Hello and welcome to my thread, This is a place where you can request for some screenshots for your build or something else on the blog.

Here are some examples of my work

Here is the rules to take in to consideration 

Be specific: Tell me what you want the character to wear and wielding, tell me what he is doing, and tell me where he/she is

I have a queue so I'm not overwhelmed so if you see that my queue is full, be patient and post your request some other time when there is a spot open.

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Hello Joe! I'm relatively new to this site, but I've got a build in the works called the An-Xileel Avenger. Your shots are really cool, and I was wondering if you could do a few for me?

Here are the details for my screenshot requests: 

A male Argonian with green skin (you are free to add other details, as long as he's not a vampire) wearing: 

  • Mages Circlet 
  • Orcish Torso 
  • Blade's Boots 
  • Blades Gauntlets 

May I request the following images: 

  • Wielding Dragonbane and a regular blades sword with a decapitation kill cam. 
  • Wielding Dragonbane and a regular blades sword fighting Thalmor Justiciars. 
  • Stood heroically on a mountain. 
  • Stood reading a book outside on the riverbanks in Morthal. 
  • Wielding an Enhanced Crossbow shooting a Dremora Lord. 
  • Fighting some bandits with Dragonbane and a blades sword.

I know it's a fairly bit request, but there's no pressure on time. I'm not finished play-testing this build, got about a month and a half to go 

All the best, 



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