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So, I know this isn´t feedback, but since the drop down still says help, unless that thread is gone, I got a question. How do we add music to our pages? HTML?

I have a idea about potentially overhauling the Classics group into a generel TES group that can cover non skyrim or ESO TES games whether they are classic or not. Such as Legends for for example.

To quote what I said over at the Classics group, here's my thoughts on it:

I actually quite like the idea Dragonborn came up with over at the Gateway, about making an entirely new group especially for the Spin-offs, both TES and Fallout.

Looking at the Classics discussions, there's not a one related to any of the Spin-offs, so removing them from Classics wouldn't harm the group in any way, not to mention that Fallout could also benefit from a "Spin-offs" group, with Fallout Shelter.

I agree. Been meaning to play the spinoffs for awhile now

The problem with a standalone group is interest. Only a small minority of people expressed interest in Elder Scrolls Legends (let alone any desire to make content for it) during the recent poll, while Elder Scrolls Online has been struggling to gain any traction on the site. As for Fallout, there's no way we can expect people to want to make content for a Fallout Shelter group when we can barely get them involved with Fallout 4. Expanding Classics into a general TES group might work, but a dedicated spinoffs group would be dead from the start.

Along with the fact that classics already covers most of the spinoffs already with the exception of ESO and Legends it would make sense for it to throw in legends and have it become a Generel TES group or TES Miscellaneous.

Eh, that is true. Can we at least try to come up with a different name, though? TES General, or TES Miscellaneous just sounds a bit too cobbled together compared to something like Classics.

Aren´t the spinoff Classics too? I keep seeing people complaining about no content for spinoffs. As far as I remember, no one is stopping you.

Classics means it´s for any TES game that came out before Skyrim, which are...basicaly all of them. And renaming it to TES General only because you add Card Game there...Well...whatever. 

Ahah, nearly a week late to the party.

My logic was that at the moment we have a bit of a problem with the Classics Group. I think it's undeniable that it hit a complete stop recently, and something (a New Host would be great as well) really can be done to freshen it up. I could see it turning into a hub for not only the Classics from ES, but adding in Fallout NV, 3, 2, 1, Tactics as well as Fallout Shelter and TES Legends...Will these games drive the group, absolutely not, but I think we have people who play these games, and thus could contribute to a discussion regularly if it was up.

For instance, if we had some kind of Fallout Shelter: Share Your Vault discussion set up, it might not provide a massive surge of excitement, but it would allow things to slowly trickle in if we had even 3 or 4 people interested. Because that would bring Classics up onto the Home Page. 

Now, ES Legends is a different story, if we wanted to we could really turn that into something awesome. Speculation, examination of revealed elements, individual card discussions, small discussions about the art...All of that would be perfect for lengthy discussions, especially if we can get the right people in (And I'd happily head the ES Legends stuff). I think these games are an untapped source that should be added to the current Classics line-up, to generally create more content for the group. 

Classics strives on Discussions, the builds where never my favorite part of the group, it was the weekly, or bi-weekly discussions that brought me in,  and there's a near infinite amount we can bring in through Fallout Classics, Fallout Shelter and ES Legends that could add to the current Classics Group. Obviously they can't get their own group, but if we made a general Fallout Classics/TES Classics/Spin-Offs group it could really thrive I think. We could call it the TES/Fallout Spin Off Corner or something 

Anyway, that was just an idea I had at the time, that's where Caesar's quote came from I guess.

Just going to bump this. With ES:L coming out soon and the current state of our Clasics and ESO groups (Being hostless) at the moment it'd be nice to able to (hopefully) spur a bit more discussion or content

Gotta agree with Albino here guys. We've got like, what, three-four content creators for a mainstream Fallout game right now? I can see a group for Legends and Fallout Shelter getting about three discussions and then dying. I would feel especially bad for whoever the poor guy that had to host that was. I say we expand Classics to include Legends but not Fallout Shelter. Trying to force in content that just won't fit is worthless, IMO.

I've just tried to use the search box in the upper-right corner of the site and it's redirecting me to a Page Not Found page. Something you guys might like to look in to.


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