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Art Group Services Request Thread

The main place to look for your art needs, be it editing, perk spreads, equipment spreads or something else this is the place to look for help. Open to all members of the group to lend a hand, if you want to help out you can.

The Request Thread Showcase

Sometimes you just need to see an example of what can be done before you make a request. This is the place for that, this discussion is a list of work that has been done in the Art Group Request Thread, with the purpose of serving as examples for what an be requested.

Elyssius' Free Music Request Thread

While Elyssius may be inactive at the moment this thread does contain a list of music that he has offered the use of to the members of the blog.

Closed Threads

These threads are listed in this category for one of three reasons: they are closed and no longer open to requests, their creators are no longer around/are missing from the blog or the  threads have been inactive for an extended period of time. They are listed here for the purposes of navigation and Archival purposes.

The Artwork Request Thread

Fancy Things

Profile Page Header Request Thread

Zachriel's Font Request Thread

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