If you've been following the tiny snippets we've been sporadically getting about TES Legends, you might be wondering about the status of it since info on it has been few and far between. Pete Hines said on Twitter this week that the game is “getting closer” but there isn't enough to show yet. All and all that sounds sort of unremarkable… except when you consider that E3 is around the corner, and that when the project was announced back in June, Bethesda said that when they finally announce the game's release, it would likely be released within the next day.

The timing of this all aligning raises the question-- is it feasible for us to hope for a small demo at E3 and then a release as soon as the next day? Are you planning on playing? What do you want to see from the game?

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See, this is exciting. Even if we reject the game, the art we could potentially see is enough for me to want to see more. In the trailer it looks as though it is the same artist at work. I wonder if there will be a team, using separate styles. As it is it is very vibrant, almost WoW in style.

I wonder if we will feel the loss of Adam Adomowicz and his influential style, or if Ray Lederer will be involved?

If it is an E3 reveal, I wonder if the Xbox One and PS4 backwards compatibility will be announced at the same time, or if the rumours of a Skyrim remake were true? So much speculation.

It reminds me of WoW too, which I actually do not love. I was hoping for something closer to what we see in game, or at least a different type of style. 

If they announce backwards compatibility at E3, I will seriously lose my shit. Honestly, I hope for that even more than Legends. I doubt it will happen though. Must keep hopes in check.

Apart from the Khajiit I agree. It is too... different. Could that be because Adam Adomowizcz passed away? Or they want to distance themselves from the style of Skyrim in order to remain fresh?

I wonder if we will see some of Ray Lererer's familiar style?

I'm totally pumped for ES Legends, so I wouldn't complain if they released it straight after E3 this year, I definitely wouldn't, and it also wouldn't surprise me. 

I do wish we'd had a bit of something, maybe a short gameplay video before now, because these card games can be really hit and miss depending on how the gameplay works. Take Hearthstone as the biggest example, it's highly luck based, more than most because of how it works (using a resource to summon cards, and only gaining a limited amount per turn.) and personally it doesn't do it for me. I'm hoping ES Legends will be as different from that as possible, mainly so they can be competitive without being called out for copying it, but really card games are so damn fickle. Every single mechanic can alter the game massively, and I doubt there's one that everyone loves. 

Anyway, I think a Gameplay vid would be nice just so I know that my excitement would be well placed, at the moment it's based off of the letters E and S. 

I have never played a game like this to be fair so I will take your word on it. It is the art really, how that alone could be used around the site is what is exciting to me. All the TES images are so dated now and the chance this might bring to update old icons is therefore something to be looking forward to.

Yet if it is TES I will likely play it coz I'm a sucker for it. Keep your expert game eyes peeled for any word on this for me Deebs, you'll likely know before I

I really am down for the Art. So far it seems to not only be really different than what we've seen from ES (well...It does seem vaguely like the ESO concept artwork and cinematics) but it's also just pretty damn awesome.

I won't go to far into my strategy talk (because I have no idea what they're doing), but I'm really eager to see what they do with it. They've got so much potential with spells, different races, weapon cards, maybe even locations. Yeah I'm really eager to see some of that, unless they do something that makes it a pure luck game...I hate luck games (that has nothing to do with my ability to lose a coin toss 90% of the time... I swear )

I'm the same I played Hearthstone for a little bit but didn't really enjoy it, added to that that I didn't care about the lore and it was an easy thing to drop. I hope this turns out fun.

Also since it's an online cardgame it wont matter if my internet is shit 

That's what we think, but we'll show up to play the game and it'll be lagging worse than playing Baldur's Gate on an iPhone   It can really depend on what graphics/effects they add, I know a few of the TCG for IOS/Android can actually be a bit of a strain, especially if it's buggy...Which we all know ESL will be. I know I've had problems with some of the fancier looking ones.

My problems with Hearthstone can all be chalked up to the fact that a) luck and b) it really isn't that user-friendly. The mechanics are simple, but it's just such a boring game, there's no real strategy to it compared to say Magic the Gathering or even the Pokemon TCG or Yu-Gi-Oh...Sometimes the more in-depth gameplay systems are needed to make a cardgame fun. 

Oh, and I feel stupid...But when is E3, my mind keeps saying July but I don't trust that asshole so.. :P

My best guess is that E3's later this year.

Well as long as the time on each turn isn't too short it won't really matter if there's a little or even moderate lag, but yeah I can see it now cards sliding onto the field and then back into your hand and then back to the field because the server can't decide where it is 

Damn, I thought we were going into the E3 of Christmas Past this time, what a boring event  Well apparently it's June 14th-16th or I'm guessing 15th-17th for us.

I'm going to assume (hope) that it works well enough, and I doubt it'll be too laggy but there's always a chance when these damn dastardly developers are around. 

Yeah, even though I´m not too overly fond of these types of games, certain things like Dueling Network for Yu-Gi-Oh not withstanding, this could be interesting

I honestly haven't payed a whole lot attention to Legends, nor many other card games for that matter.

Right now, the only thing about it that's really caught my interest is it being an Elder Scrolls spin-off.


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