Hello and welcome to my thread, This is a place where you can request for some screenshots for your build or something else on the blog.

Here are some examples of my work

Here is the rules to take in to consideration 

Be specific: Tell me what you want the character to wear and wielding, tell me what he is doing, and tell me where he/she is

I have a queue so I'm not overwhelmed so if you see that my queue is full, be patient and post your request some other time when there is a spot open.

Current queue





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Nice pictures! I'm sure someone will come calling. Good luck!

Sorry I never got back to you in the other thread. Hopefully as Skyrim Remastered approaches this thread will see some action 

Hello Joe. Those pictures are great, hoping you can make one for me. Can you screenshot a Breton wearing savior's hide, aetherial crown, orcish boots and gauntlets, with volendrung on his back, just kinda hanging out with other orcs at one of the Orc strongholds? If it's possible to get a forge in the shot that would be even better, but I don't know how easy it is to position NPCs. Thanks in advance!

do you want combat shots as well or is that it?

Well I didn't want to ask too much for my first request, but if you could pull some that would be awesome.

okay I'll get it to you on the weekend but i'll try and get them to you earlier 

That's fine, no rush. I'm still playing through so I'm a while away from having to use them anyway.

Alright guys? Have a quick request if anyone can help. I would like to be able to have a better version of this pic I took with me phone:

He is wearing Cultist Robes and a hood of something something. I like the druidic look, what can I say? If anyone can help I would be cool if he was in a forest too. But no pressure

I'll help as soon as I get Chunk's request and sort out my computer 

Thanks Joe, no pressure though

Guys I am so sorry but my computer is out of memory so I can't open up skyrim in the meantime if any one knows how to help me that would be great and I will get all of your requests done when its fixed 

Step 1) Press the button in the bottom left corner(The windows button)

Step 2) Go to Control Panel

Step 3) Go to programmes >Uninstall Programmes

Step 4) A list of all the programmes you have should appear. Delete the ones you are not using, as programmes take up a lot of space.

Hope that helps!


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