This thread is the place to request to have an image edited. There are many things we can do. Here are some of them:

Fuzzy Edges

Looking to add a bit of flair to an image for one of your blogs or builds? Then request for fuzzy edges! You can ask on a scale of 1-5 how fuzzed you want the edges to be. The above image is a 4.

Image Merging



If you need a smart opening image for a build, request Image Merging! Note: The image above is a normal image merged with fancy writing. If you do not know how to make your own fancy writing, ask in the Art Group Services Request Thread.

Image Borders

If you want an image to have a border, ask here! You can also request certain shapes. Please note that not all shapes may be possible.


The ultimate fancy image! You can request combonations of the things we can do. The above image is a combonation between Fuzzy Edges and Image Merging.

Thread Rules:

Be polite

You must provide the image(s) you want used. Otherwise, your  request will not be able to be fufilled.

Note that some people that offer to do edits may not be able to do certain things, while others can. For instance, I cannot do colour edits, while other people may be able to. Anyone wishing to help out in the thread, you are more than welcome.

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I'm afraid I do not have the knowledge on how to remove the spell entirely, but I have made it a bit more flamey.


If anyone knows how to remove it feel free to  

Being flamey works



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