Because the Hidden Gem Spotlight has branched out to other groups, I felt like creating a kind of central hub where someone can duck in to see all the latest and greatest Spotlights written for numerous groups. Basically this discussion will be used to feature, archive, link and generally promote HGS content as well as provide a rough posting timetable.


(Note: the timetable is based on Australian Dates)




Next Release


Story Corner - Hidden Gem Spotlight

Twice a Month



Classics Hidden Gem Spotlight

Twice a Month



Lore Gem

Weekly (On hold)



Character Building Spotlight

Twice a Month


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Well, I've got the basics up. I did want to let you all know that this is the primary place I'll be going for any notifications regarding any groups Spotlight service, including but not limited to

  • New Members
  • Openings
  • Schedule Changes
  • New Spotlights
  • Additional Groups
  • Setbacks or Delays in posting

And along with this I'd like it to be the place for any opinions, criticisms, ideas, feedback or anything else that isn't directly about an individual Spotlight (So things like renaming the CB Spotlight would come here). I'd honestly rather make sure it doesn't detract from a Spotlight if someone has an opinion on how an overall process goes, so yeah make sure they come here.

Anyway, here's to a new age of the Hidden Gem Spotlight We've already started seeing some of the new work that the team is producing, and this is just the start to a long tradition of increasingly badass expansions that we hope to see (I'm looking at you Tips and Tricks, Roleplay and Fallout >.>)

And yes...It definitely did need to be another Corner, can you guys imagine me naming it anything else 

DB's Corner Corner...

The first Classics' Spotlight is up! Link.

Nice mate, I'll add it into the discussion in the morning 

So if Corner 1 is the Workshop Success Corner, Corner 2 is the Workshop Feature Corner, and Corner 4 is this, then what's Corner 3? I'm guessing it's not the Gaming Corner since that's the RPG Group now and I don't think it's the Story Corner either so I'm not sure.

Also, I suggest The Four Corners of the House of DB as a tag instead. 

Sounds precisely like The Four Corners of the House of Troubles... 

Corner 3 was the Gaming Corner, but sadly it has crumbled under the weight of the world. It shall be replaced when I eventually stage a coup, taking over from Sotek and Liss as mighty Story-Man 

But damn, Four Corners of the House of DB is much better, the troubles he causes...Features for all 

Hey everyone, the first Lore Gem is up, so if you wanted to see an interesting, and (at least this time) relatively unseen Lore Article then go give it a read. 

I can't believe I forgot to mention it yet, but we added a new member to the team recently *Cheers*

The Wing, is out newest member, working with Teineeva on the Story Corner HGS, I can't thank Wing enough for joining the team and I hope you can all wish the best. The Story Corner will still be getting Spotlights every two weeks, they are doing multiple stories at a time which can be hella hectic. 

Don't I make the House of DB a pentagon? 

Nah, House of DB has nothing to do with how many members we've got, just me and my strange desire to name just about anything I run a Corner (Workshop Success Corner, Gaming Corner, Spotlight Corner and Workshop Feature Corner), If anything I'd have to call us the Spotlight Five, so we could sound like we're either 5 members Spotlighting stuff, or some kind of singing/dancing group  Whichever the people want to believe 

Oh right!  'Spotlight Five' made me laugh out loud.  I hope you can sing/dance, because I sure can't!


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