Straag Rod Book 1, Part 2 Chapter VI Progress 

Working on it. Got a lot of editing to do. I'm shooting for middle of July, but I need to sort out a CA chapter first. Some problems of plot to sort out and capturing a more realistic feeling to the narrative. You know how it goes. You revisit your old shit after you've written a ton of better shit and you're like "OH GODS, WHY DID I WRITE THIS DRIVEL", you cry, and then you fix it. 

Update 12/22/2015: I have been featured in a new well, lol, feature. Writer's Interview. I was selected to be their first subject. You can read the interview, conducted by Classics Host, Karver, here. Very excited that I was featured and frankly, extremely humbled to have been selected. A big "Thank You" to the Elder Council of Tamriel Vault. 



Chapter I  *  Chapter II  Chapter III * Chapter IV 


Chapter V  * Chapter VI  

The Wanderer...

Chapter VII  * Chapter VIII * Chapter IX * Chapter X 

 Chapter XI * Chapter XII * Chapter XIII Chapter XIV 

 Chapter XV Chapter XVI * Chapter XVII Chapter XVIII 

Vampire Symposium of 4E 185...

 Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI * Chapter XXII 

 Chapter XXIII * Chapter XXIV * Chapter XXV 


Chapter XXVI * Chapter XXVII * Chapter XXVIII 

The Trial...

Chapter XXIX Chapter XXX Chapter XXXI 

Bleak Falls Barrow...

 Chapter XXXII  * Chapter XXXIII * Chapter XXXIV  

The Wheel begins to turn...

Chapter XXXV * Chapter XXXVI * Chapter XXXVII  * Chapter XXXVIII

Chapter XXXIX * Chapter XL

Complete Pdf and Word Document of Part 1 for Download

Coming to Terms...

Chapter I  *  Chapter II Chapter III * Chapter IV

Chapter V

Completed, awaiting editing for Tamriel Tales.

33 of 37 Complete 

I came, I saw, I NaNo'd. 

Also part of the ever-expanding Straag Rod Universe. 

The Cursed Tribe by Karver The Lorc

And Chasing Aetherius - A collaboration by Karver The Lorc and Lissette

Tales for the Hearth Fire - A collection of Short Stories set in the Straag Rod Universe.

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Cleaned up the table of contents and made it much prettier. 

Not gonna lie, the image of a Paladin in full armor standing tall with bow singing as enemies die around him sounded so epic that I might create a character like that right now! Thanks for the inspiration OP! 

You're welcome. The gameplay is fun too. Pick up the Ranger perk ASAP and watch your gameplay turn awesome as you clear bandit dens with nothing but your bow. I use it frequently to block too. I love it for dragons too. 

Thank you for your kind words. 

By an odd coincidence Shinbira was reading about the fall of the Crystal Tower while gathering his strength in an Inn recently. A terrible tale! It's 1 of the few in-game books I've actually enjoyed - I normally just grab 'em & flog 'em - so I plan to read a few more!  

I'm looking forward to reading Aelberon's adventures. 

Also, I'm very jealous of you PC players & your mods. My PC can run Skyrim but it's way  too choppy. I must try to sort it out, 1 day. 

Yeah, there are two chapters devoted to Crystal-Like-Law, so that should be fun, and my Paladin has a copy of Rising threat, all four volumes. 

Gonna take a wee break this weekend, and let people breathe. I posted a lot of reading in a very short amount of time and I need to play a bit and also write new material. Thanks for all the attention this has been getting. I really enjoy writing and revisiting this material, cleaning it up, making it more of what I originally intended. I thank The Skyrim Blog for making that possible. 

I shall put up Chapter XVII after the weekend. Imma off to play now, YAY!

Thanks I need the weekend to get over the shock lol

Awwwwww, poor baby. 

I couldn't decide between two pictures for Chapter XVIII, so I used one for the official blog and the other for the TOC here. 

The next entry will be a bit unusual as it is a dual event with Steam Forums. Though the narrative in the Steam Forum is much farther along, both the story here and the story there have triggers for the next sequence I'll be writing. A flashback. 

So this blog dates from April 29th, and I did a page count of what I've posted in 23 blogs so far. 

416 pages of Word Document

216,844 words

And Äelberon's not even Dragonborn yet. 

I cray cray

That's a lot of pages. When you get a minute can you count mine up .

I'm on chapter 48. Sotek isn't a werewolf yet. He and Aela have been dating for23 chapters and she still don't say she loves him. That'll happen in Ch 124....


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