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 A mortal of Nirn with the soul of a wyrm,

A dragon of the north, born from the east,

A traitor to his people, but a savior to the world,

This is the legend of the dovahkiin, the last of the dragon blood…


… The one who chased the wind.


Four souls journey to the north at a time of crisis. Dragons have returned, a threat unseen for thousands of years. Old tales speak of heroes born with their blood – mortals who could match the beasts in power. Their legacy lives on in the veins of a wanderer, a kind soul who wears a killer’s mantle. He must bear the weight of his terrible purpose and become the greatest dragon slayer Tamriel has ever known.

And he must do it against all odds… for there are those, in the name of justice, who would see him die trying.

This is an ongoing novelization of Skyrim's story, inspired by one of my most memorable playthroughs. It will be a chronologue of events told by four separate characters, each acting as narrators to their own tales. I will attempt to release new postings as often as I am able to do so.

Recommended for ages 16+  

(Contains graphic violence and language)

Download Arcs 1 & 2 ~

Arc 1 ~ Arrival in the North

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2Chapter 3

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15

Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19

Chapter 20 | Chapter 21 | Epilogue

Arc 2 ~ The Fates of Heroes

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11

Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15

Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19

Chapter 20 Chapter 21 | Chapter 22 | Chapter 23

Chapter 24 | Chapter 25 | Epilogue

Arc 3 ~ A Stab in the Dark

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Short Story ~ Brings Rain

PART 1 --- PART 2 --- PART 3


An Argonian nomad, Chases-The-Wind has lived the past decade of his life as a wanderer, never truly settling in one place. The coming of the dragons in Skyrim, however, will soon change that...


A Nord strong-arm and sword for hire, Reinhardt has made a living for years off of bounty hunting in Cyrodiil. After receiving a letter from his family, he returns to Skyrim, soon thrown into the chaos that has engulfed his home.


A young Argonian and practiced thief, Dar-Meena lives solely for herself. At the promise of greater opportunity, she travels to the north – only to meet the terror of the dragons’ return, and the one person who can stop them. 

Falura Andrilo

A Retainer of house Telvanni, Falura possesses the knack of a scholar – with a lack of arcane talent. In the wake of an escort assignment to Winterhold, she sets to unravel the secrets of the dragons, a rising threat to both Skyrim and Morrowind.


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Cover Artist: Shagan-fury

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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Well, we are here. Werewolves, Justiciars, Argonians, Hippies, and skeletal squirrels. 

And a severed wing that has gone quite rancid, too.  I don't think it'll be very helpful, but who knows?

I kinda know the feeling like having essays to finish for class and not knowing where to start. One idea is to just grab a notebook and pen and go out. Go for a walk, find some scenery if thats nearby. Maybe a quiet Coffee place or down by the ocean and just write what you feel. A big thing that helped me was writing almost without thinking, or whatever you are thinking that moment. Sometime you need motivation. I used to have a notebook with me at all times. Im a nature person so im especially fond of the woods or mountains. Anyway, good luck with the block.

Hiya. Been putting off this update for too long, and I apologize. Here’s what I’ve been up to.


Chapter 5 of DOTE Arc 3 is stuck in the mud. So much for commitments. :/ I tried to find the motivation to finish it, but simply couldn’t. Once one stops writing, the effort to start again becomes outrageous.

So I did the only thing I felt I could do. I attempted to excite myself with a new project. I’m back to writing my novel, Kindlerfire.

As of now I’m sitting at about 6k words. It’s not much, but I just started this month. It feels good to get buzzed about something again. The plot for the book has undergone an overhaul. I’ve stripped away some of my ambition to try and make a more simplified story, one that I can feasibly finish. For instance, the last draft had three POV characters. This new draft has only one – it’s a much more focused narrative. I’m also back to writing in first person instead of third. I find that the perspective comes more naturally to me.

You certainly wouldn’t think it, but I’ve poured at lot of investment into my tale of dragons, despite how little I’ve written these past months. Hell, I flew a plane back in May just to research what it was like to fly (and it’s pretty damn awesome). Problems with follow-through have plagued me, however, and I’ve no doubt they’ll continue to do so.

I’m considering ways I might post story chapters for those who want to read it.

Does anyone know if blog posts flagged for ‘just my friends’ show up on the front page side bar? That’s one way I could do it, assuming I have permission. If and when I do have something to show, I’ll be sure to post about it here. :)

That's a shame. I thought you were holding off until the move from Ning had been completed like I am. I know what you mean about motivation; mine needs some more work and despite encouragement from Sotek and others I just can't get back into it. Other things such as work, daily commitments and more interesting things to do (such as play some games in my spare time) leaves me with little time to write. With me, at the moment I have little motivation to do anything I am bored with work and other things. My attention span is very limited and I get bored easily. Guess I need a holiday / vacation...

I suppose it's a bit like your with DOTE - I do want to finish it but finding the time to do it is a problem. The difference with DOTE is that it's good and lot of skyrim fans enjoy reading it. It's a bit of a cliffhanger on the last chapter - I'm looking forward to seeing what Dar's response is to finding out the truth behind Chase so if you are going to abandon the story I'm sure a lot of us would love it if arc 3 is completed.

As for your book, as I have mentioned before it would be nice to see extracts from chapters. I don't know if it would show up on the side bar or not, that's one for the admins to answer. I believe they are planning to move from Ning soon anyway.

Don't give up on DOTE; maybe with the release of Skyrim enhanced edition it would rekindle some interest.

I certainly don't want to give up on DOTE either. For the moment I'd just like to write something different. Perhaps as I'm doing that, I'll hatch an idea on how to finish chapter 5. A lot of it's written already - it's just a matter of coming up with an ending that transitions well to chapter 6.

Sometimes I spend months planning an event in my narrative and not writing a single damn word down to show for it. I just replay it and replay it until I am satisfied, so I understand that you've invested without necessarily writing words down. 


The new manuscript for Kindlerfire is at 28k and rising. After months of inactivity, I think I've got my grove back. I'm writing almost every day again. And sweet f*cking Christ does it feel good.

Funnily enough, I think I figured out a reason why the past several months went so downhill for me. It seems so obvious in hindsight that... well, I kind of facepalm thinking about it.

I can't write without my meds. 

Around March, I switched to a new medication regiment for my ADD. Unfortunately, it resulted in me getting fewer medicated hours every day. I would take my meds in the morning like I always have for years, but by the time I'd get home from work, they'd be  flushed out of my system. And I cannot focus on a task like writing without them.

Throughout the past month, I've started going through my work days completely unmedicated, then taking my meds in the evening. It's such an easy job, I really don't have to think while doing it. This saves my medicated hours for when I need them.

The results seem to speak for themselves.

Now, I don't think this is the only reason I got my rhythm back. I do suspect that it's the biggest one, though. Sometimes I underestimate the effect my condition can have on my work ethic. 

There is still a lingering fear. What's going to happen when I reach the death zone in this new manuscript? Will I fold like I did last time? Or is this story simple enough that I'll have the momentum to keep going?

Yeesh. I'm just gonna get back to writing now. That's all I want to think about.

I have been reading this nonstop since I heard about it and realized that in the comments it says your working on chapter 5 but I cant see Arc 3 chapter 4 or the prologue. Is it supposed to be like this or is it just a problem with my computer

Try it on the new site, this one is basically dead.

Ok thank you


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