If you've been following the tiny snippets we've been sporadically getting about TES Legends, you might be wondering about the status of it since info on it has been few and far between. Pete Hines said on Twitter this week that the game is “getting closer” but there isn't enough to show yet. All and all that sounds sort of unremarkable… except when you consider that E3 is around the corner, and that when the project was announced back in June, Bethesda said that when they finally announce the game's release, it would likely be released within the next day.

The timing of this all aligning raises the question-- is it feasible for us to hope for a small demo at E3 and then a release as soon as the next day? Are you planning on playing? What do you want to see from the game?

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I love the Altmer and the Redguard. And the Argonian looks quite uncommon.

I hear the NDA was swept aside yesterday. Has anyone here played the beta and able to give us a review?

I have been playing the beta and was considering writing something about it for the site, only question is where would be a good place for discussions about it?

Probably either the Elder Scrolls section of the forum or here.

It looks like we can all play Legends now with the Open Beta. Woot!


Awesome! Unfortunately I have no functioning laptop so my iPad is insufficient to try it out.

ES Legends: Spolierish Review (Warning, this review will have spoilers)

I'd managed to get into the Beta a few weeks ago (heh, yeah lucky me), and I'm still not really sure where I stand on the game. The cards seem rather...I just have to say unoriginal, not in design but with what they do. Honestly they just seem like your stock standard cards, with nothing that makes them feel interesting or unique (like the Witcher's Gwent cards, even your more common cards feel like they have a character to them) which is kind of something I miss. The effects each card has is alright, but nothing that really stands out for me.

Now the lanes, I have to admit the lanes are an awesome idea that's worked out better than I thought. It adds a new level of strategy to the game that you just don't see in other games. Having to decide whether to focus on an individual lane (which btw, works amazingly for Imperials), or split your focus on a double offense is just an extra element that makes it such a unique game. The prophecies are an interesting enough idea, and they're interesting enough but just don't seem to have that much of an impact...I think part of that is the way you use them (only by drawing from a Rune Stone) and the fact that you just can't use them that often...maybe once every two or three games (if that). 

Ah, the story...Well they tried at least, I won't say they did anything great with it, but there is an interesting mechanic that allows you to choose between two options at set points in the story, it basically means that you have two different rewards that might help your team out in different ways (one that I remember is a choice with a Wolf...I don't remember exactly what it was but one of the options was getting a new card). It is pretty interesting I think, but not much else.

I do like the way they set up buying cards at least, I'd like a few more options (for instance, it would be cool to have different packs that focus more on a certain attribute/race) but at least it doesn't feel like you need to days of work for just one card pack like some other games.

Overall I think the game is good, it isn't the best game but at least I do think (now) that Bethesda has managed to make it unique among the genre, which is pretty difficult to do...It does still have a little bit of a feel that Hearthstone had, but to me it still fills a bit more tactical (rather than luck based). 

How easy is it to meet up and play vs others, DB? I downloaded it but have had no time to play it.


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