Straag Rod Book 1, Part 2 Chapter VI Progress 

Working on it. Got a lot of editing to do. I'm shooting for middle of July, but I need to sort out a CA chapter first. Some problems of plot to sort out and capturing a more realistic feeling to the narrative. You know how it goes. You revisit your old shit after you've written a ton of better shit and you're like "OH GODS, WHY DID I WRITE THIS DRIVEL", you cry, and then you fix it. 

Update 12/22/2015: I have been featured in a new well, lol, feature. Writer's Interview. I was selected to be their first subject. You can read the interview, conducted by Classics Host, Karver, here. Very excited that I was featured and frankly, extremely humbled to have been selected. A big "Thank You" to the Elder Council of Tamriel Vault. 



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The Wanderer...

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Vampire Symposium of 4E 185...

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The Trial...

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Bleak Falls Barrow...

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The Wheel begins to turn...

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Complete Pdf and Word Document of Part 1 for Download

Coming to Terms...

Chapter I  *  Chapter II Chapter III * Chapter IV

Chapter V

Completed, awaiting editing for Tamriel Tales.

33 of 37 Complete 

I came, I saw, I NaNo'd. 

Also part of the ever-expanding Straag Rod Universe. 

The Cursed Tribe by Karver The Lorc

And Chasing Aetherius - A collaboration by Karver The Lorc and Lissette

Tales for the Hearth Fire - A collection of Short Stories set in the Straag Rod Universe.

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It is a contrast to go backwards when Albee has clearly moved forwards, but not bad either. There is a teeny hurdle in Straag that I want to overcome before I press forward. I need to do a fine-tuning of writing skills. There are places where I'm not very good and I want to improve on those sections before I press forward.

You talk like a real Altmer. You are not "very good", you are perfect, but since there's no limit to perfection, you can always create even more beauty)))

I don't think going backwards is bad, actually the opposite, it seems interesting) You'll look at the old Albee with new eyes))

In epic weirdness, I randomly whip out a chapter. My primary focus is still Chasing Aetherius right now, but I dunno, this just felt like coming out and so... it did. 

Chapter V

*hugs Lissette tightly*
You know you are the queen of awesomeness don't you)))))

So when we head to the new site, you will notice some differences in my ToC. They are for the best. 


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