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Any general ideas for a wood elf mercenary, I'm brainstorming and I'm struggling

Well, I'm afraid that's not much to go on, but let's give it a try. What era? What Province? If it's a mercenary what type of job will he do? Who will he work for? What form of payment does he accept? Gold? Provisions? Ammo? Scrolls? If he's a bosmer does he follow the green pact outside of Valenwood? Does he have a travelling companion? A mount?

Green pact- no he was brought up by 2 parents who were both adopted by different races, Era- basically when the Skyrim game happened, he accepts all payments but prefers gold- he isn't picky, he does all kinds of jobs but likes action like clearing a bandit hideout, he works for anyone and everyone, he has a dog that he found on the road but has yet to name him and a black stallion but again has yet to name it

Ok, so now that we have some more info on the character, what do you say if we start thinking about a plot?

Where will he be at the start of the story? What Hold? Any specific location? Interior? exterior? What will he be doing? What drives him to do whatever you think is needed for the story to unfurl? What happens next?

I'm writing a story set in Elsweyr with the majority of characters being Khajiit, should I write dialouge in their third person dialect or just write it as if they speak the same as everyone else?
Definitely third person. It will give it the right different culture vibe.

Thanks Karver 


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