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  • Do I need to post blogs directly to here now due to the update?
    • No, continue using the blog section. Just be sure to provide a link to your previous chapter, next chapter and TOC in the post.
  • We're updating the group for Ning 3.0! Please check out our Group News page for details! :D
  • I have always wanted the check out this group, and now that I have, I found myself very confused. I can't seem to understand what's going on, where to post my story for one..
    I got the part of the TOC (Which I must say is a genius idea) but where exactly I post my episodes? In the forum itself in a separate discussion or is there is a special place for that and I just can't seem to find?
    I'm aware of the link in the "Group Rules" but the link is broken.
    • Hang tight with us, Nik! We're in the process of revamping the group's organization. Things will be less confusing in due time. :D
    • We fixed the link Nik, but here you go anyways :)

    • So for now there is no way to publish anything?
      And the link to open a blog leads me to a broken page ):
    • You are free to post blogs as you see fit. We will have things fixed today.
  • Is it necessary to create a table of contents page if you don't intend to split your story into chapters? Or is that the norm? Say I wanted to create a story but post it in it's entirety, would a TOC be necessary?
    • You think you can have a whole story in a single blog post? How long is it?
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The Story Corner 3.0

Greetings all! This is our first official announcement for the updated Story Corner.


As you may have noticed, we now have a Group News page. This is where we will post all our announcements and updates for the group. Be sure to click the “follow” button at the bottom of the page if you wish to get email alerts when new announcements are made!

With the transition to Ning 3.0, we (Soneca and I) have received a bunch of new tools and resources. We’re going to try…

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