Hello Tamriel Vault Members! 

As you all know, our community is powered by a tool called Ning. Unfortunately, over the last few years, the Ning platform has proven itself to be unstable and problematic time and again. As you all also know, the Admins and Hosts have been interested in moving our community to a safer, more stable platform for quite some time. After much research and consideration, we have found the tool we think will be the best platform to host our site. The new tool, Social Engine, is generally regarded as very stable and should give us many options in terms of how we can customize the site.

Many of you will probably have questions regarding this move, so please make sure you read this post in its entirety. If at the end you still have questions, please feel free to post them. Keep in mind that we are figuring this out as we go along too and there are many things we need to keep track of, so we might not have answers for every question at this time. When the Admins brought this proposal forward to the Host team, they had lots of questions for us. Here were some of the biggest ones, which we've provided answers to below:

What happens to all our stuff when we move the site?

Part of the reason we chose Social Engine is because it lets us upload a copy of our site on Ning to their platform. Only two tools of all the social network platforms gives us the ability to make this transfer, and Social Engine was the better of the two. As such, all content that has been uploaded by July 1 will be ported over to the new platform. That means builds, blogs, discussions, articles, posts, statuses---all of the actual content and comments should be seamlessly transferred over without issue. The transfer process isn't immediate however. It will take some time and tweaking to take all of the stuff we're moving over and turn it back into a community. There isn't too much we can really do about that unfortunately, and we need to make sure we have the time we need to get it right. We'd obviously like this set up period to be as short as possible, but this is also a huge undertaking. Rest assured that our Host team will also have a thorough look over the new site once it's almost ready to help us get things in shape. 

Therefore, we ask that you save a back up copy of any major items you upload to the site after July 1, because you will need to upload them again once we move over to Social Engine. Right now we expect that the new site will be ready toward the end of July or early August.


What will change?

Several things will necessarily have to change, since the way the site is configured now is specific to the Ning platform. Most notably, you will see a change to the way the site looks and is possibly set up. This might mean a change in colors, text, the way content is displayed (e.g. possibly in a pop-up pane instead of loading as a new page for some items), new or different feature boxes, and profile customization. There are also some things that, despite our best efforts, will not be coming with us. This is a shortcoming of the Ning archival tool, and is not at all the fault of the platform we are moving to. Here is the list of things that will not be transferred over to the new site:

  • Site Settings and Design
  • Friendships
  • 'Likes'
  • View Counts on Posts, Photos and Videos
  • Passwords

Aside from redesigning the site, most of these things are relatively minor: friends can be re-requested, loss of view counts is somewhat irrelevant, passwords can be reset... but those of you who are partial to the CB group will note that because the CB ranking system is based on number of Likes, this is not ideal for us. A loss of Likes might not be seen as a big deal to most online communities, but for our CB Group, it is the linchpin. However, our CB Hosts and Bonelord have taken on the task of cataloging builds and Likes so that when we move platforms, ranks and Likes can be added back in manually (similar to how we addressed the "Like-eating bug' issue). This cataloging process is already underway, as it is time-consuming and is a lot of work to undertake.


What will stay the same?

Despite these necessary changes, the most important parts of our site will be transferred over. Here's a list of everything that is coming with us to the new platform:

  • Members
  • Activity Feed + Comments
  • Blog Posts + Comments 
  • Forum Topics and Discussions
  • Photos + Comments
  • Videos + Comments
  • Events (Upcoming and Past) + Comments
  • Groups + Group Contents (Photos, Videos etc.)
  • Pages

We don't yet know if member profiles will remain in-tact in terms of text, or what it will mean in terms of design configurations (e.g. if you have custom CSS or pictures embedded). What we do know is that profiles will likely be far more streamlined in the future, but we do suggest you save a text copy of your profile before the switch in case that information is not ported over. We hope to have more information on this shortly.

In addition to this, the site name and URL will remain the same. Once the new site is ported over, redesigned, and then goes live, users will be automatically redirected to the new site.


What should I do?

For now, nothing. Just remember that any original content you post between July 1, and the new site going live will likely not be transferred over. As such, we advise you to make back up copies of any new, original material that you want to save and hang tight in the meantime! If you need to update your email address to a more current one, we suggest you do that now too, as new passwords will be generated and emailed to your TamrielVault email account on file.

Once the new site is live, you'll want to do a few things:

  • First and most importantly, reset your password using the new password that will be emailed to you after the move, OR use the "Forgot Password" link so that you can log in again.
  • Resend friend requests so that you can connect with your friends.
  • Re-upload any missing content that you might have added after July 1. 
  • Check your content to see how it has ported over. You may need to tweak some alignments or padding here and there to make it look similar. 
  • Get a sense of the new layout and design. And if you could kindly, please bear with us, as there will almost inevitably be a few bugs we'll need to work out during this transition. 
  • Be a helping hand to newer members of the site who may be confused about the changes.

We will send a reminder message to all members before the move which contains this information.

What happens if, for some reason, the new platform doesn't work out?

While we are optimistic we won't encounter such issues, if for some reason we run into serious challenges, we will revert back to the site on Ning. Essentially, we are merely pointing the domain to the new platform on Social Engine, and once we do that, we effectively put the Ning site in cold storage for as long as we continue the subscription. Everything will be as we left it before the switch. If we encounter serious issues, we'll point the domain back to the Ning platform, and it will be as though everything on the Social Engine platform never happened. If after a trial period of 2-3 months we find we're very happy with the new site (which is what we expect to happen) we simply cancel our Ning subscription, and the old site fades to Oblivion. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to add them below, but keep in mind we might not have answers for all the specifics just yet. Thanks everyone for your support and bearing with us while we work to make sure our community and your creative works find a new and more stable home. 

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I got one of those email last night. Feeling the hype now

Feeling the hype now

Wish I could say the same.

It's been a month and 7 days. Any news?

There was an update on the front page announcement. From what I can gather there was a delay because of the sheer amount of content we had, that required whoever runs the service we're moving to needed to create a new conversion tool for our content. 

How's progress on the move?

I have a question, what will happen with Tamrielvault.com? Will get deleted or stop working after everyone accounts has moved to the new site? It is needed to backup all the content one have posted?, for example I have created new content here, I have made some backups on my PC, but my question is, Its needed to create a backup of everything? in some point because this site will no longer exist anymore? Please will be nice to know 

It will still be the site, the URL will take you to the newe site

oh, I haven't knew that, thanks, that clear some question I had


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