Hello everyone! As I'm sure you've all seen by now, we have spent the larger half of the summer preparing for our community's move off of the Ning platform. The process has been long and stressful (most of the time), but we're finally ready to go! Assuming everything goes according to plan, we expect the new site to go live on September 1st!* We aren't expecting this to be a painless process for all of you, but in order to make it slightly less painful for us all, please do the following:

  1. Backup your photos!!! The new platform saves photos in a different manner than Ning does, and therefore none of our photos transferred over. Be sure to save all photos to your computer (this includes, but is not limited to, photos embedded in discussions/blogs, build artwork, regularly uploaded photos and photo albums, and page artwork). You'll need to re-add all of your photos to your discussions when we move over, so having them backed up will help you out a lot!
  2. Backup all content posted after June 1st, 2016! While the vast majority of our content did transfer, nothing posted between June 1st and now will not be there. Please backup your content so that you can repost it! Nobody wants to see that work go to waste!
  3. Expect to change your password! Once we launch the new site, your current logins WILL NOT WORK! You will need to login to the new site using your existing email address, but a new password will need to be set up (using the "Forgot Password" option will be the easiest way to do change this).
  4. We'll still have our Ning site for 2-3 months! The Ning site will stay active for 2-3 months as a backup in case any content is lost. After that point (likely the end of 2016), this old site will fade to Oblivion! 
  5. Give us time! We're all getting used to the new platform, so please give everyone some time to get adjusted. Once we're all settled (more or less) then we'll be trying to fix any issues that arise, but until then please be patient with us!

We're all very excited to move to the new site - I have high hopes for our future on it! A lot of time and effort has gone into making this a reality, and I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. This place wouldn't be the same without you all here! I look forward to seeing the lot of you on the new site!


*- We are still currently in the late stages of development. Should this date need to be pushed back, we'll be sure to let you all know as soon as we do!

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alright. I have some things saved that I did add. picture wise.

Ey what happens if after that two months we dont like the new site?

If we decide that we can't continue on the new site after the existing site is scrapped, well.... we'd be pretty well out of luck! We need to give the new shot a chance - keep in mind it took us nearly five years to get to the point we're currently at. I doubt we'll fall in love with the new platform in two months, but regardless of that we cannot stay on Ning for much longer. 


I fear for the formatting on our builds. :)) Alas, it's here, finally! 

Hey Noodles, The formatting wont be that different mate, we will still be using Tags, builds will still go up as discussions, and as far as I can see, the new site is really easy to navigate around, I hope to see you over there my friend.

That's good to know, but by formatting I was referring to how text and pictures are organized in discussions. 

Navigating the CB group itself is not so easy. We lack any means to post anything to the CB main page that will quickly and effectively direct people to the builds they wish to see.

Hooray! I'm completely backed up and ready to move!  

I noticed that the new platform doesn't have an Activity Feed (Not that I can see, anyway). Is that something that still needs to be added, or does SocialEngine not have that function?

I also don't see the point in that Fallout diver-thing on the home page (The one with the sniper rifle). All it seems to be doing is taking up space.

There is an activity feed, you just can't see it if you aren't logged in, instead you get that page with the various images on it such as that fallout diver-thing.

Haha I get a birthday present! My birthday is the first lol.


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