I originally meant to post a discussion similar to this back before the site shifted to include Fallout, but my amazing ability to procrastinate got in the way and I never got around to it.

In the past there have been various members; who I would like to thank for the contributions, who ran Screenshot request threads in which people could request as you may be able to tell screenshots for use in their builds or other types of content on the site. While each of these request threads is now inactive I still believe that this service is something that is needed on the site, so I would like to ask you the members of the Tamriel Vault for your assistance.

At the moment my plan is to either have one or two request threads (preferably one) that either I or one of the volunteers will create, which will include a list of those able to help out for either game and that can then be edited by myself when changes to the roster occur.

Anyone who is interested in running a Screenshot Request Thread for either Skyrim or Fallout must be an active member who is able to reliable help out when needed, if you're interested please comment below.

To sum this all up here's an image that I threw together back when Curse was a host for this group.

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I can try Skyrim whenever I can, it's just very easy to get overwhelmed 

Which is precisely why I want to have multiple members willing to take screenshots for both games, that is if we can get them 

I'd be able to do screenshots for Morrowind, if needed.

This discussion is over a month old now, but I could help with this if help is still needed, though only for Skyrim. I'm not exactly skilled with screenshots but I know all the technical aspects and commands and I'm learning quickly, plus I have a lot of free time for doing this. So please let me know if help is still wanted/needed. 

I can help with Skyrim with you want


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