affect gameplay in some manner and don’t belong in any of the other categories.


Mods that enhance immersion, obviously.

  • Immersive Generic Dialogue: Similar in nature to Guard Dialogue Overhaul in Skyrim, this adjusts the generic lines of various NPCs, settlers in particular, to only occur in situations where they make sense (e.g. settlers won’t ask for the Minutemen back when they’re already back).
  • Filled Brahmin Feed Troughs: Puts food in the Brahmin Feed Troughs so the Brahmin actually have something to eat.
  • Immersive Bertha Quest Rewards: Bertha says she’ll give you fourteen and a half caps for completing her quest, but in reality only gives you just fourteen. This mod fixes this very important issue.
  • Railroad HQ Overhaul: Redesigns the Railroad HQ into a more believable living space, without all the tombs and skeletons lying around everywhere.
  • Consistent Brotherhood of Steel: Fixes some inconsistencies with inventories, power armor paints, and the like in the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Beantown Interiors Project: The Fallout 4 version of DC Interiors and NV Interiors. Ever wondered how so many buildings have managed to stay boarded up and untouched by looters over the last two centuries? This mod changes that by opening up many of these buildings for exploration.


Mods that make the Commonwealth look pretty. There aren't many listed at the moment but I expect this section will drastically increase in size as time goes on. Assume that all of these will impact your performance to some extent.

Weather, Lighting, and Audio


  • True Storms: One of my favorite Skyrim mods is back in Fallout 4. This mod makes the Commonwealth’s storms a lot fiercer.
  • Dynamic Interior Fog Removal: Basically FogOut but without the compatibility conflicts with DLC and other mods.
  • Radiant Clouds and Fogs: Improves the look of clouds/fogs.
  • Darker Nights: Makes nights in the Commonwealth darker with varying levels of darkness to choose from.
  • Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks: Improves and darkens the game’s lighting all-around. Combined with Subtle ENB it also makes the game’s dungeons nice and dark without being so dark that you have to use your Pip-Boy light or night vision to navigate.
  • Glowing Animals Emit Light: Does exactly what it says.
  • Power Armor Movement Sounds: Adjusts the Power Armor Movement Sounds, obviously.
  • Reverb and Ambience Overhaul: This mod replaces every instance of the word “settlement” in Preston’s dialogue with “sweetroll”. Seriously though it overhauls the game’s reverb and ambience audio.
  • Immersive Radio Freedom: Replaces the Radio Freedom music with patriotic American anthems (America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes Forever, Star Spangled Banner, etc.) as befitting the imagery the Minutemen draw upon.

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Replies to This Discussion

Alright, first major update. Better Weapon Mod Descriptions and Better Armor Mod Descriptions have been merged into a single mod, so I've updated its entry here accordingly. Furthermore, I removed Infinite Settlement Budget from the list, as I doubt I'll ever do another settlement building that the size limit will be an issue. I've also added the following mods to the list:

I've been meaning to update this for a while, but I've been putting it off. I've made a lot of changes here. First off, I've removed After the Fallout Texture Overhaul and Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project as both of them were drastically increasing my load times. While it isn't unreasonable to expect this with the former (though I wasn't expecting drastic increases) I shouldn't have had that issue with the latter. I also removed Disable Radiant Faction quests, as I was having an issue where disabling the mod wouldn't re-enable the disabled quests.

Next and most importantly, I added the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. As I expect it to eventually render most, if not all, of my bugfixing mods obsolete, I got rid of the fixes section of the mod list and all of the mods placed there, the exceptions being Pipe Reflex Sight Fix and Fusion Generator Lights Fix (which have been moved to Items and Lighting respectively), as the things that they fix aren't actual bugs. I'll just simply redownload any bugfixing mods should the need arise.

Finally, I added the following mods: Pipe ShotgunUnrandomized Workshop TurretsFilled Brahmin Feed TroughsCompanion Fall Damage Immunity, and Durable Vertibirds.

Time for a long overdue update:

I've been procrastinating on this yet again, but it's finally up to date. Here's what changed this time around:

  • Created a new category (Immersion) and moved both Immersive Generic Dialogue and Filled Brahmin Feed Troughs under it.
  • Removed Crafting Workbenches (effectively replaced by the Contraptions DLC and Manufacturing Extended mod) and FogOut (replaced by Dynamic Interior Fog Removal)
  • Added Detailed Perk Descriptions, Unique Uniques – Unique Weapons Redone, Unequip Pipboy, Portable Junk Recycler, Manufacturing Extended, Upwards Conveyor Belt, Adaptable Night Vision, Improved NPC Level Scaling, Immersive Bertha Quest Rewards, Railroad HQ Overhaul, Consistent Brotherhood of Steel, Beantown Interiors Project, WET - Water Enhancement Textures, and Dynamic Interior Fog Removal.


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