Greetings! I am Okan-Zeeus, one of the members here at Tamriel Tales. This is a guide for posting fan-fiction here on our fair corner of the web.

First and foremost, all stories are posted as blogs! Click the “Blogs and Stories” link up at the top of the webpage. To post a blog, just look for the “Add Blog Post” button near the top right corner of the content box.


Here at Tamriel Tales, blogs are divided into FIVE CATEGORIES:

  1. Long Stories
  2. Short Stories
  3. Poetry
  4. Long Stories Based Upon Character Build Concepts
  5. Short Stories Based upon Character build Concepts


Long Stories are novel-like works with multiple entries, like my blog Dragon of the East.

If you’re planning to write a Long Story, you will need to make a Table of Contents (TOC). To make a TOC, create a discussion in the group forum that contains at least the following:

  • A title (no swear words)
  • A brief synopsis of your story
  • Links to each chapter in your story

You will need to regularly update your TOC as you release new chapters; you can do this by adding links.

To add a link, just follow these easy steps:

1. Copy the url for the chapter you want to link to.

2. Open your TOC in the editor.

3. Next to “Add:” click the link button.

4. In the box that appears, paste the url for your chapter and type in a name for the link.

5. Click OK and you’re done!

A TOC can act as a home page or hub for your story. Again, see my blog if you want an example of what this looks like. Feel free to make your TOC as fancy as you wish.

Long Stories Based Upon Build Concepts work the same way except the story is based around a build concept or features a main character who is based around the build concept. This category is designed to help showcase the corresponding Character Build. Be sure to link the Character Build to your TOC so readers can see what C.B. you are using.

Short Stories and Poems are single blog posts and do not require TOCs.

Short Stories and Poems Based Upon Character Build Concepts are single blog posts which, again these need to be based around a build concept or features a main character who is based around the build concept.  Be sure to link the Character Build to your blog post so readers can see what C.B. you are using. 


In addition, all works are organized by tags. You MUST add these tags to your content if you wish to have it catalogued!

If your work is a long story, add the tag “#long” to your TOC (NOT your blog posts!)

If your work is a short story, add the tag “#short” to your blog post.

If your work is a poem, add the tag “#poem” to your blog post.

If your work is  a long story AND it is based upon a Character Build concept, add the tag "#C.B." to your TOC (NOT your blog posts!)

If your work is a short story or a poem AND it is based upon a Character Build concept, add the tag "#C.B." to your blog post.

TOC's. Short Stories and Poems using the  '#C.B.' tag MUST have a link to the Character Builds.


By adding these tags, people will be able to find your blog based on what type of work it is. The only person you hurt by NOT adding these tags is yourself! So please add them!


To ensure the quality of posted content, we hosts have compiled a list of simple, easy to follow rules when posting blogs. Please take a moment to read and understand them.  If you do not adhere to these rules, your blog will be subject to deletion. We will try to give fair warning ahead of time so you can make any changes you need to. 

Mandatory Rules

Your blog must have all of the following:

  1. A Title
  2. Minimum of 400 Words (poems are the exception)
  3. A Table of Contents (if there are multiple entries)

We also ask that members please upload no more than 1 blog post per 24 hours!

This helps to ensure that the side bar isn't cluttered with releases made by a sole individual.

In addition, as with all forms of content on this site, please do not ‘like’ your own posts.

Writing Etiquette

These standards are not enforced, but strongly suggested:

1. Use Paragraphs and Line Breaks

  • Separate your work with proper line breaks between paragraphs and dialogue – no giant walls of text, please!

2. Check Spelling

  • Review your work to correct misspelled words or other grammar mistakes.

3. Use Proper Text Formatting

  • No unreadable fonts, font colors, or excessive use of capital letters.

4. Keep Mature Content Sensible

  • Do not post blogs that are overly graphic or explicit – caution readers of any mature themes in your work.


Finally, please be considerate of others. Constructive criticism is welcome, but do not outright attack an author’s work. Keep comments thoughtful and considerate; respect your fellow readers and writers!


Q: How do I post a Blog?

A: From the main page there is a section below the Forum; you can add a blog from there, or follow this link: Blog Posting

Q: How do I make a Table of Contents?

A: A lengthy tutorial has been provided here: TOC Creation

Ask any questions below, or pm one of the hosts. We'll respond when we can. 



Happy writing, everyone!

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UPDATE: We've had some posts in the past couple of weeks that were allowed to stay up despite not quite meeting the 500 word mark. I've decided for now to lower that number to 400 until further notice.

I'll follow suit over on my end to keep things consistent.

I plan to make a long story about a male argonain that starts off weak and becomes a mighty warrior.

So what exactly it means "Based on a build?" Like, if there is a character(s) that is/are also build(s), the story should be tagged with "#C.B.", right? Just making sure I´m getting this right.

To start off, this is a new thing I'm trying so I am expecting glitches so you are all warned.

Basically, yes... If someone has played a build or are playing a build and they decide to write a story/poem on the playthrough regardless as to whether it is their build or one they are using from someone else in C.B. then they now have a specific category for this build. All they need to do is add a link to the build and use the tag '#C.B.'

Prime example...

Lyall's story. The Breath of Kyne

Well, this is what confuses me. Based on playthrough. I write about build characters, but not neccessarily their playthrough. I think it will need more precise definition. "Based on build characters, playthroughs or even on taking inspiration from them."

Another thing: Links. You have to link the builds you're featuring in your story, you can't link them, optional? 

I don't criticize, just trying to get hold on of this, ironing it a little bit.

I'll have a shift through the rules and make it clearer but it will be a case of if you wish to use the tag '#C.B.' then you will have to include the build link.

The difficulty we face with this and one ultimately which will determine if these two categories stay is  how much they are used and whether they are 'abused' in such a way that stories gain too much attention unjustly.

I don't at this time want to have stories which simply 'took inspiration' at this point until we have a better idea of how well it works. I feel it may open the possibility of being abused.

Adjusted the rules to apply Character Build Concepts. Basically as long as the concept of the build is there then the story can have the tag '#C.B.'

TOC's. Short Stories and Poems using this tag MUST have a link to the Character Builds.

I would like to start a story here.  It will be a fictional write-up of my actual character play but will also include screenshots along the way because I love taking them.  I will not be using a character build but will instead building the character as I go.  I am currently using the Ordinator mod.

First, is such a thing allowable and, if so, would it be listed under #long ?  


Just to clarify, as I see no examples of this, at certain points there's mention of the Fallout Universe, but are Fallout Stories actually common practice?


Awwwooo (Friendly Howl)

Hello MrBD

There are only a few Fallout stories about here and out of them there is only one which I can recall that is currently running.

TOC: The Streets of Boston (WT)

Despite being the only Fallout story currently active, it is quite popular amongst the pack members here.

There is two more currently running

My Beginning Again

And Mottys Gearhead


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