Hey guys and gals, Ace here with another help thread. 

If you have a long series of paragraphs or even pages finished that you want to have proofread, and you have way too many questions to ask them all on the Grammar and Spelling Quick Questions Thread, then do not worry, because we have set up this page for you. 

If you want a blog or story that you intend to post read over then here is what you need to do before you post the text as a Blog or a Tamriel Tales/Wasteland Tales Discussion. 

1. Save your text as a Word document with an appropriate title like "YourNameHere Story.doc" or "TitleOfYourStory by YourNameHere.doc", but NOT "story.doc". This helps to avoid confusion, and so I won't have 10 things called "story.doc" and have to remember which story belongs to whom. 

2. Reply to this page, letting us no you want your story to be edited, and be sure to add your word document to the reply using the "Upload Files" button. (It appears just below the smiley faces.)

We will get to your request as soon as we can. It might take a day, and it might take a week. It all depends on how many requests we have that were submitted ahead of you, and how long your text is. 

I hope this helps.  


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I'm back! Here we have a Memoirs of Mundus story, inspired by this NPC I saw in ESO-era Stormhold. I'm not 100% happy with it, but with my current massive level of blockage I doubt I'll ever be. Anyhoo, please take a look at it when you guys can. Thanks!


Hey I don't know if this is the place to post this but I need help with a backstory on my build The Keeper of the Vigil and if it works, if anyone can help me or point me to where i can ask these questions let me know


Alright, I'm liking this a a bit better after some editing. If anyone's willing to give some advice on my first redone chapter I'd appreciate it.


You and I almost gave Elenwen the same surname. 

I like it. You give a lot more on his background and Altmer society. I like the "Towers", though I think Albee would physically cringe if they had chosen that name. Currency was something that I was thinking on for Going Elsweyr, but decided that it was still too soon after they had become independent yet and they did not ally with Valenwood until 29. That, for me, is an event to trigger adopting a new currency as they now had somebody who would take their coin. 

Great work, Accursed. :) Nice to see that you've continued. 

I just went to the UESP names list and picked one that I thought I'd actually remember! For the longest time I had even been forgetting Viranirn and Aldaril...
Towers is pretty cringey, but I find it fits them in a way. They can be a cringey people sometimes, especially with their lack of famous landmarks. Honestly, it was all I could think of tht people across Tamriel could feasibly almost-recognize. I considered their weird symbol but didn't even know what they would call that, so Towers it was! :)

I also use UESP for lore names for my characters. I did use a name Generator for some though.

Hey guys. So I have chapter 4 mostly done. And I wanted to see what others think. When it comes to builds, I don't really care too much how many people see it, but the last two chapters of The Storm Song have gotten very little attention.

I'm not sure whether it's timing or quality or maybe I'm just used the Lore Group where really long discussions are held in the comments. Timing is possible since I've been posting one late each day (I had a buildup of chapters because I went so long without posting any of them). /end whining

But if the issue is lesser quality for chapters 2 and 3, then I want to fix that. So I wanted to get some feedback for chapter 4 before I post it.


The story itself for me flows pretty nicely. That said, if you want to improve something, my impression is that you simply use the name Alain too much. Maybe try to find some alternatives and workarounds while you keep that in mind. 

Good call, Tolveor. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with alternative names. Thanks.
Cheers Saryn

Is anyone still using this now that the new site is up? I hope so, because I have a story! If someone could look at this, that'd be great, thank you!


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